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  1. I have used both and preferred the forte in my listening room. Many here consider the forte to be one of Klipsch's better speakers. See if you can listen to them in your home setting. They might need some upgrading to bring them back to spec. Frank
  2. I experimented with my RF-7s and saw no difference at all. According to my electronically educated friends, the concept makes little sense. Do a search on the forum since this has been discussed a lot already. Frank
  3. Absolutely! Based on Gary's (Gartenman) recommendation, I removed the EH tubes in my Jolida 502P and installed four GE 6550s and Mullard 12at7s and 12ax7s. The amp is still stock but sounds mighty good after the tube swap. Frank
  4. I have to agree with Gary. I just rolled a pair of Amperex Bugle Boy 12ax7s into my Jolida player (level 1) and it made a world of difference. I have tried Telefunken and Mullard 12ax7s but the Bugle Boys really make the cornwalls sing. Wonderful mids and highs and the bass improved so much I don't even think about using the subs. The player sounds great with the Scott. Frank
  5. The Jolida player has two sets of analog outputs. Is there any problem with connecting the player to two different preamps at the same time? The manual doesn't cover this topic clearly. Thanks. Frank
  6. It reminded me a lot of the Aztec, Mayan experience with the Spaniards. A lot of cliché moments in the film but with the Klipsch surround system still worth the price of the ticket. I enjoyed it.
  7. This is what Velodyne says about my F-1500's: "If your processor has a 'subwoofer out' jack on it, in most cases it is best not to use it for connecting your Velodyne. By do so, you will be combining the cross-over of he Velodyne with the cross-over of the processor. This can result in low gain and increased noise. Instead, we suggest that you connect your Velodyne between the main or front speaker outputs of your processor and the amplifier that will drive them. This will generally give you the best results." Frank
  8. Just now experimenting with tube amplifiers and have a question. Is there really any difference in tubes from different manufacturers, ie. Telefunken, Mullard, Genalex, etc.? My guess is that an EL34 tube must be manufactured to certain specifications to operate in an amp designed for that class of tube. Hoping some of you experienced tube afficionados will be able to explain why someone would pay large amounts of money for a certain tube. Thanks in advance to all who choose to respond. Frank
  9. A friend of mine has a Rodgers organ with four La Scala speakers and a Leslie. Puts out some really nice sound. Been trying to convince him that he doesn't need four La Scala []
  10. No, and it doesn't make any signifcant difference. If you have the cable, try it for yourself. Frank
  11. I am looking for someone willing to pick up a couple of electronic items (not speakers[H]) in Cleveland and mail them to me. I will reimburse for time and shipping costs. Please send personal e-mail. Thanks very much. Frank
  12. Whenever I want to make a cd or two of mixed songs, I rip the selected songs to wav files and burn the cd's. I converted many of my vinyl records to wav files using Cool Edit Pro many years ago. As you can imagine, I had several external hard drives storing the material.
  13. That is why many people find grammatical errors so irritating. The use of there i/o their, your i/o you're, etc. causes the reader to stop to analyze what really is being said. Editors exist for that very reason. Publishers don't want to annoy there readers. The use of "there" i/o "their" causes you to wander. Write? Right, "wonder." [] Don't feel badly. Other languages are even worse.
  14. Congratulations from a real newbie. As you are well aware I am still learning the rudiments of the forum and it is good to have people like you around to teach us. Keep up the good work.
  15. The Juicy Music Merlin sounds just like what I need. I'm looking for the tube sound with the Cornwalls and will be using the Stage One for gain so I only need something simple with great sound. Now to see if I can find something. Thanks a lot. Frank
  16. Thanks for the info on the preamp. I checked them out on the web and it looks interesting. My only concern is George's health problems. I wonder if the company will continue if he decides to get out of the business due to his health? Maybe it is so well built that I won't have to worry about any problems? Frank
  17. Good morning. I am looking for recommendations for a tube preamp to use in a two-channel configuration with my Cornwall IIIs. The preamp will be connected to my Aragon Stage One (stereo direct) and from there to the Aragon 2007 (SS). I would like to spend under $1,000, if possible. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks. Frank
  18. Mold can sometimes form on things wrapped in plastic. I used to wrap my outdoor lawn furniture in plastic and had to go to storing them in the garage because of a mold problem. Not saying this will happen to the speakers; just throwing it out for consideration. Frank
  19. LOL. Seems we have come full circle. Back to watching the reels go around and dumping the R2R to CD. [*-)] R2R machines are still fun but, when you do find some high quality tapes, do convert them to something that you will have as a backup. Enjoy the machine.Frank
  20. Dave, poorly stated on my part. I meant high res relative to the normal 128. Agree 100% on the 24/88.2 and certainly good enough for me not to have to wrestle with the tapes. Thanks for clarifying. Frank
  21. Jon, unless you already have a lot of r2r tapes, it becomes more the joy of watching the reels spin around as you enjoy your new toy. I used a DBX unit to copy all of my tapes to high res MP3s and got rid of the machines. Much easier ways to deal with good quality music nowadays. Frank
  22. I was too. I think I'm getting over my sickness FINALLY!!!! Passed up buying two pair of La Scala II and one pair of Heresy III's this month on ebay. Yeah!!! BTW, check out Amy's new avatar. Sultry []Frank
  23. Your 5730 doesn't have a phono preamp so you'll have to use a separate phono preamp if you want to use the turntable. They don't cost too much. Single wire is used to elimate hum if you get some.Frank
  24. From the BluRay player to the monitor, right? I would get a nice pre/pro and amp(s) to do the rest.
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