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  1. Was out of town all week here are the photos of all the items for sale
  2. In anticipation of a new set of horns arriving shortly I'm clearing out a few items - Eliptrac 400 pair (SOLD) -B&C DCM 50 pair (SOLD) -Behringer Inuke 6000dsp original owner purchased from amazon a couple of years ago. $300 plus shipping -Seos 12 pair with denovo dna 360(b&c de250 clones) driver pair was going to use in some surrounds I was going to build but went a different direction- $140 plus shipping https://www.diysoundgroup.com/speaker-parts/speaker-components/compression-drivers/denovo-audio-dna-360-compression-driver.html I'm located in northern Indiana area code 46706. I have sold and bought many items on the forums over the years. Local pickup is also welcome. I will get some photos up later
  3. shepjk01


    should have received payment for the pair of horns
  4. shepjk01


    should have it now
  5. Been gone a little while as life(Kids) have kept me busy. I have the itch for a pair of k402's so if you have a pair you want to get rid of let me know I don't need any drivers just the horns. I'm located in northern Indiana and would prefer a pair located in the mid west.
  6. Looking for the originals . I can build them but if someone has some for a reasonable price why build
  7. Looking for a pair of alk universals. I figured I would check to see if anyone has a pair they are thinking of selling before I build my own for the 3rd time.
  8. added some finished pics of the horns
  9. The horns are the stock eliptrac 400's which are setup for 2 inch drivers. I know dave sells 1 inch adapters for k55's. You can find them here http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/eliptrac.html As far as making them work in a stock khorn you would need the adapters, make some new grill covers and some crossover work.
  10. Lowered price from $375 to $345.
  11. At one time I thought about the bigger eliptarc 240's for myself instead of k402's , but after completing this kit I'm glad I went with the 402's. The sanding involved just takes way to much time and this is coming from someone that's hobby is woodworking. Unless someone is dead set on the kit spend the extra and buy them from dave completed. I probably have 15 hours in the kit between building, sanding,sanding, more sanding and painting..
  12. SOLD! Also these horns are setup for 2 inch exit compression drivers. You can buy adapters to use them with k55's go here for more info http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/eliptrac.html ​
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