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  1. You might also look at a rebuilt 225. Ryan Kilpatrick at Audio Classics told me that the 225 outperforms the MC30 when I was looking at the MC30. I see that Audio Classics doesn't have either the 225 or the 30. Both are available on ebay.
  2. Best bet is to contact Ryan Kilpatrick at Audio Classics in Vestal, NY. Any MC-30 you buy from them will have been thoroughly checked so you will be sure of getting good MC- 30s. Won't be inexpensive but will be guaranteed.
  3. Not quite! 30 miles would put the OP somewhere between Cortland and Syracuse, NY. Another hour or more to the border!
  4. I'm sorry but I do not. Thanks for the inquiry.
  5. This is the better album cover: https://www.discogs.com/Joey-Heatherton-Joey-Heatherton/release/2518215
  6. Are you getting the distortion in both speakers? If so, be assured of a good source by trying a couple of CDs that you know to be of good quality. I would be surprised that it is a crossover if distortion is in both speakers. If it is in one speaker, try what Schu suggested but disconnect one speaker at a time to isolate the sound.
  7. Check out "About Me" in my profile. Does this qualify me as Klipsch Lifer? Just added this to show a little humor!
  8. The KG4 and the Heresy were marked 4 ohm but will also work with 8 ohm. I ran my KG4 and Heresy 8 ohm.Try both and see which you like
  9. Hello, that amp dates from 1974. Do you know if it has been gone over by a tech? If not, you should use deoxit on all of the pots and twist them left and right several times. Take the cover off so you can get at the pots. If that doesn't correct it, you probably have one or more components going bad.
  10. If it is instrumental, I will listen to it. I enjoy classical a lot but also enjoy what used to be called "elevator music." Especially fond of piano from "ragtime" to classical compositions. Richard Clayderman is very relaxing for me because of the orchestral arrangements that support him.. Thx.
  11. Spent a lot of time over the weekend dialing in the new speakers that replaced the forte IIIs. There is a difference between the two that I didn't anticipate. I had to reduce the output of the subs to about half of what they were running at before. Same system so I don't understand the change. Biggest change is in the treble sound; the raspiness of the IIIs with the violin is gone and the sound is much cleaner. Subs are crossed over at 80Hz, allowing the IVs to produce all but the lower range and they do a great job. I listen to mostly instrumental music and the speakers do well with guitar and piano. Very well balanced and nice soundstage. So far I am pleased and find the investment to be worthwhile. Frank
  12. I think that you have a hopeless situation there with the specialized connectors that you have. I looked at the manual. What are you using to connect to the sub? Is it Yamaha also?
  13. Most subs have two inputs and two outputs. If it is a newer sub, it will have an LFE input which bypasses the crossover.That would be used for the main system, the other input/output could be used for the small amp. In my system I am using the LFE input for the home theater. The other input is used for my McIntosh integrated amp for two-channel listening and uses the crossover in the sub. If you have only one sub, since bass is nondirectional and in pre/pros the bass is summed, use of a Y connector is generally the method used.
  14. Without knowing the front end, line in to sub, line out to amp, sub doing the crossover.
  15. While waiting for the forte iv to arrive, I discovered how good the Heresy IIIs sound. The IIIs have been used for center channel duty for some time so it was good to let them open up and produce some full sound. They mate very well with my SVS SB-2000 subs. Very pleased!
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