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  1. 11 hours ago, Taap bassi said:

    I believe I’m all good but I have a smart tv and do we just put the hdmi cable to the arc and we don’t have to hook up anything else

    Your receiver has four HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Use the inputs to connect your devices (DVD player? Cable box?, etc) Come HDMI out of your devices to the HDMI inputs on the receiver.  Run an HDMI cable from the output of the receiver to the HDMI input on the TV. Select the input on the TV that produces the picture. Another way to do this is to run the outputs of your devices to the HDMI inputs on the TV and then run a cable ARC to an input on the receiver. You may PM me and I will help you by telephone if you wish.

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  2. May I suggest a pair of Sonos speakers (for background music). I use a pair in the dining room and they produce some nice sound. For serious stereo listening, I suggest some high-quality, well reviewed headphones. Headphones today are excellent and they will give you bass feel that you are looking for without disturbing the rest of the family. Two ideas to consider and a good way to save lots of coin.

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  3. I would recommend the MA352 along with the Cambridge Audio DacMagic plus. Both have XLR connections. I use that combination and I'm very pleased with both. The Cambridge is listed as #1 among DACs under $500. Talk to Ryan at Audio Classics. He's great to work with and a fountain of knowledge. There is a close link to Audio Classics and McIntosh Labs, both  in central NY.

  4. 7 hours ago, Coytee said:

    I downloaded this program.....  does it actually do the ripping?  (I've not found out how yet....still looking though)

    No, it's actually real time copying but you can simply start the recording and let it run while you do other things. Once you have the sound copied and saved to the computer, you can use Wavepad Sound Editor to edit the audio as you wish by splitting the files. If you need some advice on how to do that, PM me. There are tutorials on how to use their software on the web. I don't know of any software that can "rip" (like a CD) just the sound on a DVD. There is software that can rip a DVD but they include the video also, which you don't want. 



  5. A very flexible program by NCH called "Wavepad Sound Editor." There is a free version that might fit your needs. It is capable doing any editing that you would need. Does your BR player have RCA out and does your computer have the standard mini input? If so, you could use the standard RCA>Mini cable. For your purposes of listening to music out in the field that connection should be fine.

  6. 6 hours ago, erekola said:

    My guess is that the sub out connection is feeding full signal to the sub so you can choose where you want to set the hz I don't own them but that is the standard without a pre/pro.



    And one more thing, whats the low pass fz for sub?


  7. It's a question of wanting to build and finish (especially important) cabinets or buy nicely finished cabinets that you can enjoy right away. I had Cornwall III for several years and enjoyed them but I didn't like the smaller Heresy horn so I went to the CornScala D and enjoyed the horn much more but they were a little too large for my room. I now have the Forte III with two SVS subs and they fit my room much better. I understand that the Cornwall IV has received good reviews but I haven't heard them. The new Forte may be an option to consider also. Hope this helps a little?

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  8. 17 hours ago, Frank1938 said:

    I also have Four SED KT88 Svetlana winged -c- original St. Petersburg that were used in the MC275 VI that I traded at Audio Classics. Condition is excellent. Bought from a member here on the forum. I paid $100 and will sell for that price.

    KT88 tubes are sold.

  9. Since I have found the tubes in my new McIntosh MA352 to be excellent, I find that I do not need the tubes that I used in my McIntosh 275 and I am offering them up for sale here first before listing them online; wishing to give members of the Forum the first opportunity. These tubes are all excellent and tested strong when I purchased them. I was told by the vendor from whom I purchased them that they will sell for $50-$60 each if I sell them:  Two Telefunken 12AX7 smooth plates, two Sylvania GB-5751 @$50 each.


    Finally, four RCA 12AT7 black plates that were purchased on the Forum $50 for all four.




    Edit: KT88 and Amperex Bugle Boys previously listed are sold. Items listed above are still available.




  10. SOLD For sale is my Parasound preamplifier with USB connection making possible connection to your computer. Thinking about digitizing your LP record collection? This device makes it simple. Simply connect your turntable to the MM/MC input of the preamp and the USB cable from the preamp to your computer. The preamp has a volume control to avoid over recording thus eliminating distortion. There are several software programs available to assist in the recording. That's all there is to it. It can also be used as a phono preamp by connecting it directly to your stereo. The preamp also has two more inputs for other components, such as a tape recorder, and a line out for connecting to your stereo system. Check it out on Parasound's home page. Complete with manual and box. $150 including shipping. SOLD

  11. Thought you might like to see this beautiful piece of equipment. Just couldn't resist it. Wonderful sound and great staging. I'm using it just for music and enjoying it very much.The photo is from the McIntosh website.



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  12. Thanks guys for your continuing interest. An update for the interested parties. I borrowed a DAC with a ground lift and that eliminated the hum when I switched to the ground lift . My electrician friend is coming to check the electrical tomorrow; I'll let you know the results.



  13. 44 minutes ago, babadono said:

    My next suggestion if you really want to fix this is to invest in some dummy plugs from Jensen Transformers. About $10. Once you have them follow the instructions included or from the document I linked to in a previous post. There is a cause for this problem and scientific methods will determine the cause and how to fix it. Not guesswork.

    It my turn out that you have Common Impedance Coupling when using the Maverick DAC to MacIntosh Integrated.

    O.K. I'll look into that. Thanks so much for all of your help. I truly appreciate it. So nice to have people like you on the forum.

  14. 11 hours ago, MechEngVic said:

    depending how the unit is wired, a failing tube might still affect the SS side. The fact that the hum started suddenly... That tube is the first thing I would check.

    Thanks for your continued interest. I understand that the DAC is a beast to open but it appears that I am going to have to make the attempt. It uses a GE Jan 5670W tube, which I don't have, so I'll have to look for one. My only question is why I can connect the Maverick to the Parasound preamp to listen with headphones and have no hum. I just now connected the iMac to the Maverick via USB and ran RCA cables, left and right, from both outputs (one at a time, just to be sure) of the Maverick to the Parasound preamp and listened with the headphones. Totally silent. 

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