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  1. Good suggestion. I've already disassembed the speaker but I could put it back together and just leave one tweeter unplugged.
  2. Hey all. I will eventually upgrade, but am stuck with ss1 surrounds for the time being. Due to space constraints in my dedicated theater room, I can't have a speaker sticking out from the wall. So, I'll be building an in-wall box for my ss1 surrounds this weekend and setting them basically flush with the wall. Questions: 1. Can I remove one tweeter without much change in impedence? 2. Will baffle step be an issue now? 3. Will I really regret losing the bibole tweeter set up (will direct surrounds be ok)? 4. Am I fooling myself because the stock bipole crossover won't support just one horn? If I need to keep both horns, I can build a 3d baffle that accomodates the stock angle in an inset fashion. Thanks for any advice you can give. I'm pushing the speakers with a 10 year old Denon AVR2800 (yeah, I know). Center is an sc1 (yeah, I know). I will be junking these as soon as possible for a better set up. I was also surprised at the cheap, soft plastic basket on the 5.25 woofer. Oh well, it was bottom of hte line in 2000. Thanks
  3. I'm wondering if these, or any celing speaker, will still perform mounted on the rear wall. I know they make versions intended for walls, but there are so many good deals on ceiling speakers that I'm wondering. My room is 13'x18' with a celing too low to mount speakers on. I want the rears in the wall because the back row would litterally be underneath on-wall surrounds. Thoughts..?
  4. Maybe you're right. I'm a bass player and have used huge stacks at house parties. I just turned it down when necessary (unusual). It is nice to see your pants wave in the breeze of a 15", 4x10s and two horns pushed by 300 - 500 watts. I miss my Ampeg!
  5. Keep impedance in mind. If you daisy-chain too many speakers off one amp, you may burn the amp up. Example: two 8 ohm speakers equals one 4 ohm load. It's like trying to keep the same water pressure between a coffee stir straw and a McDonald's drink straw.
  6. Oops. I meant "would they be too big for my room"? I also wonder if the SC-1 would get burried and not heard at all. I'm tempted to get these - even though I've read the glue joints can fail causing a rattle.
  7. Great info. Thanks. Next question: Do you think these would be too small for a 13x17.5 foot room? I do expect I'll need bass traps..
  8. For the time being, I'll be using my old Synergy speakers (see sig) but need some mains. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of KM6s. Would they sound ok with my SC-1 center or blow it away? My HT room is about 13'x17.5' w/ 7'6" ceilings. Other than these, I'm considering some old Heresys, or RB 81s. Thoughts?
  9. I have thought about running RB81s in the rear, but am concerned that the rearmost listeners wouldn't hear them because the sectional will be right up against the back wall. I was considering matching in walls (gasp) to get them back further. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll probably start my own build thread soon since I finally have it painted. I'm really getting excited to finish this.
  10. Hi all. I've lurked for a while and have thoroughly enjoyed the info on this forum. Now I could use some direct help picking out mains, and possibly a new center speaker. Will RB-81s or similar bookshelfs be too small to be used as mains? As part of my basement finishing, I'm building a HT room that's 13.5' x 17.5' x 7.5ft high (low ceiling). The cement foundation is on three walls (screen, left, rear) but only up to 44" behind the screen wall (access to crawl space). It's got hanging walls all around (per code). The frame is 2x4/soft caulk/Celotex sheet/soft caulk/ .5" drywall. I've filled the walls and ceiling with fiberglass insulation. The ceiling is low (may have to put absorption up there). I'll be using a front projector. There will be 43" tall electric fireplace under the pull-down screen. Althrough these room demensions seem close to ideal according to some resources, it's super-live sounding and I'll need to add some absorption material. The room is wired for 7.2 set up but will start with 5.1 using old equipment. Here's my current/old (bought in '00) equipment that I'll use for the time being: Klipsh SC-1 center Klipsch ss-1s Klipsch Synergy 12 sub Denon AVR 2800 I need mains, and possibly a new center speaker. My limitation is space behind the mains and center. I'm building the center speaker into the front facia of the fireplace which is 14" deep. I'd love to build the mains and sub into pseudo cabinets to match the fireplace. I understand the advantage of pulling the mains toward the listener to match the distance to the center speaker but don't want them out too far from the screen wall. This is to preserve seating area and to keep my 3, and 5 year old girls away from the mains. Sorry for the long post, but I'm trying to add enough info to get good insight. My ego says go with RF-62s, my budget says go with Synergy F-2s or F-3s, my emotions say go with Heresy's for the vintage aspect, but my WAF meeting says go with RB-81s or RB-35s (because they're front ported and I could get them up off the floor against the screen wall). I'd love to have an RC-7 center, but am afraid it wouldn't have room in the back to breath. Any thoughts...
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. As I learn more about them, I'm becoming drawn to the Heritage series speakers rather than the new stuff. Does the Heresy's sealed design allow them to be placed closer to the back wall (like on a counter top)? My wife and I definitely considered using the long wall for the screen. But, the room seems just a little small for it. Plus, the door would open right into the seating. Cornwalls would be nice, but overkill I'm afraid. I wish I still had my Dad's late '60s Harmon Kardon speakers. The were about the size of La Scalas with two 12" drivers and a suspendeddome tweeter. They were walnut and weight over 100 pound each. He also had a full tube set up. If I had only known...
  12. Actually, reality, and impending tinnitus will keep me from going high volume. What I do appreciate, though is punch (or attack) in the mid-bass to bass regions. I love deep, rumbling bass when it's part of the soundtrack, but if it's supposed to be percussive, let it punch me in the chest. In the bass guitar world, 15" speakers used to be the hot ticket. But, once players progressed, they found that slow, wooshy 15" speakers would blur their notes together. Because of this, 10" speakers have become more the norm because they are quicker, and punchier. My big rig had both. The 15" cab gave me the rumble, the 4x10 cab was great to preserve my fast playing, or funky stuff that had punch. So..., I was just wondering if the Heresy's 12" is quick enough to separate each bass note and move the air in a punchy fashion because my current sub is only good for the rumbling sound. Sorry for the lack of HT-speak here. I've got the concepts, but not necessarily the terms.
  13. Oops, you are absolutely correct. I'm so used to talking about the square feet we're adding to the house by finishing the basement I miswrote. We're not talking area, here. We're talking volume. Thanks for the clarification!
  14. Trying not to hijack, but can in-walls give enough SPL in a 13x17.5 foot room? I'd love to preserve floor space and have already wired the walls. I've just heard so many bash in-walls, I'm concerned. Would I give up bass response? Thanks.
  15. I'm very intrigued by the RC-7's ability to produce lower frequencies than the newer centers. Would James Earl Jones really sound as good through 6 1/2" speakers...? However, I'd love to see a new RC-7 with front ports that allow the speaker to be closer to the back wall as I'm assuming it needs to be a foot or more from the wall (correct me if I'm wrong on this point, please). I'm going to put my center on top of or inside the front face of a fireplace that's only 14 inches deep. Wouldn't the RC-7's sound be effected by sitting so close to the back wall?
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