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  1. All, Been a while for me on here, but I came into a great looking but not great sounding Pioneer SX-1250. I live in Indianapolis and am looking for someone in the midwest (ideally) that would be able to help me with refreshing it (recap, etc). Also an H/K 630 that I would probably have them look at as well.
  2. Bump, would also sell without the subs (if someone wanted that)
  3. Prior to weekend bump, some interest but the miles seem to be a problem.
  4. Sorry, wasn't getting the forum replys. PM and we can discuss. I have a good deal of gear, but would discuss.
  5. All, Sadly parting with my Ultra 2 7.2 system. Am local to Indianapolis, do not want to ship (but can at buyers expense), also includes wall mounting hardware. Sound great with some minor wear on cabinets. Includes Sub Amp but not pictured. $4700 obo
  6. Note, the spacing didn't look right from typing from an ipad, so I put a ~ to denote a break. All, I was lucky enough to win a pair of the M40's at the Pilgrimage. I was pumped and have had them for a while listening. I thought since these were relatively new on the market I should get some info out on them. Maybe this should go in the Headphone section? IDK, Amy can fix if she thinks so. ~ I only have one pair of over the ear headphones, we used them for mixing live venues/at home listening/and some light recording - because we were given a band sponsorship for them. They were the AKG K240's which are a open/semi-open design meaning that you can hear them pretty well sitting next to someone wearing them. So realize that they are not noise canceling, and are a different design. My wife and I both took part in the listening, we mostly listen to 70-today rock, blues, jazz, pop, etc. Our review will cover the following areas: comfort, sound quality, and any/all other. Also of note we only have Klipsch speakers in our house. ~ Comfort: Both my wife and I experienced that these were tight on our heads, this is a function of the noise issolation which the 240's do not do any of. The 240's were lighter and did not put much pressure on the side of your head. Also, the M40's were rock solid under movement (walking/etc) where the 240's are prone to the headstrap falling or the ear cups josteling. ~ Sound Quality: Both of us felt that the M40's provided a more intimate experience, we don't have kids but do have barking/playing dogs that are always doing some mischief mixed with "house" noise. This experience mimicked the sensation of hitting the sweet spot between a nice 2 channel system. The M40's reduced that to nearly 0, and it was hard to hear the music bleading out of the headphones. The bass on the M40's seemed to be a tad deeper, but the vocals of the music we listened to was more clear and "live" on the 240's. In general, I did not listen to the units M40's the noise canceling feature as it wasn't need due to the isolation. We were able to reduce each others voices a bit when no music was playing...but with music I won't even think this feature would be needed unless you were walking around a downtown/very noisy area. I did notice a boost in the signal when turned on so I would turn down the music first before doing this. ~ Any/All other - Pretty much all in favor of the M40 here, I-compatible, easily configurable/detachable cable, fold up for travel, comes with sweet leather case and plug in accessories, NOT just black. A lot of thought went into the accessories, usability, and details of how the M40's would work in your life. The 240's are just plain ol' headphones. ~ Final Wrap up: Since we didn't pay for either , the value proposition isn't an issue. At the time the 240's were like $120 and the Mode M40's are around $300 online. For just listening to a CD or whatever at home for hours on end, I would choose the 240's for comfort and the live sound. But if I were on the move, on a plane, packing in a backpack, putting in a gig bag, or just about anything else I would take the the M40's hands down. The tightness on our head may be an issue of breaking them in or that I have a fat head, as a side note my wife (who has a smaller head) agreed . I think Klipsch put out a good product for the market that is growing, the I-people...and I can only assume it will be accessible for the Droid-people soon. ~ Finally, thank you thank you thank you to the Kipsch folks for the pilgrimage, I have been there three times and really enjoy it every time. I am lucky enough to be in the area and run into folks from time to time, but it is a pleasure to plan time to hang out. Thanks, Alli-
  7. Mike! How are you doing? Thanks for the thought...I am good to 1.3 for now. I am just trying to get two HD recievers out of one package. BTW how did that TC1000 work for you?
