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  1. 1985 and Cornwall II For Sure... See the front mounted components ? No B3 Xover in there... plain old CII Xovers. (low end of the Cornwall line.) Rebuild THOSE pups... Noah
  2. I have a pair of original RF5 woofs, new in the box. I think I have 2 pair actually... PM me if you still need them. Noah
  3. hey! Yeah, yeah.. I still need one bulb for my stack (remember the picture with the fire extinguisher) lol do you still have my address ? Noah
  4. I have 1 left (sold 3.) Send me a PM with your Zip Code. Noah
  5. sorry Alan - will keep eye out.
  6. tom, I have a pair of original klipsch boxed (never opened) grills and a full set of feel - (no dust caps...) send me a PM Noah
  7. You're in Walden ? lol Just a short hop.
  8. Hi Jeff I have a wonderful pair of Cornwall's stacked atop my La Scala's, up here in the mid Hudson valley. I moved the 2-chanel to the Scala's as soon as I bought them. The Cornwall has more "bass in your face" sound... Well, in your chest really. Couple hours away. I'll make you a good price on them; just going to waste here... Noah
  9. Well groomlake/area51 sold me his old Techniques 1200mk2 and I never got a chance to hook it up. - it's been sitting here since way back then. Life can sure spin ya around and knock you down. I know I'm not alone in THAT. I haven't spoken to groomy since soon after he retired. Most of y'all don't even know who I'm talking about but he did a LOT of work for this community (such as it was, and it was better.) Or is that what old people say... I remember the days when... Expletive avoided. Anybody hear from groomy lately? I don't want to start calling his old numbers for fear I'll hear bad news. My cell numbers have not changed in case you're out there GL/A51, I hope you and your family are AOK. A local fellow here wants to buy the 1200 just as Gl sent it to me and I got to figure out a proper price for him. Over 3000 of my old posts have been striped away so I can't find the thread where GL offered it or where I bought it. Any of you relative old timers remember back there to 2008 or 9? Remember the selloff before the move off grid? My best regards to all you old timers, and to all real people who have come since. Noah, with the woods at my backyard.
  10. Breck, I have all that you requested and as long as you're somewhere in the 50 states, the price will be right. send me a PM and we can "talk" Noah
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