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  1. It's a yamaha htr-5940 . Nothing special. I purchased it well before I even thought about buying klipsch. It was powering my much much lower end speakers. It's amazing how well the klipsch speakers still sound even with this weaker receiver. This is going to be my next upgrade. Any suggestions? Im thinking of spending about 500-600 for it. Depending on the size of your room, check out the HK 254 or 354. Great sounding receiver
  2. Get the HK 254 and use it (pre out) in conjunction with the Pioneer (It does have 7.1 input, doesn't it?). That way you have full use of both. The BluRay can be connected to the HK. You'll love the HK for clarity of sound and HDMI capability. Inexpensive way out too. Frank
  3. If you want to get rid of the Onkyo, I would get the XPA-3 for the 3 front speakers and use the other Emotiva amp for the surrounds. My opinion, I would not run a separate cable to the HFE on the RF-7. You can easily blow the tweeters. My understanding is that the max is 100 watts and that is living dangerously. Keep the HFE and LFE terminals bridged together on the 7's. Just my opinion.
  4. Twist the two + together and the two - minus together at the amp and connect to the + and - of the banana plug. That's why most people question the procedure. Not really separate cables.
  5. I don't think that you are going to be able to eliminate that sound. You could write Steve Phillips at Support and ask his opinion. As I said earlier, one of my 2007's was louder when shutting down but both made that draining noise. Frank
  6. There has been a lot of discussion on the forum about bi-wiring. Some think it makes a difference, others don't. Most of my tech friends don't think it is worth the extra wiring. To bi-wire, remove the jumpers and run a seperate speaker wire (cable) to the HFE and another to the LFE on the 7's. Both wires will be placed on the same post on the amplifier or receiver. Try it and see if you notice any difference.
  7. Other Aragon owners may report in. Both of my Aragon 2007 amps made the same noise when shutting down, one louder than the other. I would eliminate the switch and power up and down as others have suggested. You should also protect the Stage One from power surges. Check the forums for different suggestions or contact Steve Phillips for a recommendation. Frank
  8. I had the SS-1's and sold them to buy the RS-7's. There is a world of difference. The RS-7 will do well with HT or music. As stated elsewhere, I have tried other Klipsch on the sides and prefer the 7's. It's worth the extra money.
  9. Same setup and I agree with Iaager. Much easier to deal with the Heresy III as a center channel as well. Almost the same components and the Heresy III produces excellent bass. Frank
  10. I agree with Eskimo1. Get the 254 ($389 and free shipping at Amazon.com). The processing is excellent and it will do all (and more) that you want to do. Add the Emotiva amps as you have the money. I am using the 254 pre/pro with an Aragon 2007 amp for BluRay discs and CD's. Couldn't be more pleased. Frank
  11. I don't find that with the Cornwall III's. They actually produce less bass in my setup than the forte II's did. I even set the x-over a little lower to give them a little more punch but, then, every setup is different. Dtel, what is your feeling about the bass? I think Iager found them less bassy also.
  12. dtel: I have to agree that the forté II is one great speaker and probably better in bass response but, for overall sound, the Cornwall III is even more amazing. I have the Cornwall III, Heresy III configuration and feel that it is finally the sound that I have been searching for for years. Even my wife, who is satisfied with a 4" speaker radio, has admitted that I have finally achieved my goal. According to her, it is "clear and wonderful to listen to." She even has sat down and listened to some music with me from time to time, a major accomplishment for Klipsch since she is more of a background listener.
  13. Keep the RS7's with the RC7. They are a perfect match. I had that setup for several years with my Aragon equipment. Excellent sound. Place the RS7's on the left and right walls slightly above the listening area. When you're ready for 7.1, put some other reference speakers in the rear and pointing down. I tried forté I's, II's, Kg-4's and Heresy II and III's on the sides and I still have my RS7's. Hope that helps.
  14. Replaced my RF-7's with Cornwall III's, Heresy II's with Heresy III's and my Sony receiver with an HK AVR 254. It was a good year []
  15. Save your $300 and go with the AVR254 - The only real difference is the Ipod dock and a very modest increase in power, and the ipod interface is pathetic. I've had both. Eskimo1, took your advice and bought the AVR254. Nice receiver. Very intuitive interface. Now, the only problem I see is that the receiver, in some audio formats, will not let me select logic 7.1. The receiver chooses the format selected on the BR player. If PCM is chosen, then logic 7 is availabe by default but if DTS or DD is selected, the option for 7.1 logic is not available. None of this is a problem since I really wanted the AVR254 for use as a preamp for listening to CD's in logic 7 and to pass the BR video to the monitor in HDMI. CD's sound great passing through the Aragon Stage One with the 7.1 logic processing. Their processing is interesting and there is discrete audio in all six speakers. Thanks for your advice.
  16. Rumor has it they have high prices and little or no follow-up service wise. Better places around if you look.
  17. I'm only interested in the preamp 7.1 output portion of the HK. I plan to use it for BR HD audio and pass it to the 7.1 inputs on the Stage One, then to the Aragon 2008. I don't expect much difference in video between the Toshiba and the Sony HD players. Most of the time I listen to music in two channel but sometimes I like to pass the audio to the surrounds too and I could use the HK for that, using the logic 7 of the HK. I haven't had time to compare the Sony 350 to the Toshiba HD-A2 for video but I still like the audio sound of the Toshiba for stereo CD's.
  18. Agreed, that's why I am interested in the HK AVR-354. It has proprietary 7.1 logic (movie and music settings) which expands 5.1 to 7.1. I assume that you will use the 550 mostly for BD with HD audio which is 7.1. You can use your other DVD player as you have for standard DVD's and still get the same processing as before.
  19. Should work fine. That's the reason Sony designed the 550 better than the 350. I know I won't give up my Aragon Stage One just to listen to HD audio. Just the ticket for those of us with older pre/pro's. Enjoy!!
  20. Well, did you get the Academy for a Christmas present?
  21. I picked up the 354 at BB on Sunday and hooked it up to my Aragon Stage One and 2008. It is going back tonight. Video switching is iffy and there is pumping of the audio. Volume goes up and down and I can't figure out why. Think I will just buy the Sony 7.1 analog out BluRay player and save some of my money. I wanted to use the 354 as a preamp for music surround because of the 7.1 Logic the receiver has. Too bad because it does have a nice sound.
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/Klipsch-Academy-Vintage-Center-Channel-Speaker-Oak-Oil_W0QQitemZ190272190688QQihZ009QQcategoryZ3276QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem 24 hrs remaining!!!
  23. Bill, Thanks very much. I found it on Amazon.com for $518 with free shipping, a really good price and HK approved dealer. Frank
  24. Thanks very much for the feedback. Grew up in Williamsport, PA and attended Lycoming College. Spent many hours in Montoursville.
  25. Hi and good morning. If anyone has any experience with the Harman Kardon AVR-354 receiver, I would love some feedback from you. I'm getting mixed reviews off of the web. Much appreciated. Frank
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