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  1. Hello, My dad was a big audiophile and I inherited some of his old equipment. I got an extra sub that just sitting and need out. It's in good condition, some scratches on the wood finish on top, but overall the speaker and everything else is good. Looking to sell locally as this thing is pretty heavy. I could ship if the buyer wants to pay for the shipping/insurance. $200
  2. If I can get them $1200, I'll be satisfied...
  3. These are still available... anyone interested or where I can post for more exposure...besides ebay?
  4. thanks. I uploaded a picture of it. The other one is on the other side...basically the same, I just wanted to show you folks the color of the unit.
  5. ---- SOLD --------------- Trying to clear up some room at my mom's house. My dad who was a big audiophile bought these back in '86. He was very excited with these speakers. I'd like to keep them for myself, but alas no room for it at my house. We are looking for a local pickup as I don't want to have to get them shipped and worry about them for the new owner. Make me an offer. I'll post pix along with SN later. Ah almost forgot, they are located in SoCal - San Gabriel Valley. I would say the speakers are in great condition and the box/crate is in good condition (some scratches on top) SN is: 8751801
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