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  1. Sorry, the other Forte II is in use with bucking magents and all above my tv as a center channel/
  2. The title says it all. I have a single Klipsch Forte II in oiled walnut for sale. I have the box as well. I am currently have 3 Fortes in my HT set up. So, there is no need for the fourth. I am looking for around $300 plus shipping. Please e-mail if you have an intrest.
  3. Thanks for the help. It looks like I might go ahead with the purchase of the 46" Mits. I will be mounting the Forte II which already has bucking magnets and shields. Onto the wall behind the television..
  4. Is a projection tv more or less likely to be affected by magnetism? I have a Klipsch Forte II as a center channel and it does not affect my 27" Mits tube tv. If I get a 46" Mits HDTV may I have problems?
  5. Bev, You got mail !! I still have it and still don't mind in sharing the great sound of three Forte's !!
  6. Yeap, Three Forte's just like me. Honestly, if you love the way your Forte's sound now, IMO it's the only route to go for 5.1 !!
  7. If, you ever find the space for another Forte II for a center let me know. I have one that I am willing to part with. I am currently running three Forte II's in my 5.1 set up. BTW having a Forte as a center channel simply sounds awesome. It was the most amazing upgrade I have ever done. You can get solid sound from the center channel. It is also nice to set up the center channel as "large". I love it !
  8. JHAWK92 The bad news is my Adcom amp has been out being serviced and I have not gotten a good listen to the Forte on it's side. I did speak with Trey at Klipsch who said that the sound stage should be fine thou. The Adcom should be here Friday, so Monday I hope to post an update..
  9. I am currently using a Forte II as a center channel for my other two Forte II's. I had an RC-3 center channel and did not like it. I came to realize the only way that I would be happy is to use another Forte II. The good news for you is that I had to remove the base of the Forte II to use as a center channel. So if you want the base let me know. I also have an extra Forte II if you want to use as a center channel if you ever want to go that route.
  10. I got Klipsch RS-3 and RC-3 plus speaker cable from Uncle Stereo with full recipt all from just one phone call. Delivery only took three days
  11. I also love the Forte II's. Currently I am using them in my HT set up. Left, Right and Center are all Forte's !! RS-3 are the rear surronds. They are the best sounding speaker that I have ever heard. Also, I currently have a extra single Forte II, so if someone has an intrest for a center channel, let me know. I was able to use bucking magnets and some additional metal shields to shield my TV. It is a very large center channel but with the bottom taken off, it fits perfectly in my stereo cabniet.
  12. I would love them too. I have heard Mackie's and they sound awesome. Less space is alway better. Please let us know !! Or even if the amps were desgined for specific Klipsch speakers, that would be great. I have Forte II's so get working !!!
  13. Klifton, Thanks for the help. I feel like I am on a search that will never end for a sub. I guess I just need to take one home and see how it sounds in my home. I have three Forte II's for my front channels in my HT set up. So, I get a fair amount of bass.
  14. Klifton, Thanks for the help. I feel like I am on a search that will never end for a sub. I guess I just need to take one home and see how it sounds in my home. I have three Forte II's for my front channels in my HT set up. So, I get a fair amount of bass.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Kepard: I realize this solution won't bring the house down (along with the china, and any small animals in the way), however it is a very clean, high quality, CHEAP alternative. =) That is the 10" Titanic Subwoofer Kit available from partsexpress.com... The model # is 300-739. It runs about $350, includes everything you need for a powered subwoofer, it was designed by Vance Dickason, and trust me, in home, will put out, hard-core... Its sound quality is also unbeatable in this (or most) price ranges... Ed Schilling first told me about this sub- and he was right... It's an incredible piece of work! So, you have this sub and it works great? I am in the market for a sub as well. So for the dollar that sub really rocks ? Has anyone else tried it ?
  16. Or you could buy a Forte !! They work great as a center channel. I actually am running three Forte II's, so I have an extra Forte in mint condition in the attic. Make me an offer for the Forte if you want.
  17. Ok, so I bought the bucking magnets. But the mid-range still changes the color of my TV. What other type of shielding can I try?
  18. It is PWK himself, supposedly !! He signed my speakers too !!!
  19. S2000


    I am upgrading to a Forte II so that all three of my front speakers are the Forte II's. I have heard that up to 90% of dolby digital audio heard is from the center channel. The RC-3 is great, but IMO it does not match "perfectly" to my Forte II's. Yes, I am a little crazy
  20. S2000


    I am upgrading to a Forte II center channel So, I am selling my RC-3 only used for 3 months. Make me an offer jasonsmith@chubb.com
  21. Thanks, Phil. I spoke with Trey and I ordered the bucking magnets. I tired the speaker above the TV and it changed colors on me. I also am going to get some un-tempred sheet metal to form a shield with as well.
  22. Has anyone ever installed these on any of there Klipsch speakers? What type of sucess have you had. I am looking to do this for one of my Forte II's which is going to be my new center channel.
  23. As anyone ever installed them on any of there Klipsch products? I am looking to do this for my Forte II which will become my center channel !!
  24. quote: Originally posted by Mystery Guest: Ours is upside down and it sounds GREAT! what are you using as your main speakers ?
  25. What is the best way to mount a Hersey as a center channel? Upside down? On it's side? I am going to use it for my center for my Forte II's
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