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  1. So true. I have been using Velodyne subs for over 20 years with all kinds of Klipsch speakers, even with the Corwall IIIs that are capable of putting out some good bass on their own. Crossover is set at 40 and works seamlessly.Frank
  2. \Norton is probably the worst software you can put on your computer. It conflicts with many other programs. Try AVG. It's free. Computer Associates also has a suite available. Frank
  3. I have seen lots of Rodgers organs with 2 pair of La Scala speakers with full grill. Most were painted white but some came, IIRC, in wood grain. Usually had AA crossovers and seperate amplifiers in the cabinets. Can you see where the amps may have been removed? Frank
  4. Be sure to run Malwarebytes several times. The virus has an exe that can hang around and come back later so do a complete scan. Frank
  5. I use craiglook.com. Works well for me with items listed by date of posting but I am usually looking for a specific item.
  6. They are smarter than we; they get out of here in the winter. Only one in the NE is the Ruby Throated. Very pretty and fun to watch.
  7. I'm guessing that tech ran component cables (3, RGB) to the t.v. along with r/l audio cable all in one cable. Does you t.v. have hdmi? If so, there is different way to run the cables. Let us know.Frank
  8. If you follow Colin's advice, here is just the amp for you. Read the comments from others. Frank http://community.klipsch.com/forums/t/136550.aspx
  9. Stick with the epic series. They come up for sale often and will be a great match for the 3s. Here's a pair of 2s at a good price, even with shipping. Keep checking Craiglook.com and search for Klipsch Epic or Klipsch CF1 or CF2. http://fortmyers.craigslist.org/col/ele/1811030748.html Frank
  10. Thanks. I'm having fun with them. As to the heat build up, not at all. It's surprising how cool the amps are. Much more than the Jolida or Scott. They were designed to be run with a cage over the tubes and that may be the reason.
  11. Here's a photo of my "new" amps that are currently running my mini home theater. Coupled with the Velodyne subs, they produce some really nice sound. Nice highs coming out of the Telefunken 12ax7s and 12au7s. The Aragon 2007 is sitting on the sidelines for the time being. Frank
  12. Este archivo es del año 2002 y el vendedor no es miembro de Klipsch Forum ahora. Suerte con encontrar lo que busca. Tal vez lo pueda encontrar en e-Bay. Paco
  13. For best results, make a tapering jig or buy one of these. http://www.rockler.com/findit.cfm?page=2076 Frank
  14. Thanks Randall, I appreciate your input. Frank
  15. I have used Telefunken, Mullard, Amperex 12ax7 and Sylvania 5751 in mine. My favorite is the Amperex Bugle Boy. Rolling tubes is not cheap [] Frank
  16. LOL. I think I read someplace that salt and chrome don't mix. No suggestions, gentlemen?
  17. My closest friend gave me a 225 yesterday. Today I put in two missing 7591s and replaced one bad 12ax7. Sprayed Deoxit in all of the tube sockets and brought it up on a variac. After a long hiatus w/o making music, it certainly is now. Beautiful sounding amp. Before I damage the chrome by doing something stupid, could someone tell me what to use to clean it. There is some pitting but I'm not complaining. Hey, it was free! Any help certainly appreciated. Thanks. Frank
  18. Listen to both and choose the forté that pleases you most. I like the sound of both but prefer the IIs over the Is. Some like the forté I better. See what your preference is.
  19. The company recommends crossing over at 80hz. The bass below 80 is sent to the subs along with the LFE. Set the sub to the highest crossover frequency if you don't have a bypass switch on the subs.
  20. Here's a good discussion on LFE and SUB for receivers: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=748147
  21. Keep in mind also that there is a difference between a receiver and a seperate pre/pro. Sub manufacturers recommend bypassing the crossover in the pre/pro and using only the crossover in the sub. Cables should run from the pre/pro to the sub, then to the main amp. Crossover setting will depend on the speakers being used and the amount of bass they are capable of reproducing.
  22. Check out Neato.com. They have everything you'll need including software. Images can be inserted into different templates.
  23. That would work as well and it is what willand suggested but you said you wanted an HDMI run from the box to the tv. As he stated, cable is only providing 720p or 1080i so component is certainly adequate. Your choice []. Frank
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