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  1. Thanks for responding. I tried everything, even putting in new cables. I bought them from Monoprice in October when I got the new McIntosh and they have worked fine. I don't understand why the issue just started either. I did install Sonos speakers in the dinning room but the issue is there even with them disconnected. I even tried moving the McIntosh to the same circuit as the iMac and DAC. No change. Maybe my electrician friend will find the answer after Christmas. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks to everyone who has offered advice. I have totally disconnected the iMac from the circuit but the hum is still there. With the DAC unplugged I still have a hum. I have reset the circuit breaker to the stereo system and the breaker to the iMac/Dac system. Connecting the McIntosh to the same circuit as the iMac and DAC didn't help. I'll keep investigating but I think a call to my electrician friend is upcoming. The RCA cables, when connected, seem to be causing the problem even separated from any electrical wiring as much as possible. Thanks again and best wishes for the holidays. Frank
  3. Hi Carl, thanks for your reply. I actually have two systems, one for TV and one for two channel listening. I use the Aragon Stage One pre/pro and the Aragon 2007 seven channel solid state amplifier for TV. There is no hum with this system. I use the iMac USB out to the USB input on the DAC, RCA cables from the DAC to the McIntosh integraded amp. If I pull the RCA cables from the DAC, the hum goes away. I tried different RCA cables and still had the hum so I know it is not the cables. It's strange that I have used this setup for months since October when I got the new McIntosh. No problem. So everything was compatible. My Forte IIIs are used for both systems with a switch. Since the McIntosh only has RCA inputs I need to convert digital to analog through the DAC to listen to Amazon HD music or iTunes. I just don't understand why everything worked before for months until this week.
  4. Looking for some expert advice. A hum just appeared in my audio system in the family room. Stereo system has a 20 amp dedicated line which connects my Aragon Stage One, Aragon 2007, Direct TV and McIntosh integrated amp. I disconnected the cable box because that is usually the culprit. No hum when running the Aragon components and the TV or CD Player. It appears I have isolated it to my music distribution from my iMac to my McIntosh MA-352. On a different electrical line I am running USB out of the iMac to USB in on my Maverick DAC, RCA out of DAC to the McIntosh line one input (20 ft run). which is connected to the 20amp circuit. Connection worked perfectly until three days ago when the hum appeared. Tried different RCA cables from DAC to McIntosh to no avail. Replaced the power strip which connects the iMac and the DAC. Still have a hum. I have disconnected every device individually in the family room including the iMac and the DAC. Still have hum. Unplugged every item added for Christmas. No change. If I switch inputs on the McIntosh 352 to CD (on the same 20 amp circuit as the McIntosh) input the hum disappears so it's not the new McIntosh. I would appreciate any opinion as to why this hum suddenly appeared. I'm baffled. Thanks in advance.
  5. 1. Quad of winged =c= Svetlana KT-88'S $150.00. These are the original tubes and highly sought, not reissues. 2. Parasound Zpre3 preamplifier with aux input and headphone input on front and home theater bypass, mono sub and fixed or variable outputs on the rear. Excellent condition. Have box and manual. 150.00 plus shipping. Paypal guest is o.k. I have decided to go with a different McIntosh amp.
  6. I wouldn't recommend bi-amping the cornscala. Bob's crossover is actually quite good and may be as good as an active crossover. If you choose to do it anyhow, you will need an active crossover as well as another amp. Any good SS amp will work well since it is only reproducing the bass. Just get one with sufficient power.
  7. The low-frequency effects (LFE) channel is the name of an audio track specifically intended for deep, low-pitched sounds ranging from 3-120 Hz. This track is normally sent to a speaker that is specially designed for low-pitched sounds called the subwoofer. While LFE channels originated in Dolby Stereo 70 mm film prints, they became commonplace in the 1990s and 2000s in home theater systems used to reproduce film soundtracks for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. From Wiki
  8. Hi, some speakers are sold individually and therefore may not have sequential numbering but they will be close. No problem that they are not sequential. Sequential numbering takes place more with heritage speakers since they try to bookend the veneer. Components in the non-heritage speakers are the same whether or not they have sequential numbers.
  9. Those new Cornwalls should work very well with the McIntosh 275. How are you enjoying the 275? It's a wonderful tube amp. Enjoy the new speakers. Very nice looking system.
  10. Just to clarify; if you are going to purchase separates, you need to eliminate the term "AVR" and think preamp/processor to amplifier. The preamp/processor will control the output to a basic 5 channel amplifier. All processing takes place in the pre/pro. Also, with a pre/pro you could have a modest amp to drive the center and two surrounds and a much more powerful amp to power the L/R speakers. All adjustments will be made within the pre/pro (surround, balance, stereo direct, etc.)
  11. Good to hear that it was something simple. Try to get it sorted before summer when you'll get busier.
  12. Congrats on the new McIntosh 275. It's a great amp. May I politely suggest that you look into placing better tubes in it. Took me a while to realize the potential of the amp with better tubes, especially the KT88s. Now running BB 12ax7s, RCA 12at7s and Winged "C" KT88s and it is a totally different amp.
  13. Agree with Dean. I've had the CF-2, Forte I, II, Heresy 1, 2, 3, Cornwall III. My favorite? Forte III. Great looking and excellent sounding speakers.
  14. Have you tried switching cables first and then tubes? Could be one of the two.
  15. Here is a reference to that concert. Scroll down on the page until you find the poster advertising it. Notice the price of the tickets. Quite different from today. I didn't remember all those performers being there but I certainly remembered Buddy and watching the girls discover their sexuality as they stood right at the stage. Fun times!! http://www.hillmanweb.com/rock/rr01a.html
  16. Got to see Buddy Holly in concert in Rochester, NY, January 1958. Great show and there was no cold or snow. Watched the little teenie boppers at the front of stage ...
  17. McIntosh recommends keeping the cable lengths equal. Here is the recommendation for cable size at 8 ohms: 25 feet = 14AWG, 50 feet=12AWG, 100 feet=10AWG. Don't think you will need 8 or 12AWG at 15 feet.
  18. You have one of the best speakers Klipsch makes, Klipschorn. You should find a serial # stamped in the wood on the back of the speaker. Post the serial numbers and others will help you to sell them.
  19. Thanks for your kind comments guys. I had the pleasure of listening to Martin guitars on the system this afternoon and they sure sounded sweet.
  20. Thanks so much. For TV viewing I'll be using the Aragon 2007; for music, the McIntosh 275 will be in use.
  21. Received my cherry Forte IIIs Thursday and installed them in the home theater today. Highs are great and I am very impressed with the bass but I'm still supplementing with two subwoofers, so I'm now surrounded by wall to wall sound. If they improve with use, I'm going to be one happy camper. I'll try to include a photo.
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