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  1. An active setup that sounds better than what you probably have now is not going to be the cheapest thing you bought this month.

    Mark, I agree. One reads a lot about the benefit of an active crossover but the main question is whether one can hear the difference between the active and the passive crossover. To do that you need a better-than-average crossover. That was the reason for suggesting the Marchand XM9 as a middle-of-the-road crossover. I'm not sure that I would even try to bi-amp the center channel but if I were to, I would try a Rane AC22S ,or to tri-amp, an AC23. They allow separate gain control for LF/mids/highs and they can be easily bought and returned if one isn't satisfied with the sound. I used an AC-22 years ago with LWE speakers and thought it did a decent job with the equipment I had at the time (Kenwood 200wpc receiver on the woofer and Dyna ST-70 on the mid/highs). I still have it but don't want to ever alter the sound of the McIntosh 225 that I had rebuilt.

  2. The simplest way is to use an Apple TV wireless. Since you are just starting to rip your CDs to the computer, using i-tunes will allow you to rip in a lossless format. Be sure to have a good soundcard installed in your computer. There are many ways (some costly) to stream but this will be more than adequate. Go to the Apple website and check out all that you can do with the Apple TV. Just one suggestion for you. I'm sure others will chime in.


  3. Good deal. Hope you reach your goal. I'm not sure if you are aware of Thon at Penn State. It has been going on for some time. This year they raised over 10 million dollars for the Children's Cancer Center (Four Diamonds Fund) at Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. Last year they were just short of 10 million. All done by the students. It's wonderful to see the fund raisers taking place to fight children's cancer.


  4. Thanks very much for your kind input and I certainly will try your suggestion of rolling a Telefunken back into the amp. I have them in my other two 225s and they certainly work fine. This is my main 2-channel amp and I may have gotten used to listening to it while the tube was slowly weakening.


  5. I had a Telefunken 12ax7 go bad in my 225 amp and searched for a good replacement. I certainly found one!

    Amperex Bugle Boy 12AX7 ECC83 D Getter with Metal Strip.

    Not cheap, but definitely worth the cost. Mids and highs are outstanding. Anyone else with experience with this tube?


  6. HDMI also carries the audio. If one has a receiver/prepro with HDMI in, that is the easiest connection. It goes from BR to receiver to tv. If not, then it's HDMI or component to tv and digital or analog to the receiver or prepro. HDMI also carries HD audio. More confused now? [:^)]Hope this helps.


  7. I find myself in the same situation. Time Warner only provides 720p so I use their dvr. Works fine. I went with a Sony BR player for DVDs and an Apple TV for Netflix. The Apple TV also allows wireless connection to the computer for photos and music (Pandora for example). Only $99 and you get a remote. If you have 5.1 inputs on your receiver, get the Sony with 5.1 out so you can get HD audio

  8. The 1200 has been used by DJs for years and is highly regarded by them. You will notice some rumble but it is not a bad DD table. It also depends on the vinyl. Some are inherently more noisy but, If you want to escape that rumble, you'll have to go with a much higher priced table. I use mine to copy LPs to a lossless format with a DBX 3BX and it works very well. For general listening, it's a good turntable. Just be aware that it is not an automatic TT.

  9. Like most of us, I started out with the recommended 80hz setting with my Cornwalls; then went to 60 for awhile. Now I am at 40 and find I like it best. My technician friend told me that at the beginning and I should have listened. Tried 7.2 and didn't see much benefit in that. Sold a pair of my Heresy IIIs and went 5.1. I now only listen to 2 channel for music and am most pleased with the system. Experiment and see which you like best but I do recommend the large setting. Perfect for my room!!

  10. I have the Emotiva XDA-1 connected to my Aragon 2007 that I use when I want to listen to SS and give the tubes a rest. For the price, it does a nice job and it eliminates the need for a preamp. Try one and see if you like it. You have 30 days to decide.

    Dtel, most DACs require a preamp as well. That's why I bought the XDA-1; it serves as a converter and a preamp. Goes digital out from your player to the XDA-1, then to the amp. But, aren't you using a receiver?


  11. Those are my old CF-2's, which I bought new in '96 I believe (my first pair of Klipsch speakers). If I recall I paid $1400 for them.

    I bought my CF-2s for $1,200 in 96. They sounded great when paired with the Velodyne subs. They replaced my KG-4s and I kept them until I bought RF-7s which were later replaced by Cornwall IIIs. The Cornwalls are the best, followed by the RF-7. All three are great speakers and are the reason why I have been a Klipsch fan for years.


  12. Oh well, for what is worth, ANYTHING sounds good on this pre, even my iPod. The processors in this make CDs (running digitally through fibre connection) sound more natural than even my Sony MD MDS-JB930's Burr Brown converters (I think.)

    Find a nice McIntosh tube amp to run with the Stage One. They mate very well together. Enjoy the Stage One. It's an excellent pre/pro but be sure to protect it from sudden power drops, especially during thunder storms.


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