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  1. The Klipsch Store on E-Bay had a mismatched pair sell for $2,600 last year. Someone on the Forum sold a pair in cherry for $2,600. Audio Classics has a pair in black for $2,900. But AC always tries to get top dollar. I would say at least $2,500. Wish that you were closer. Frank
  2. I believe that it will be some time before they fill all of the pre-orders on the unit. Been following some of the gain problems with the XDA-1 on the Emotiva forum. It seems that, if you are running the unit into a preamp or an AVR there is no problem. A lot of guys bought the unit to run directly into an amp and they are having problems with the gain being too loud. Apparently they have found a work-around so it can be used either way but the buyer will have to choose one way or the other. I ordered one to use with my Aragon 2007 and Jolida CD player and I'm undecided now whether I should purchase it.Frank
  3. "I'm not sure that it is. If you look at the Christmas cards in the store referring to Christ, you will find most of them will contain the word "Christmas." Happy Holidays is a different issue. Frank
  4. The Greek symbol for Christ was the X and XP and is indeed a legitmate writing of the word. Abbreviations were quite common in Greek and Roman literature, a tradition that carried over into the Western world. Christ would have been written as Xpisto(s) in later Latin (Constantine) and the Romance languages. One also sees Xristos. Frank
  5. In addition, I would like to extend holiday greetings to all of the folks at Klipsch. A special thanks to Amy and Steve for their help this year. They never fail to respond to any question. Without the Klipsch people I would not have the Cornwall IIIs to enjoy every day of the year, especially at Christmas time when I get to listen to the uplifting music the horns reproduce. Can't think of anything better than sitting in the apex, glass of wine in hand, listening to "Winter" from The Four Seasons. Christmas music, my favorite time of the year. Seasons Greetings to all on the forum as well. Frank
  6. Check these out. I've used one for over two years at the office. Still playing well. http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=27833 Frank
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/Pioneer-RT-707-Reel-Reel-Tape-/180595713414?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item2a0c57e586 Price is about right for a display model. [] Here's one checked out and ready to use. Not a bad price and has all the knobs and buttons you requested. Excellent feedback rating also. http://cgi.ebay.com/Pioneer-RT-707-Reel-Reel-Tape-Recorder-w-NEW-REELS-/320627985639?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item4aa6eacce7 Frank
  8. Wouldn't the price range of $500-750 pretty much rule out the machines you have? I was just trying to stay within his price range. Thanks.Frank
  9. The entire "Celebration" 2 disc set contains a lot of bass. Great album to listen to. Frank
  10. Ye, but they just look real cool. CB That's the nostalgia part I mentioned. Takes us back to our youth when we all wanted R2R machines. I had several machines over the years and they were fun to use. The Pioneer 707 is one I had and parts are still available for it. Also had a Roberts that did a nice job. Our studio had a Tascam and used a DBX unit with it to eliminate hiss. Still have a DAT and prefer it for sound quality over the R2R. Frank
  11. CB, put the money toward the McIntosh 225 that you want to buy. R2R is older technology and not like going back to tubes from SS. There are inherent problems such as hiss and maintenance. I converted all of my R2R tapes to digital years ago using a DBX unit to eliminate the hiss. Nostalgia is the only reason for going that direction. Frank
  12. The I Pod uses MP4 files rather than MP3 but both are 256 kbps whether purchased from Apple or Napster and Rhapsody. Both have their afficionados. My son prefers the I Pod and I use Napster with Creative Zen for the gym. Frank
  13. Another way to do it is to bypass the crossover in the preamp and use the crossover in your subs. That way you avoid having two filters in the line. IOW, run the signal full frequency (left and right channel)s to the subs and from there to the main speakers. That is Velodyne's preferred method. I'm assuming your subs will allow that. Frank
  14. Hi Jeff, it depends on intended use. For an MP3 player and headphones, a USB table will be adequate. Most of us have found that we end up wanting to make CDs and listen to them on our systems and don't use the MP3 format. Most of the MP3 TTs have inexpensive cartridges and will produce some rumble. There are programs out there to reduce the rumble w/o altering the sound too much. Just don't expect a lot of great sound. Hope this helps. Frank
  15. Dave, what do you know about the Korg MR-2? Any better than the MR-1? Thanks. Frank
  16. Nice looking amp and easy to work on. You may want to have the 299c checked. My 299B and my 299D never had a hum. Frank
  17. It's not necessary at all. Here's my 25wpc 5.1 home theater. The Aragon 2007 (200wpc) amp is sitting idle at the moment. LOL. Frank
  18. HudsonValleyNoah recommended Simichrome Polish available from Amazon.com. A 1.76 oz tube will be more than enough. I used it and it worked well. Be careful with the lettering. Frank
  19. The center output of the Scott is a hot pass-through. My 299D was the same, louder than the mains, so you'll need some type of volume control to tame it a little.Frank
  20. I have used Dyna, Scott and McIntosh, all in the 20-30 wpc range and all matched well to the Cornwall IIIs. Right now I am using a McIntosh 225 (25 wpc) and I love the match with the Corns. Frank
  21. So the long-awaited moment finally arrived. Congratulations to both and much happiness.
  22. dtel, since your BD player has 7.1 outputs and your receiver has 6.1 inputs, I would use the processor in the player and bypass the processor in the receiver. The player will be able to process the latest codexes and send them to the receiver. Check your BD manual for the proper settings. If you have problems, send me an e-mail with your phone # and I'll call you to explain the connections.Frank
  23. dtel, you will want to use the side surround outputs of the player and ignore the rear surround outputs. If your amp/receiver is 7.1, you could connect the center forté to one of the rear surround outputs. If your amp/receiver is 5.1, I would go with 5.1.Frank
  24. detel, there are not many true 7.1 soundtracks on movies. I had 7.1 for awhile but sold a pair of Heresy IIIs and went to 5.1. Didn't notice any difference by dropping down. You could keep your 6.1 configuration since you have the equipment. Frank
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