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  1. detel, there are not many true 7.1 soundtracks on movies. I had 7.1 for awhile but sold a pair of Heresy IIIs and went to 5.1. Didn't notice any difference by dropping down. You could keep your 6.1 configuration since you have the equipment. Frank
  2. Aaah, DTEL, want to edit your response?[] Edit: That's better. []
  3. Have a happy Klipsch day. Temps to reach 95 here today. Not bad for upstate NY. Frank
  4. Well, slowpoke, I was thinking the same thing about CapZark I used to think slower was better. Think "Sixty Minute Man." Now it takes 60 minutes to "Gitty Up Go" [:'(]
  5. If Dollar Bill sees that rig, he is going to be after me again to go get the bass bins he wanted badly []
  6. You didn't give us much to work with. If the sound is coming out of both speakers, I would look first at the Carver equipment and everything connected to it. Disconnect everything going into your preamp first. If you still have the static, disconnect the preamp. If still there, off to the shop. If it is just one speaker, switch connections to see if it goes to the other speaker. Frank Edit: Wow, you guys type faster than I do.[]
  7. If you live close by and want to listen to some tube amps, let me know. I'm around most of the time.
  8. O.K. but don't let that amp be a guide for choosing tube over solid state. A "good" tube amp will be much more impressive.
  9. It's a mono amp. For what do you intend to use it? Frank
  10. Each speaker has corner mouldings that wrap around the corners with a roundover routed on the corner and painted gold. Amps in each speaker are 100w SS. There is also a Leslie attached but I couldn't get a clear photo of it. So, it appears that your speakers are different in design as far as the front grill is concerned. Hope this helps. Frank
  11. Rodgers organ with La Scala speakers (full grill)
  12. You are going to love the tube sound, especially with those speakers. Tube rolling is a minor expense for you now. [] Lots of guys on here with experience with tube rolling.
  13. I think you have already reached it Don. When you get it all dialed in, you can coast down hill and just enjoy the music. Frank
  14. If you just want to stream audio and are not concerned about a remote, check out one of these gizmos. They come up on e-Bay once in a while and work very well. I create playlists using napster and send the audio to my two-channel system. Also works with Pandora as well as Windows Media Player. I have several transmitters and receivers for backups since they aren't made anymore. You can listen to music and still use the computer w/o any problem. Can't beat the price. http://cgi.ebay.com/RCA-Lyra-Wireless-Transmitter-/120606431731?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 Frank
  15. Sure, a friend of mine has a Rodgers w/4 La Scala speakers in his great room. I'll try to get photos this week. Update: I haven't forgotten about taking some pictures. I'm headed over there Sunday and will post photos Sunday evening or Monday. Frank
  16. Got bored this afternoon and wired the Scott 299D with my subs. Used the center line out on the Scott and went into a passive preamp (PVC) so I could balance the sub gain with my HT system. The subs fill in the bottom a little better than just using the woofer on the Cornwalls. As for the upper ranges, the Scott is not quite up to the McIntosh 225 but it isn't far behind. Either amp with the Velodynes is a wonderful match. Isn't it great to have such wonderful toys? LOL. Frank
  17. Sure, a friend of mine has a Rodgers w/4 La Scala speakers in his great room. I'll try to get photos this week.
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