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  1. Strangely enough, shortly after my post on 1/2 I saw an email from Klipsch support: So if anyone needs a replacement set, at least for now you'll need to call Klipsch and they'll get you taken care of. They sent my courtesy replacement set quickly.
  2. Nothing? This doesn't bode well.
  3. Does anyone know where you can purchase replacement ear tips for the T5 True Wireless ear buds? The plastic ring on one of mine has separated from the silicone part of the ear tip. I put in a support ticket and they told me that's not covered under warranty and is considered normal wear and tear. I asked where I could purchase replacements, but the only reply they gave me was they are "readily available." They did say they'd send me a courtesy replacement pair even though it's not under warranty, but that this was a one time only thing, so I'll still need to find where to buy replacements if they're only going to last 5-6 months. The only thing I could find on the Klipsch website were the Oval Ear Tips: https://www.klipsch.com/products/oval-ear-tips These don't appear to be the same type used on the T5TW. They look like the solid silicone type used on my old R6 neckband. Any suggestions?
  4. One of my ear buds has separate as well. I opened a customer support ticket with Klipsch to get them replaced under warranty but have not heard anything yet. I did put my ticket in just before Thanksgiving, so the holiday will likely delay a reply. So far I've not been able to find any place to buy additional ear buds. The only ones I could find on the Klipsch website are not for the T5 True Wireless.
  5. So after using it a bit more, I've run across a strange issue. It seems to cut out repeatedly when I'm listening to music with my phone in my back pocket. I was going to listen to music while mowing my lawn and noticed it, so I though it might be some weird interference from the mower. But, it does it without the mower running as well. When seated at my desk, the connection is stable and the sound quality is always great. I never had this problem with my old R6 neckband. The only problem it had was the rubber covering on the buttons curling up, which appears to be a common problem. I really want to like these. The sound is great. They look good. The battery life is excellent. But these annoying connectivity and pairing issues make using them more and more frustrating.
  6. You are a bad influence. Thank you. 😀
  7. So two of those for the price of a single SPL-150. O_O Not sure about the B-stock risk (going by the description in the ad), but that's really hard to pass up.
  8. Revisiting this thread looking for more suggestions. The R-115SW and SPL-150 are currently both available on Amazon. $700 for the R-115SW and $900 for the SPL-150, including the WA2 wireless adapter. The prices are close enough not to matter (especially if I get the WA2 to got with the R-115SW as well). The upgraded amp on the SPL sounds good. Anything that really separates the two functionally or audibly? This will be for in my original version RF-7 home theater setup (RF-7, RC-7, RS-62) I'm considering upgrading to RF-7 II or III. I've heard the III sounds better, but aesthetically I much prefer the II, not to mention it's Cherry finish matches what I currently have, unlike the Natural Cherry on the III.
  9. Great info! I'll keep that in mind if there are any future pairing issues. Not long after my review above I lost pairing on mine and had to try a few times to re-pair them. The lost pairing could have been my fault, though. I'm not sure. So far other than that one anomaly they connect reasonably quickly when I take them out of the case and have no issue using one at a time or both. I frequently use only 1 ear bud at work or on phone calls. I can add or remove the 2nd bud while the first one is in use and it has no problem with that.
  10. After about a week of use, here's my impressions. Pairing was a nightmare, but once paired they've stayed paired with no issues. (I only pair them with a single device) Music quality is outstanding. Fantastic bass so long as I have a good seal to my ears. Still swapping ear bud tips to find the sweet spot between sound quality and comfort. I haven't used it much for phone calls, but one person did say it sounded like I was on a speaker phone. I'll experiment more with that. I was only using 1 ear bud at the time. I'll see if using both helps. There is an issue using it with Google Maps on my phone. The audio cuts off the first bit of the directions. It's still understandable, but none of the other Bluetooth devices I've used with it have that issue, including my Klipsch neckband headphones. Instead of saying "Take the first right on..." all I'll get its "...first right on..." It's a bit abrupt. I love the charging case, although it's a bit chunky. I think it could have been slimmed down some considering how the sides bow out. Both the case and headphones have a quality feel and battery life has been excellent. Overall, I'm happy and like them; however, the issues I've experienced should not happen at this price point with a product that considers themselves a premium brand. Klipsch has created a wonderful product with a few glaring issues that can potentially ruin the user experience. I'm hoping a firmware update fixes the few issues I've noticed.
