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  1. I just set up an AVR-354 the other day. It's a very, very nice reciever, and sounds excellent for home theater and music. I would imagine the reviews revolve around source switching or the like. The first one that the person bought that I was setting up would not properly switch video resolutions for HDMI. They exchanged it and the second one worked with no problems. As far as I know it isn't a wide spread "defect" or anything, but some features can be buggy.

    I would recommend it simply because of how nice it sounds, and hopefully you won't run into any issues.

    Thanks very much for the feedback. Grew up in Williamsport, PA and attended Lycoming College. Spent many hours in Montoursville.

  2. Why next to each other?-I wanted to split them on either side of my cabinet holding my TV---50"s apart

    I have my Heresy III's split left and right of 46" tv and hooked in parallel, + > + and - > -. As long as speakers are balanced, sound comes right out of center. Try it and see if you like the effect.

  3. I read it when it was still "live" and passed it up as BS.

    Did not smell right to me, now that I hear that it was soon deleted by it's author, I think that I might have made a misteak...

    I HATE when that happens!


    Always worth a reply. I wrote them 5 minutes after the post went up and got no reply either. If real, I would love to know how many e-mails flooded their in-basket [8-)].

  4. Run them in parallel, plus to plus, minus to minus, from one speaker to the other. You should be able to balance them to the other speakers by using the preamp. There is no need to split the output. I run two Heresy the same way and agree that two are nicer looking than one. Enjoy.


  5. Just installed the Heresy III's as the center channel in my HT. Played the Eagles Melbourne DVD to balance the system. You should hear the sax on the horns!! Wonderful. A lot more bass than on my Heresy II's. Great sounding speakers.

    Budman, thanks on the tip on the crossovers. I had them removed and shipped separately via FedEx. Everything arrived safely. Thanks again.


  6. BUT (BIG, scary BUT) a third needs to be replaced: One of the stock woofs has a cracked surround.

    JTNFoley: I have a pair of KG-4 that I might consider parting out. Also would be interested in the LaScalas if you decide to sell. Son lives in Cambridge and could get the parts that far for you, when he comes to visit.


  7. Just picked up at Sam's the DVD "Olivia Newton-John and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Live from the Sydney Opera House. If you're into ON-J you'll enjoy this DVD. Great DD 5.1 surround and top-notch video. All of her classic songs are included and her voice sounds great; more mature and, to me, more pleasing.

  8. I assume you are using a DVD player with 7.1 output? The Stage One has a DB-25 connector which converts it to an eight-channel preamplifier. You can purchase one from Onkyo for around $20 dollars. The input colors are as follows: Red (FR), White (FL), Purple (Sub), Gray (SR), Blue (SL), Tan (SBR), Brown (SBL), Green (Center). You will have to balance the surround with the DVD player. Contact me with questions.


  9. Some "roses" from my collection. Remember them all?

    Seal - Kiss from a Rose; Sting - Desert Rose; Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose; Alan Jackson - Like Red on a Rose; Bette Midler - La Vie en Rose; Johnny Cash - Give My Love to Rose; Webb Pierce - Violet and the Rose; David Bowie - Pretty Pink Rose; Luther Vandross - Buy Me a Rose

  10. Just watched a concert that I hadn't viewed in years and found it quite good in parts: An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wison. The arrangement to "Good Vibrations" makes the disc worth the price. Concert features Ricky Martin, Paul Simon, Vince Gill, Evan and Jaron, Elton John, Davis Crosby, Carly Simon and Billy Joel, among others. In DD/DTS and 1:78:1 Widescreen.

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