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  1. Just saw this in the Klipsch Blog... They say around 100 hours...Could only be for reference though...no idea myself. http://www.klipsch.com/blog/how-to-break-in-a-speaker/
  2. germerikan


    Outch, those carts are dangerous
  3. Welcome back into Vinyl. If you want to drop a little more coin (around $90) I could suggest the spin clean. Manual cleaning but very easy to use and you can do lots of records in a short ammount of time. http://www.spincleanrecordwasher.com/ To the carts there are many more knowledgable here so I will refrain from including my half knowledge. Have fun with the new table!!
  4. I was expecting worse, hope I look as good at that Age. Heß I don´t look that good now.
  5. One last bump, did anyone get to eat at the Steak and Lube?
  6. One Thing to concider now a days is the engines. B&S was once the best but in the last few years Honda has been making the best. I took mine out of its winter sleep, filled the tank, checked the oil, set the automatic choke and pulled once. Started immediately. Mine is a combination side throw, bagger and mulcher. There is a lot to decide take your time. Edit: Forgot to say I have a push with front wheel drive.
  7. No, the world could already be fed. It is about Profit. GM seeds cannot be used again (saving seeds from crop before) since they are "copy righted" These seeds have to be rebought every year. Pest resistent crops could be produced when they go back to the crops which were grown before and are indegenous to the areas where they originated.
  8. GM is a big no no in Germany. While you in theory could get GM Corn many do not considering the stipulations when you want to plant. You have to guarantee 100% that it will not cross into your neighbors lot. Which is 100% not possible. Also no one would buy it if they knew what it was.
  9. Great to hear, let us know when she starts with the mods!!
  10. Whose project is it anyway? Bruce This really made me laugh, I remembered we (Dad and I) wanted to build a car for a soapbox derby. Needless to say it ended up where my Dad and his friends discussed how and what then proceeded to build it. I did not touch one piece of lumber or nail.^^ Kids and their toys!! Have fun with the project.
  11. Funny I discovered these here (Hannover, Germany) I love me some honey mustard Pretzel pieces.
  12. Nice pups, good to see this got brought to the top again. Here a more recent one of Sion.
  13. Thanks for the tip I have been looking also in thetubestore.com. It could be that I also look here in Germany to save shipping.
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