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  1. I currently have a 15" TC-2000 subwoofer for my surround sound, but I'm going to be moving away from the free housing my parents have graciously let me mooch off of them and into a duplex for this next year of college. With being a duplex and all, I'm a tad concerned that the neighbors might not take too kindly to the thwomping that my TC2K deliver, so I have started to consider getting a transducer (Clark Synthesis or Buttkicker) to supply the rumbling that I'm used to. Does anyone either have a transducer or know enough about them to tell me some pros and cons of the idea? I'm looking to know how strongly I'll actually feel one of these if it's attached to my couch and just how it stacks up to a sub in general. Also, if my couch is a sectional, would I need to get two transducers in order to have one placed on each section, or is one going to provide ample vibrations to bring my movie watching criteria up to par with the TC2K?
  2. You're going to need to get those pictures hosted before you can put them on the forums...which is pretty easily accomplished by going to www.photobucket.com and taking five minutes to create an account and upload the pictures. After you've uploaded the pictures, copy the URL which accompanies 'Direct Link.' Now, when you want to post the picture(s) on the forum, click on the 'Insert/edit image' button in the little toolbar (the picture of the tree, two icons to the left of the smiley) and paste the URL into the field that says 'Image URL.' Hopefully that'll work for you, 'cause I'm a tad curious to see how this actually looks...
  3. I think I'm gonna go with McDermott's suggestion of an 'inverted U' which surrounds the TV, as it was the first idea that I had, too. And even though I don't expect there to be a plethora of wood-workers out there on the Klipsch forum, it won't hurt to ask...would MDF be an acceptable choice of building materials, assuming I brace the joints properly, or would some other type of wood/pressboard be preferred in this situation?
  4. I wish there were, but the TV's going to be in front of a window, so affixing a shelf to the wall behind the TV isn't an option. If all else fails, my backup plan was going to be building an entertainment center around the TV, but I was using that as a last resort since it'd take the most time and probably the most money.
  5. So I just bought a used 43" widescreen TV for my home theater, but I'm running into a problem with my RC-7 placement, due to poor planning on my part. The TV itself is a projection TV with about five inches of flat space to set something on before it slopes downward, which originally led me towards buying a center channel TV top mount (something like this: http://www.efunctional.com/cch1p.html), but after e-mailing Hitachi, they advised me against placing a 42 pound speaker on top of the TV, as it may bend the cabinet and distort the picture. Other than buying an entertainment center, does anyone have any suggestions for how I could get the RC-7 above the TV? If not...how detrimental to the Klipsch experience would it be if I were to place the center under the TV in the stand which it sits on with the speaker practically sitting on the ground, tilted slightly upwards?
  6. If you don't mind the massive road trip down here.
  7. Sean was telling me that we might not be getting our house...which means you should transfer to Mizzou, and we'll buy a house together there...then I'll be more than happy to combine forces.
  8. I think craigslist has a lot to do with whether or not you're around a major city. I live near St. Louis and I haven't had too many problems selling stuff on there. It took me a little less than two weeks to sell my RB-25s on there, and every time that I see any large sets of Klipsch go up there, they are taken down within the week. The only problem that I've had with it is that you have to weed out all the people that e-mail you and shoot you really low offers, maybe because they don't think we have any idea what they're worth.
  9. Another place to try would be craigslist.org. I've had pretty good luck with selling things on there, and even if you don't sell anything, it doesn't cost you any money to run ads.
  10. There was a small dent in one of the woofers and one of the pegs was broken on the cover. If all the speakers would've been in great shape, I would have kept all of it...but they were too banged up overall.
  11. I've had some RB-25s lying around that are barely used at all and practically mint condition that I have been wanting to get rid of. I was told to ask half of MSRP, and when I looked around at what people said they paid at audioreview, and there were a few at $600, which made me think the MSRP of $400 that was listed may be skewed. Someone offered me $160 for them today, but am I right to assume that I should be able to get at least $200 out of them?
  12. I checked MSRP on the receiver, it was $1400, so I figured I should go buy it all, 'cause the guy said that the speakers were in good shape, but there was a "little dent" on one of the RF-3 woofers, but it didn't affect the sound. Going by how badly dented my RB-5 II is, I figured I would still drive out to pick it up. The guy was moving out, so he didn't have a TV to hook it up to or anything, so all I did was listen to static from the AM tuner to make sure the speakers worked, since the test tone wasn't working. Got it home, and I noticed a bunch more shit that was wrong with them that I failed to see when I was giving them the once over at the guy's house, and the receiver emits a crackle to each of the speakers every five seconds or so, which is annoying as hell. Maybe if the speakers were in better shape, I'd keep it all, but I think today was just a giant waste of gas...
  13. I was on the St. Louis Craiglist today and saw this...don't know if anything's wrong with them, but they may be worth checking out. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/401625765.html
  14. I have a pair of near mint RB-25s (light cherry finish) that I'm looking to get rid of. The only thing that is wrong with them is a small dent on the top back of one of the speakers...but nothing major (see bottom two pictures below). The speakers are in spectacular condition other than that and I still have original packaging for them. I can send pictures if interested. I'm looking to get $250 or best offer for them. In the last two pictures, you can see the small dent above the Klipsch information sticker, which is the only damage to the speakers.
  15. Yeah, I know I need to cover it with something else, but for the next year, it will be nested between the wall and my bed, where I only see the top of it, and I really don't care if it looks amazing because the sound is what matters. When I move out, though, I'm gonna want to put a coat of something on it, because right now, although it isn't really rough, it's not super smooth...which means I need to sand it and put some more coats on...and maybe use something other than spray paint, haha.
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