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  1. your files will be properly tagged against the MusicBrainz database. Album art would be embedded in the files and included within each directory. Thaddeus, how is MusicBrainz different from the database that iTunes uses? Thanks. Frank
  2. Here you go, Joe: Although iTunes has a feature for automatically fetching album artwork, there are likely going to be times that you’ll still want to add artwork manually to your tracks, especially for more obscure tracks that you’ve imported from your own collection. Unfortunately, with the redesign of iTunes 11, the long-established artwork pane in the bottom left corner disappeared, and with it one of the easier shortcuts for adding and removing album artwork. Fortunately, however, all is not lost, and you can still add artwork to multiple tracks through the track info dialog box. Simply select one or more tracks and choose Get Info from the iTunes File menu. If you’re working with a single track, you’ll need to switch to the “Artwork” tab, while with multiple tracks selected, an “Artwork” section will appear in the main Info tab. From here, you can drag and drop an image in from Finder or Windows Explorer, or paste an image in from the clipboard using CTRL+V (Windows) or CMD+V (Mac). As an added bonus, the clipboard options also work to copy artwork from other tracks; simply open the track info, highlight the artwork, and use CTRL+C/CMD+C to copy the selected image to the clipboard, after which you can easily paste it to one or more additional tracks using the method above. Find the album art you want using google, right click on the image and click on copy image, go to the album or song in iTunes for which you need album art, right click on the album title or song title and select "info", select "album art" and paste the image there. Frank
  3. Next was Itunes, issue here is apple always feels the need to change crap up Yep, biggest problem with iTunes and the only artwork you can add is if they actually sell the Lp. You can manually add art work by using google search and adding it in the "info" section of the album or song also they separate various artist lp into a different lp for each song Mark an album with various artists as a "compilation" and the songs will be kept together in the same album. I am using iTunes with a USB connection to a DAC and then on to my pre/pro and it works very well. Have over 22,000 songs on the hard drive but you can use an external drive as well. You just have to change the location of where iTunes looks for the files. Very easy to do. ITunes does an outstanding job in the sorting process; switching from artist, album or songs is instantaneous. Very smooth sorting process. I also have a Dell using WMP with an external hard drive and iTunes is many, many times faster.
  4. The HK 3770 might be more what he wants but it doesn't appear to have separate amplifiers like the the 3390. But the 3770 has a DAC. Same price, so he can make the decision as to which better suits his needs. A $99 Apple TV will allow him to stream whatever he wants and has a digital connection. Just some thoughts.
  5. Guess not. Sold for 200 and right in my backyard. Bummer.
  6. Try this one. $349 direct from HK and free shipping: http://www.harmankardon.com/estore/hk/us/products/HK-3390/HK%203390_HK_US Convince him that he should stay away from surround for music! Nice two channel receiver would be better. Frank
  7. Guys, thanks a lot for your input. I appreciate all the comments. I am using an iMac (USB 3) with a Maverick TubeMagic D2 connected to my pre/pro. I tried Toslink first, then contacted Maverick and he suggested using USB. Both methods sound good to me and I wanted to get other opinions. Thanks again, Frank
  8. I've read a lot of suggestions to use Toslink instead of USB out of the computer to a DAC. It is my understanding that USB should be used because Toslink passes through the computer sound card before going to the DAC, whereas USB bypasses the computer sound card. Am I wrong in my understanding? Thanks. Don, glad you got the problem solved. Frank
  9. Now, be nice to me. You'll probably want me to haul them to Niagara Falls for you. D
  10. Nice speakers. If Tom changes his mind, I'll take them. Located in Cortland. Thanks. Frank
  11. Looks to me like a Servo F-1500. The cost was around $1,800 new in 96. I'm still using two of them and they are working fine. Frank
  12. I am using the Faital HF140 driver (1.4 in.) and Faital LTH142 horn in a two-way, style D Cornscala designed by Bob. Very pleased with the configuration and the soundstage is excellent. They are driven by a McIntosh 225 and Stage One pre/pro. I haven't tried the Pro 200 driver but I'm certainly pleased with what Bob recommended. Frank
  13. Now, let's talk about something good at PSU. Penn State students hold a dance marathon every year to raise funds for the Four Diamond Fund, for cancer research in children. Last April they raised over $10 million for the Hershey Medical Center. How many people are aware of this? I looked for coverage on the sports channels, the news channels and local newspapers. I found nothing. Penn State was just ranked 34th in the world as an institution of higher learning, yet I saw nothing mentioned about this in the midst of the scandal. Maybe it is time to elimate the program and concentrate on what they do well: teaching and research. Said and done,
  14. Both are great sounding speakers in their own way. The soundstage of the "D" is much wider and the bass is a little tighter. The sensitivity also seems a little higher. I really like the larger horn and can see why the cornscala has become so popular among Klipsch fans. They certainly fill the room with sound but they are more revealing on poorer quality recordings. Choosing between the two-way and three way is difficult but I tend to like the sound of the two-way more.
