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    Aragon Stage One pre/pro; Aragon 2007 SS amplifier; McIntosh MC 275 MK VI (2 channel amplifier); Maverick TubeMagic D2 DAC; Forte III (mains); Heresy III (2) (Center); RS-7 (Side Surround); Velodyne F-1500 (2); Sony 49X800D ; Sony BluRay 550; Jolida JD 100 (Level 1 CD player); Technics SL-1200 MKII
  1. You have one of the best speakers Klipsch makes, Klipschorn. You should find a serial # stamped in the wood on the back of the speaker. Post the serial numbers and others will help you to sell them.
  2. Forte IIIs have arrived

    Thanks for your kind comments guys. I had the pleasure of listening to Martin guitars on the system this afternoon and they sure sounded sweet.
  3. Forte IIIs have arrived

    Thanks so much. For TV viewing I'll be using the Aragon 2007; for music, the McIntosh 275 will be in use.
  4. Forte IIIs have arrived

    Received my cherry Forte IIIs Thursday and installed them in the home theater today. Highs are great and I am very impressed with the bass but I'm still supplementing with two subwoofers, so I'm now surrounded by wall to wall sound. If they improve with use, I'm going to be one happy camper. I'll try to include a photo.
  5. McIntosh MC275 VI

    Just received notice from McIntosh Labs that the MC275 received the 2017 Editor's Choice award for 2017. I certainly am enchanted with mine. http://www.mcintoshlabs.com/us/Brand/Pages/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsID=228&Block=1
  6. MC225 joins the family

    Ryan Kilpatrick at Audio Classics would agree with you. He told me that the 225 is a little "sweeter" than the MC30 when I thought about trading one of the 225s for two 30s. They all are great amps though! Frank
  7. MC225 joins the family

    You are going to love the new amp. After a few weeks , I think you will find it is just as good, or better, than the 225. I have had three three totally restored 225s and find that the 275 is more to my liking and it presents excellent soundstage and wonderful bass. There are comments about replacing the tubes in the amp and I did put in vintage BB 12AX7s and RCA 12AT7s and found that the stock tubes are just as good. Enjoy the amp. Frank
  8. PS3 connections

    Maybe this will help you: http://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/inputs/5-1-surround-audio-passthrough
  9. Center channel question

    The RP450-C.
  10. Center channel question

    Does anyone know if center channel speakers can be wall mounted?
  11. New Addition D Style Cornscala

    Geoff. Yes, I still have the Cornscala D's and still like them very much. I'm using a new McIntosh 275 with them now and the sound is much fuller with a great soundstage. I don't think you will be disappointed with the D but I don't know if the D will be better than the CF-3s. Haven't heard the 3s.
  12. CF 2

    Power handling is 200 wpc (800 peak) Frank
  13. Crites' Cornwall Type D vs Klipsch Cornwall

    I am now using the Cornscala D style. Before that I had the Cornwall III. I like the sound of both but prefer the larger horn in the D. The Crites woofer seems to have a little more punch also. Nothing against the Cornwall III, just needs a better horn since it is the same one used in the Heresy III which I also have.
  14. What is your favorite 2 channel Toy?

    I tried several devices over the years and liked most of the DBX equipment including the DBX 120. I also used a Yamaha DSP 1 and a Lexicon pre. Now, I am using an Aragon Stage One set on Stereo Direct and my little McIntosh 225 amp with Velodyne subs. Simple but most enjoyable pure sound.