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  1. Here is some Earl Footage. I stayed less than 75 yards from where this was shot http://hamptonroads.com/2010/09/raw-videos-hurricane-earl-sweeps-through-nags-head-buxton?cid=rltd
  2. I didn't know they still made that I thought it had been pulled off the market a while back.
  3. Well the beer fairy came to my house this evening. The local liquor store had a sale to reduce beer inventory and I picked up some Becks Light, Hogshead Ale mixed case for $5, a case of St. Paulie for $5, and a case of Fosters for $5. So for $15 I ended up with 3 cases of beer. It's all in the fridge chillin.
  4. I know the pain of losing a dear friend all too well. Lost my Yorkie named Peanut on December 1 but found another precious soul in the form of a Pembroke Corgi named Blaze and I wasn't looking for a new family member. Anyway I am glad you found a new love and I am sure you will be happy for years to come.
  5. Well I got the Weber yesterday the 22 inch model as well as chimney starter, cover and hickory charcoal. It took me maybe 30 minutes to put it together. It took me a little longer to get it up to temp than I thought. I fixed grilled corn on cob and burger with onions, bacon and cheddar cheese mixed into them. It was a pleasure to grill on charcoal for 4. The coals are almost cool now so I will empty the grill and cover it up for tonight.
  6. Well I may hold out for the Weber and a pair of Belles
  7. Thanks for all your help! I really mean it. I posted this question on a couple of BBQ and Grilling forums and on one I got very few responses and on another one the thread got all blown out of proportion and by the time it was all said and done I need a $2000 smoker/grill to grill burgers, hot dogs and cook everything else. They didn't pay attention to the fact that I have 2 smokers. You all are the best so THANKS!
  8. Come on you should know by now, there are no dumb questions. And to answer your question, no. Buy it, put it together, add charcoal, rub a little oil on the grates also depends on what you are cooking, then enjoy... James Well I had to ask :-) i remember having to season a grill a long time ago and I know I had to season my smokers. I looked at a Weber Silver today and I may get that one. $20 for replacement gates vs the $85 for the gas grill parts sounds better.
  9. Ok dumb question on the Webers. Does it need to be preseasoned?
  10. Yep that is a big Kettle grill. Too rich for my blood though. The 21st of this month I have to take the dog to have her fixed so I may go to Sans Club and check out the big one they haave there. I have 2 smokers all ready so I think I will just stick with those. One smoker is a larger propane model and I have an insulated electric one for the winter months. Are there any drawbacks to the Weber Silver models?
  11. Ok last weekend I started out cleaning the gas grill I had and let's just say I ended up dumping $85 worth of replacement parts into it. I started to replace it with a Charcoal grill but talked myself out of the $400 I liked that was grill plus a cover etc. I'm still looking because I love to mix wood in with the charcoal. Wal Mart has a Kingford model that about $165 but I'm not sure if I need 2 full sized grills. I was thinking about maybe a something like a Weber 22 inch grill. Anyone have any suggestions? It would be mostly used for burgers, dogs, steaks, and the beer can chicken and grilled pizza.
  12. I love the vintage gear. I frequent another site and a lot of people there have vintage gear. There is something special about the glow of the lights and swinging needles. I remember an older quadraphonic outfit my dad had that had 2 sliders for front and rear speakers as well as left and right. Not to mention the tunner was in a valley and mountain formation. I would love to have it again. Keep up the good work restoring the vintage gear!
  13. If I might suggest a website that is know as www.audiokarma.org (I think). They have several sections and there is a sticky about cleaning equipment withDeOxit something I need to do to an older amp. The sound keeps cutting in and out on the channels. Anyway maybe someone over there can help. They are pretty friendly over there.
  14. Dude no offense but I'm American got that measurement in feet? I ay just bite the bullett and decide to get them and if the wife protests too much I may just have to turn them way up! Oh I read your all's experience in Germany and the great time you all had. Sounds like you all had a blast.
  15. Great job you should be proud!
  16. Not sure where to post this so I am trying here. My father has a Technics Quartz SL-Q300 turntable and it is in need of a cartridge. I am assuming that if you buy the cartridge the needle comes with it? He has asked me to help him get a cartridge for this. I have no idea where to get one could someone here point me in the right direction? Thanks
  17. Thanks James this gives me something to think about. The 83's are way out of my budget so I am looking at the 82"s. Glad you have them and like them. How do they do musically? I know dumb question.
  18. Rhanks for the input. I jumped the gun on this idea of new front speakers. There isn't enough room for floorstanders My room is not deep enough because they would be right up against the back wall and that's not good for a floorstanding speaker. If I did move one past the door frame the speaker would come out into the hallway too far.
  19. Actually I was wondering if an upgrade in speakers from RB 61's to RF 82's would be worth the $1600 cost. Even if I kept the distance between the front speakers the same as they currently are.
  20. I own the place. I was thinking of going under the floor and drilling a couple of holes but I really hate that ideaof drilling through hard wood flooring. Going through the wall could be a pain in the @$$ because of the doorway and how the doorway is studded up. What products are out there?
  21. That is a possibility not exactly sure how to hide the wires.
  22. How much space is needed between the front two channels? I am wanting to upgrade my front left and right speakers to frontstanding speakers (Pipedream). Right now if I use the stand there will be 5 leet between the left and right speakers.. If I could figure out how to cover the wire in front of a door I could increas the distance between the speakers to about 12 feet. I sit about 12 feet back from the screen and front speakers. I am looking at the RF 82's and an RC 62 vs my current RB 61's.
  23. Well ticketliquidators.com has some venues and prices listed. In DC the cheap seats are $118 each. I did see some seats that were $600. Some prices are listed for Columbus and they start out at $118 but those aren't on sale yet until 5/10 I think. Almost the same prices in Pennsylvania. Actually here is the link http://www.ticketliquidator.com/resultsgeneral.aspx?kwds=roger+waters&sb=1
  24. Trying to talk the wife into the Columbus tour date since it's only 4 hours away. Can't wait to see the ticket prices though and that could spell doom for me. I guess I could always listen to the cd at home and save a bunch of money but that's not fun.
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