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  1. Hi, My apologies to interested parties as I left town first of the week for important family medical business where no web/cell services are avail. I just returned last night. Klipsch still has some and just quoted 112.70 & $8 shipping, so basically $120. The shipping back east from coastal Oregon area of course will ding me, so could you go $80 and it could go out today? Let me know if that will work for you. Thanks again and sorry for delay.
  2. Hi, That's a very good question, as I have no idea. Let's look into it. Anyone seeing this want to chime in? Any guidance for it would be much appreciated. thanks a lot for the interest and I will try to get some ideas tomorrow.
  3. Look as I may, I still can't figure out how to delete an ad in the garage sale, as I did post it correctly the second time, but need to delete one. Any guidance would be very appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have a healthy K-1062-KV driver available (8") for KLF-C7 If anyone is interested please make offer. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am on the run today and need to figure out how to edit my header and post yet, as it has been a long time since I have been on the site Thanks for your comments and help!
  6. Ooops messed up the main header... 1062 Not 1063 duh...
  7. Hi, I have a healthy K-1062-KV driver available (8") If anyone is interested please make offer. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Any thoughts on how a pair of RB-75's might fare for light public address work (folkish duo), crossed over with subs? Any idea of the SPL's the 75's can produce? Thanks!
  9. Hi, A while back I purchased all the parts I need to build my own RB-75's (yet un-built), at the time as a replacement for my RB-5's for HT mains. I'm now wondering how they woud fare as FOH "mains" for smaller venue public address work for my wife and I who have a folkish duo. I would be crossing them over using 1 or 2 subs. Anyone here know what kind of SPL's the RB-75's are capable of? I can't find any SPL ratings anywhere...Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hi, I just posted this in the garage sale and thought I'd put it here as well in case anyone has tried anything like this---: I'm considering building some sort of center channel with the mid and tweet in their normal horiz. position above the tv and some sort of a re-work alternative for the15" woofer (maybe flanking smaller woof on each side?) Anyone done this? I am interested in gathering loose matching parts, horns/drivers and crossover seperately or would consider a very reasonably priced beat-up single speaker, but shipping to Oregon would be a pain and expensive depending on location of course. Just brainstorming here...Would be seeking one K-57-K mid driver & horn (not sure right now which horn is correct), and one K-79-K driver and horn, and crossover. Or perhaps find an Academy and save the trouble? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Hi, Is it ok, or even quite acceptable/good to use a pair of RS-7's mounted in a 45 degree fashion in the rear corners for L & R Surrounds? (about 9 feet away). Anyone think a pair of RB-5's in same configuration would be preferable? Thanks!!
  12. Hi all...I am the very pleased owner of new RF-7's/RC-7 w/ R-5650-s pair for rears (sides) & R-5800-W pair for backs. Running them all with a posse of Trends amps (modded trio for bi-wire fronts & center, std's for rear/backs). I'm running a Halo pre/pro and am Very Happy! I am hoping to get findings/opinions on the white cloth that lines the metal grill covers of the in-walls. They sound good now...but figure that cloth should'nt be in the way of the sound. Am I right?? I just seem reluctant to pull it off till I see if anybody knows something about it I should consider. I guess I should at least remove the grills and see how that sounds, since w/out cloth and in place, I'd imagine would be somewhere between the two. Whatya' think? THANKS, Rob
  13. Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply. I notice the 5800-W shows good matches as RF-7 & RC-7. I gues the 5650-W is as well? I don't have the RF-7's listed in the matching models, but have RB-75's as mains. I have been told the RB-75 has the same driver comp. driver as RF-7. Is that correct? Again... I appreciate your advice and consult. Rob
  14. Hi, I am putting together a system with RB-75 fronts, RC-7 center and was going to go with R-5800-W for sides and R-5650-S backs. Am I making a mistake not using the di-pole type 5650's for the sides too? I know everyone's preferences is just that...but would love to hear opinions! Might try it all with modded Trends 10.1's. Whattayathink? Thanks, Rob
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