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  1. I have a large Leather Sectional a lagre Leather Chair and autamon (sp). Does the fact that they are Leather increase or decrease their absorptive ability?
  2. Thanks to both Gil and Gaspr. The real traps site is great. I'm computer illiterate so I haven't YET been able to create the low frequency test tone CD yet. I do have a CD burner and the file downloaded. Old age isn't for sissys. Still am looking for test CD tones above low frequency. Did move my listening position to 38% from the back wall. I was very close to the back wall before. Sound stage improved plus I treated the first reflections on the side walls at YxX(2)/ X(1)+X(2). Neat no mirrors.
  3. I have a 25 year young SP 11. First trip to the factory was 2 months ago. Sound of this pre amp is still awesome. Holds price "used" extremely well. Blue book is still $1800. Was great with Klipsh Horns and now with RF 7's. Factory support awesome.
  4. I'll give this a second try. I had a Older CD only player about 15 years old that I paid $3000+ for. I bought a used 7 year old Sony S9000ES DVD/CD player. For CD's it blew the $3000 CD player away. Almost every CD in mt 600Cd collection sounds incredibly better. I don't even play DVD's. Cost on Ebay $335. I think the s9000es sold for $1500. Good luck.
  5. My components are listed below on all my posts.
  6. Thanks. Looks like a great CD but $63 for the Cd is a lot for my head right now. Any orther CD's multiple tones not so pricy?
  7. I just got a RS SPL meter. Need a test CD now?
  8. So what is the thing useful for??? Seeing how loud you listen? I listen Where I listen. Not interested in jets taking off or the dbs of my lawnmower.
  9. Acustic preferably and not so much old standards. Thanks.
  10. The spec says 102 db @ 2.83Volts/meter. Is this into 8 ohms which would be = 102db/ 1watt @ 1 meter which is very sensitive I'm told.
  11. What is the sequence of steps. Saxaphone on many CD's is too bright at higher frequencies. Is it my room? I don't know? Is there a thread already hear that covers room tuning with an SPL meter?. What special CD do I need, if any, to play various frequencies?
  12. Does anyone know anything about these power amps. Phonetically they are spelled AIR I believe. They are supposed to be very musical.
  13. Oldbuckster, Audio Research has taken the CD only route and their latest cd only player is about $7900. Boy would I love to hear one of those. Sigh or would I? Who else makes CD only? and at what price?
  14. You probably know this but, Place the sub at your listening position and while playing appropriate low frequency music, crawl on your hands and knees around the room. In this position your head level is just about where it is when seated listening. Where it sounds best is the best sounding place to put the sub. Easier to move yourself around the room than to move the sub.
  15. I probably know less about subs than just about anyone here. I had a Velodyne DD 12 list $3000, that I could hardly hear with my RF 7's. I was told by Velodyne that I had an efficientcy mis match between base reflex RF 7"s and sub and to get a velodyne DLS 5000R base refex list $800. It works great and I sold the DD 12 and am $'s ahead. Located the new sub in same spot as the DD 12.
  16. I recently got a Sony S9000ES vintage 2001 for 2channel CD's only. Fantastic at $335 on ebay. It blew my vintage 1990 $3500 CD player out of the water.There are several CD types this will not play[cdr/cdrw] but this unit sells almost the same price as the next 2003 year model that plays most CD formats. My guess is 2001 model has better DAC's and other parts. It weighs a lot more. The 9000 does play stereo and hybrid SACD's but not multichannel. Playing SACD's has become almost a non issue for me. I have 600 regular CD's that will take me a year to play. I hear things on them I never heard before. Badly recorded CD's however, sound horrible, as you might expect,and go to the basement.This is the CD player Dean has which he raves about.
  17. I have a PS audio Ultralink DAC that I'm not using. It has to be more than 10 years old. Is this any good? What is it worth today?
  18. Anna Nicole Smith was bareback for 30 years too. But not 31.
  19. Could one plug their amp into this, with NOTHING else on it but the amp and get protection and no degradation of power to the amp??? PureAV Home Theater Power Console PF30 function MM_openBrWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0 window.open(theURL,winName,features); } AP20800-10 $ 199.99 Add to Cart additional images Each PureAV Power Console is packed with innovative features, such as Multi-Phase PureFilter Circuitry, designed to remove electrical noise and provide clean and clear power to all of your valuable equipment. It isolates audio, video and digital components, and prevents noise created by one connected component from contaminating the entire system. To deal with threats from sources other than your AC lines, all PureAV Power Consoles come with coaxial cable, pay-per view/phone and broadband Ethernet line protection. Advantages Level 4 Power Protection Phase 3 PureFilter Circuitry with Video, Audio and HiCurrent Filters Slim console design fits perfectly in your Home Theater cabinet HiCurrent Outlet for high-power amplifiers Network Protection (RJ45) for Media Streamer Support Lifetime Warranty $350,000 Connected Equipment Warranty 8 Outlets 2 Line telephone/pay-per-view protection with splitter 3245 Joules of Surge Protection 165,000 Amp Maximum Spike Current 2 Pairs of Gold Coaxial Connections for coaxial cable line protection 10' SD500 HiCurrent Power Cord with right angle plug UL1449 Rated
  20. Put the spikes in and see if you like it better. Watch out on scratching hardwood floors. My take is the spikes sound better. It has an effect of making the speakers heavier since all the weight is now focused on a very tiny area ie the four points of the spikes.
  21. If I went from one 990 with my RF-7's to two 990's would there be any real improvement or would I just be running up my electric bill?
  22. Trey and Bob please look at my Question to Klipsch on bi-wire on the 2 channel forum. Thanks.
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