  15. I just completed the finish of a style D Cornscala that Bob Crites designed for me. The top contains the Faital Pro LTH142 Tractix Horn with the Faital Pro HF 140 Driver. The bass cabinet contains the CW1526CF woofer. He designed the crossover network to cross at 700 hz. They are great sounding speakers mated with the McIntosh 225. Bench test of the 225 shows output at 32 wpc. I think it is an excellent two-channel system. Thanks, Bob, for all of your suggestions and help. Picture is attached. I hope? Frank
  16. Why not contact Philips directly and see what they suggest since you will need the codes for the Stage One? Frank
  17. Unless you have a sub, I would keep them on the floor. Raising them will cause a loss of bass.
  18. Dave, figure $400-500 each to have them restored (at $1,600, I doubt that they are), tubes may need to be upgraded; throw in a preamp to run them and you are easily above $3000. Are you prepared for that kind of investment? Bi-amping will require at least one more amp (stereo) plus an active crossover. You're now over $4,000. I would suggest a nice two-channel SS amp or receiver as a starting point. We all had to start with a modest system and upgrade as we were able. Just trying to help. Frank
  19. Happy birthday, Bob and thanks for all of your help through the years.
  20. I would suggest the Heresy III and a nice small sub. They come up for sale here on the forums from time to time. Frank
  21. David Feinstein, of The Rods, and cousin to Ronnie Dio, still uses all Marshall equipment. That stuff could tear out your eardrums easily. Speaking of Ronnie, a crew from Hollywood was in town recently to interview two long-time friends of Dio. Took place at the Feinsten's Hollywood Restaurant. They are planning a documentary about Ronnie. You may be able to see The Rods' studio since they did some filming there as well. I'll let you know when it is released.
  22. Mark, I agree. One reads a lot about the benefit of an active crossover but the main question is whether one can hear the difference between the active and the passive crossover. To do that you need a better-than-average crossover. That was the reason for suggesting the Marchand XM9 as a middle-of-the-road crossover. I'm not sure that I would even try to bi-amp the center channel but if I were to, I would try a Rane AC22S ,or to tri-amp, an AC23. They allow separate gain control for LF/mids/highs and they can be easily bought and returned if one isn't satisfied with the sound. I used an AC-22 years ago with LWE speakers and thought it did a decent job with the equipment I had at the time (Kenwood 200wpc receiver on the woofer and Dyna ST-70 on the mid/highs). I still have it but don't want to ever alter the sound of the McIntosh 225 that I had rebuilt.
  23. The simplest way is to use an Apple TV wireless. Since you are just starting to rip your CDs to the computer, using i-tunes will allow you to rip in a lossless format. Be sure to have a good soundcard installed in your computer. There are many ways (some costly) to stream but this will be more than adequate. Go to the Apple website and check out all that you can do with the Apple TV. Just one suggestion for you. I'm sure others will chime in. Frank
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