  8. All, I am looking for a receiver to do quite a few things for me, would rather buy one than two...let me know if you know of any that can do all of the following. My 2.2 channel reciever went dead and I am trying to replace it and get a new main reciever for the theater room. I have some outdoor speakers for zone 3, RF-7's and a DIY sub for zone two, and thinking about a big boy klipsch system for zone one (haven't decided yet, depends what I can piece together). I may be a little dense on what the new recievers can do, as I haven't purchased one...or even looked for one for a number of years. Able to drive a 7.1 system (THX certified prefered) HDMI (I think 1.3b is the most recent standard?) 3 zones with HD video to at least zone 2(or two zones with a speaker A/B option in zone 2) Preferred sub output to zone two as well Good to great sound/video quality Able to add on the little seperate remote reciever for zone two would be nice too Auto room calibration would be nice, but not necessary
  9. Choctaw, I have two La Scalla Industrials (black glass with al trim) I am selling for $750...they work great and have been looked over by the heritage master. They are for sale so long as you pass on the savings if you sell them. I need the room in my sunroom for a bar...
  10. I am in China until the 11 and leave for Puerto Rico on the 13, if I can make the time zone switch in one day I would like to stop by on the 12th.
  11. I saw it lastnight in a klipsch theater (UA 14 in Indy) fyi the northside of Indy is blessed with a few Klipsch theaters. In any case I liked it for a few reasons, and I will put a disclaimer in that I have seen the orig series, but am more of a TNG fan. It had a good edge of serious acting and kept my fiance interested who has never seen any Star Trek before(i know i know). Also, the plot allows for the creators to go in a different direction that anything we have seen in the series or other movies due to the rupture in the space time continuium (pushes my taped together glasses back up to my eyes)...pretty genious. Other prequils and comic book on the screen movies have to flow and fit in exactly to what we know...ie Bond, Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Spiderman, etc. This one can depart and has a nerdy answer as to why so.
  12. Backround - This is the second time to Colters house, pre and post the room changeup. I don't know if the floors are new since I have been there last or just less stuff on the ground, but I could feel the bass very well through the floor. I LOVE that fyi. The sound was great, and I (for the second time) picked the wrong k-horn with the upgraded network. The extended jazz lp was sweet, we had to have it up at around 95-100 db on avg with some big peaks. Great horn section didn't break up at the high volumes and the bass solo was viseral. It was basically a funk version of the 2001: ASO intro. There was a little system noise, colter said it had to do with the physical transformer, which I confirmed. I haven't seen Colter listen to tubes, and he complained about not knowing how good his preamp was...so I think the next time I stop by I will bring my ST-70 and Mcintosh C29 to hook up. It will also be sweet to compare against the jubs. I told him he should set up the 60th KHorns in there with the Jubs and sell a kidney for a set of palladiums...then we would have a real shooting match. The first spin on the first album...
  13. Colter, Are you buying 8 or 2? If only 2, willing to cut me in? I sound like a mobster now...
  14. As a guy in sourcing...I can substantiate the claim that they could be buying and relabeling, in fact probably a bad decision to not to from a marketing, and cost point perspective. The interesting thing about it is, they likely have tighter tolerance specs for the tubes...in China they don't worry about statsitical process control and continious improvement. They will sort the good and ship them to the reseller and the rest direct to whomever will buy.
  15. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/108426.aspx ***see this link for a few pics/idea of price*** http://www.klipsch.com/products/discontinued/details/rb-75.aspx ***see this link for the specs of the RB75's***
  16. Just an FYI...I have some minty cherry RB-75's for sale. They go slightly deeper than the 81's and would be cheaper even with shipping to Cali
  17. So I did get a good deal! I have the manual and have yet to really get into it...it is missing the back "extra" counterweight for the heavy carts, but I think I could get around that with good selection. And yes, I am grounding the arm to the preamp...this is a very audible, low BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound...pretty sure it is the ground. The cable is crappy as you can see and probably needs replaced anyway.
  18. Here you go...It came with a TD125 and Shure M93E Cart...I think I got a good deal. Do you have any idea on the value of these items?
  19. Fini/anybody that can help, I tried email/pm to no avail...maybe I messed it up. In any case, I just came by an Ortofon RS-212 tonearm, and from my research it appears that you have the same. Have you had to replace the tonearm cable? It appears to have a 7 pin connector as opposed to the typical 5 pin. The cart is good on it on other arms, but when I plug this in I get no sound other than what appears to be a loud ground problem, even when I have only the unconnected cable hooked up...i get the hum. So I figured if this were the problem or not, it would be worth replacing. Any tips for where/what to purchase? Also, your thoughts on a good mate for cart would be much appreciated.
  20. structural damage to what? Your house, chochlea (may look like someone steped on a seashell with a sledgehammer), or your local power station....maybe all three? Ha
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