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  1. That would work as well and it is what willand suggested but you said you wanted an HDMI run from the box to the tv. As he stated, cable is only providing 720p or 1080i so component is certainly adequate. Your choice []. Frank
  2. Since you are not in any hurry, I would wait for something better. They looked well-used. Keep checking Craigslist. Forté speakers show up quite often. Frank
  3. The only thing better is HD audio which is contained on some BluRay discs (Still limited in number).
  4. 1. If your cable box has an HDMI output, connect an HDMI cable to the cable box and run it to an HDMI input on the tv. That will give you video and audio through the tv speakers. 2. To get sound to the receiver, run an optical cable from the cable box to the receiver. If you don't have an optical output, you will have to use analog cables, but you should have optical out. That will give you sound to the receiver. You already have video through your HDMI connection from the cable box to the tv.
  5. I use a Jolida CD player on my 299D. Sounds really good [].
  6. No, the cable box changes the station, passes the video thru the receiver and into an HDMI input on the tv. But, by sending the HDMI directly to the tv, it will allow you to use the audio speakers in the tv. HDMI goes to the tv, optical cable to the receiver, from the cable box. That allows you to use either the tv speakers or the receiver independently, which is what you want. I'm not sure why after buying the new equipment? Maybe to make it easier for someone else to use the tv? When you get a bluray player you definitely want to use the receiver. Let me know how you make out.Frank
  7. I think you mean optical out from the tv to optical in on the receiver. The sound is passed through the hdmi cable into the tv and back out through the optical cable to the receiver. Here's an easy way. Run an HDMI cable from the cable box to the tv. Then run an optical cable from the cable box to the receiver. The HDMI cable will give you audio for the tv and the optical cable will give you audio for the receiver. Frank
  8. I just finished installing a 55" t.v. for a friend of mine and ran into the same problem. I used 2x4s across a 20" span and then screwed lag bolts into the 2x4s. His mount was quite heavy, not to mention the t.v. Took 3 people to lift the t.v. and mount up onto the bracket. How heavy is your t.v. and mount? Lag bolts w/washers would hold the plywood fine. Put some blocks behind the plywood so you have enough room to get nuts and washers behind the plywood and bolt it on or get some locking nuts that you will place on the back of the plywood. The bolts will draw the nuts into the plywood. Hope this helps.
  9. Check your manual to see if the UMC-1 allows full range + LFE. From what I can read on-line, it seems to make you choose a crossover point based on 10hz increments. I believe that your sub has a bypass switch. Check it to see and, if it does, you can use the crossover in the UMC-1. This is what Emotiva says about having two crossovers in the circuit: If you are using a preamplifier/processor that employs its own low pass controls, disengage the Low Pass Filter on the subwoofer by setting the switch to ‘BYPASS’, allowing the preamplifier/processor to control the Low Pass crossover point. NOTE: Using more than one Low Pass Filter at a time is not recommended as it can cause inaccurate phase response or unpredictable phase shifting in the pass band.
  10. When I had my 7s I set the sub crossover around 60hz in the pre/pro. Although 80hz is recommended, I liked it better around 60 (a friend of mine has Velodyne 18" subs with Mcintosh speakers and he crosses over at 40hz using his Acurus pre/pro, individual preference, main speakers, sub size and power can make a difference.) With the Cornwalls I have now, I turned off the sub in the pre/pro and I'm feeding the full range to the sub and crossing over there at 60hz. That eliminated one crossover from the system, which I think sounds better (the question then becomes which has the better crossover?). Many will disagree with me but that is my preference. Nice clean bass with no thumping taking place. I listen to a lot of organ music and the frequency can go quite low sometimes. It is just a matter of experimentation. To answer your question, any frequency below the range of the 7's is lost and I'll bet it is higher than the rated 32hz. A good sub fills that void.