  11. This worked for me as well. Thank you!! Just a note for anyone having issues - make sure the lights on both buds are purple (blue?) and then pair just the Right one. It should then ask you if you want to pair the Left as well. Don't try to manually pair the Left one.
  12. From an article I just found... Mine tried to pair each bud individually. I'll try a factory reset and try again. (still no luck) https://www.digitaltrends.com/headphone-reviews/klipsch-t5-true-wireless-review/ PAIRING CONFUSION One way in which the T5 can’t compete with Apple’s AirPods and Powerbeats Pro is in matching the later earbuds’ breezy pairing to devices — the T5 just aren’t very intuitive in this department. To pair them, you open the case and press the button on the right earbud three times. The issue is that you need to press the button relatively quickly to activate pairing mode, and your device sometimes asks you to pair to both buds — but you’ll only want to pair with the right one. You’ll get it eventually, but it did take a few tries for us.
  13. My R6's do the same thing. It hasn't affected the function other than making the buttons difficult to use.
  14. I'm having the exact same problem, only one ear bud connecting at a time. Tried factory reset, etc. same as you. The manual isn't much help.
  15. I'm not familiar with the Castle sub. Is this from Epik Subwoofers? I can't really make out the logo in the picture. I was looking at an Epik Empire. Is this comparable?
  16. Dual ones, huh? Hmm. Well, the Conquest is discontinued, and I was really wanting one of those for a while. Mainly because it's just so in your face with no hint of consideration for a WAF. (I'm single, so I can do that) [H] I just happened to run across the sale on the RW-12d and didn't know what it would match up to, but it was listed as $999 marked down to $299, so the bargain hunter in me was intrigued. Still, it's not a bargain if it doesn't do the job. On a side note, I see the Empires are on sale for $799. []
  17. Thanks for the fast replies! That's kind of what I was thinking. Newegg has them on sale today for $299.99. At that price, it's hard to say no, but I don't want to waste money that could be better spent towards a better match.
  18. I still need to add a sub to my system and was wondering if you guys though the RW-12d would be a good fit. I'm running RF-7 / RC-7 stage and RS-62 surrounds, driven by an Outlaw Audio 7500 amp and pre/pro. (200W/ch) Since the RSW-15 is discontinued, I'm not sure what current models would match up well with that. This is primarily a movie system, but it does double duty on music as well. I'm not sure on the room size. My living room is open to the dining room, so it's probably around 5000 cubic feet. Suggestions?
  19. This is becoming more and more common. Not only do find out where you live, but they know you're at a movie, so you're not home and they have a good idea how long you'll be gone.
  20. A couple amps to consider are the pro-audio QSC or Crown brand amps. I've used a QSC PLX-2402 with my RF7s and it made a phenominal difference over just using the reciever. I'm currently running an Outlaw Audio 7500 amp on my new system, but I'm hanging on to that QSC for when I upgrade to 7.1. You can find some great deals and good recommendations on here.
  21. I ran my RF7s off of an old Pioneer receiver (VSX5000) when I first got them and they sounded great. After some break-in they even sounded better. Then I added an amp - and was amazed and the improvement. The only way I can describe it was the sound has a more "relaxed" feeling. The speakers never sounded stressed and the music just effortlessly flowed forth - even deep bass or loud passages. The RF7 is pretty efficient, but it does have an impedance dip at certain frequencies that requires an amp that has a healthy power supply. Most receiver amps aren't that robust, so they'll play but you start hitting the limitations of the receiver long before you tax the speakers. (note, this is my experience with my RF7s. I don't know if the newly released RF7-II has similar characteristics. It does have updated drivers and electronics.)
  22. We have had one of those for a while here: http://www.raleighwoodmovies.com/ It was an old 2 screen theater. They took out the theater seating and put in tables and chairs. Waitstaff takes your order before the movie starts and you get typical sport bar type menu items, nachos, burgers, wings, etc. Oh yeah, and beer. [H] They also have digital TV hooked up to the big screens, so they do the Super Bowl and other big TV events as well. It's an awesome little place.
  23. Saturn5

    Will it take off?

    I have to admit when I first heard of this riddle, I fell for it and thought the plane wouldn't take off. Intuitively we think of it as a car example - where the car's forward momentum would be cancelled out by the conveyor belt's rearward speed. The disconnect comes in because the car is pushing against the conveyor belt through the wheels. The plane's thrust is against the air - which isn't affected by the conveyor belt, so the plane moves forward. Luke's landspeeder is a great example. Or even a modern hovercraft.
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