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    Aragon Stage One pre/pro; Aragon 2007 SS amplifier; McIntosh MC 275 MK VI (2 channel amplifier); Maverick TubeMagic D2 DAC; Forte III (mains); Heresy III (2) (Center); RS-7 (Side Surround); Velodyne F-1500 (2); Sony 49X800D ; Sony BluRay 550; Jolida JD 100 (Level 1 CD player); Technics SL-1200 MKII
  1. jolida jd-1000 RC upgrades?

    Good to hear that it was something simple. Try to get it sorted before summer when you'll get busier.
  2. Congrats on the new McIntosh 275. It's a great amp. May I politely suggest that you look into placing better tubes in it. Took me a while to realize the potential of the amp with better tubes, especially the KT88s. Now running BB 12ax7s, RCA 12at7s and Winged "C" KT88s and it is a totally different amp.
  3. Agree with Dean. I've had the CF-2, Forte I, II, Heresy 1, 2, 3, Cornwall III. My favorite? Forte III. Great looking and excellent sounding speakers.
  4. KT-88 Russian SED - Svetlana quad

    PM sent. Thanks.
  5. jolida jd-1000 RC upgrades?

    Have you tried switching cables first and then tubes? Could be one of the two.
  6. The Most Popular Songs 1940-2016

    Here is a reference to that concert. Scroll down on the page until you find the poster advertising it. Notice the price of the tickets. Quite different from today. I didn't remember all those performers being there but I certainly remembered Buddy and watching the girls discover their sexuality as they stood right at the stage. Fun times!! http://www.hillmanweb.com/rock/rr01a.html
  7. The Most Popular Songs 1940-2016

    Got to see Buddy Holly in concert in Rochester, NY, January 1958. Great show and there was no cold or snow. Watched the little teenie boppers at the front of stage ...
  8. Donation sent this morning. Keep up the good work!
  9. Trimming speaker wire

    McIntosh recommends keeping the cable lengths equal. Here is the recommendation for cable size at 8 ohms: 25 feet = 14AWG, 50 feet=12AWG, 100 feet=10AWG. Don't think you will need 8 or 12AWG at 15 feet.
  10. You have one of the best speakers Klipsch makes, Klipschorn. You should find a serial # stamped in the wood on the back of the speaker. Post the serial numbers and others will help you to sell them.
  11. Forte IIIs have arrived

    Thanks for your kind comments guys. I had the pleasure of listening to Martin guitars on the system this afternoon and they sure sounded sweet.
  12. Forte IIIs have arrived

    Thanks so much. For TV viewing I'll be using the Aragon 2007; for music, the McIntosh 275 will be in use.
  13. Forte IIIs have arrived

    Received my cherry Forte IIIs Thursday and installed them in the home theater today. Highs are great and I am very impressed with the bass but I'm still supplementing with two subwoofers, so I'm now surrounded by wall to wall sound. If they improve with use, I'm going to be one happy camper. I'll try to include a photo.
  14. McIntosh MC275 VI

    Just received notice from McIntosh Labs that the MC275 received the 2017 Editor's Choice award for 2017. I certainly am enchanted with mine. http://www.mcintoshlabs.com/us/Brand/Pages/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsID=228&Block=1
  15. MC225 joins the family

    Ryan Kilpatrick at Audio Classics would agree with you. He told me that the 225 is a little "sweeter" than the MC30 when I thought about trading one of the 225s for two 30s. They all are great amps though! Frank