  11. I don't believe a receiver with its own crossover is part of the question here. The question here is to use a "y" splitter or to pass through the sub first. Probably, with the La Scala, it doesn't matter, especially with a 10" sub, but running through the sub crossover allows much more flexibility in the adjustment of the signal and could cut down on distortion in the Scala woofer. On the other hand, some people like distortion. Personal preference. Frank
  12. Gary, I would run cables from the preamp to the sub and then to the amps (I am guessing the sub has left and right inputs and outputs.) Use the crossover on the sub and adjust to your liking. This is what Velodyne recommends. I have used the sub both ways and prefer Velodyne's recommendation. Frank
  13. Ronnie grew up in Cortland, NY and one member of the original band still lives here. He was a close friend of David Feinstein one of the members of "The Rods" and they often played together when Ronnie was in town. Dave is still recording and performing and owns a restaurant here in town. Ronnie was a great talent and he will be missed. Frank
  14. Greg, I have been active for over thirty years with the Museum Society that maintains a Wurlitzer 3 manual 11 rank theatre pipe organ, opus 1143 that was originally in the RKO Keith's theater in Syracuse. When the theater was torn down, the organ was moved to the New York state fairgrounds. Concerts are held 7 times throughout the year. It is a real pleasure to listen to the organ, especially since it is well maintained and all original. I have tapes from lots of concerts, if you would like to listen to it. Frank
  15. So sorry to hear that Doug. I am 2 hours east if I can help out in any way. Frank
  16. Greg, you may want to read this: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Dubious-Tactics-Packaged-into-Free-Nero-9-Lite-126360.shtml Frank
  17. Just an afterthought: are you sure you chose WAV (lossless format)? Your comment "set to highest quality" leads me to think you used mp3 format. Check to make sure you have chosen the WAV setting under the Rip button. Frank
  18. Greg, WMP doesn't allow direct copy. What you did is the only way you can do it using WMP. You need software that will allow direct copy. I use Nero simply because it came with the computer but there are lots of good programs available at a good price.Frank
  19. Contrats on the purchase of the Cornwall IIIs. I love mine! May I suggest a Scott integrated tube amp? I am using a 299D and the combination is great. I also have a tube CD player which adds even more to the sound pleasure. With the right tubes, you will be very pleased.As for bi-wiring, it has been much discussed and the opinion is that it makes little or no difference. I run mine normally but have to confess I tried them bi-wired and noted no difference. If you want to try it, run two pair of cables from each amp tap and connect one pair to the LF and the other to the HF. Enjoy the Cornwalls. They are wonderful. Frank
  20. I love the Bugle Boys in the Jolida. I was running 5751s and the Bugle Boys seemed to open both the top and bottom ranges. You're going to get spoiled. Don't you just love trying to open the Jolida case? I finally gave up and left the screws out.
  21. The receiver has 7.1 analog out so it should work well. I would see how it sounds with the internal amps. You may not need the Emotiva. Frank
  22. If the sound seems to travel down the side walls and the bass is off, it is probably phasing. Try switching the wires as suggested. Phasing is usually very noticeable, just as you describe it. Double check your wiring just to be sure. The fact that two 252 amps exhibited the same result could indicate something peculiar about that amp.
  23. Gary, it's a mighty fine amp. Running Telefunken 12ax7s as you suggested. I put in a Kimber Kable interconnect between the Jolida 100 and the Scott and it made a little difference. But, installing the Amperex Bugle Boys really made a difference. The amp is not one bit tiring and I find it difficult to turn it off. Once it has been on for about an hour, it really opens up. No need to adjust the bass or treble. CDs that I have heard hundreds of times are totally different and wonderful sounding. It reminds me of the sound I had years ago with tube amps but lost along the way with SS equipment. I have had lots of Klipsch speakers but the combination of the Jolida 100 player, the 299 (Craig worked wonders when he went over this amp) and the cornwalls is perfect for me. Thanks for asking and thanks for all of your help. Frank
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