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  1. Best beer in the world....OPB Other Peoples Beer Hey it saves me money for Bud Light, Yuenling etc.
  2. Fingers crossed for you. Eyes also but man is it hard to type.
  3. At birth 1968 ... "People Got to Be Free" by The Rascals Conception I have no idea I was too young to remember. Not to mention I was either 2 and half or 3 months early so nobody really knows.
  4. EM3

    SVS Reviews

    Thanks for the link! I may have enough room to do the cylinder style 25-31PC I think. I may be able to either stick it in a corner without moving much or beside an end table. I am going to measure once more. The freight charge is no biggie it's either pay that or buy gas and meal to get to CC for a Velo. So it all evens out. Thanks for the input.
  5. EM3

    SVS Reviews

    Been on AVS for a while. That place is a trip. Most people there buy stuff and nitpick it to death. Just thought I might an opinion or two before I purchase later this summer. So far I have 1 "yours". Thanks
  6. Well I don't own Klipsch yet but I have to say price, corners and WAF. At least for me.
  7. I have heard this arguement several times. Now I am not trying to sound mean or anything but can this be proven? I have never seen anyone offer proof of this. I thought sound was subjective. Wouldn't the sound field have a more narrow vertical spread? Please educate me.
  8. Ok you caught me it is a Smokey Mtn Smoker that uses propane.. It can be found here http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=3342508 I love it because you get the flavor of wood and the ease of propane. I usually use a dry rub and either mesquite or Jack Daniels wood and about half way through the smoking process I use either apple juice or a mix of mostly apple juice and Jack Daniels for a spray.
  9. That's cool. We are close to the same age I'm 38 and your son's birthday is 2 days after mine Mine is the 29th. Cool tastes in music and movies. Man what I wouldn't give to hear Zepplin on a set of good speakers. I may have to marry you! Just don't tell my wife. BTW you have a fine looking son.
  10. Man that sounds good! Too bad I am stuck at work. I have a smoker and for Mothers day I fixed 3 or 4 racks of ribs all dry rub, 2 briskets and a beer can chicken. I wouldn't give up my smoker.
  11. EM3

    SVS Reviews

    Ok I am looking at the PB10-NSD does anyone have this one? It fits my space (I think)? I will measure for a 5th time. My room is 13ft by 19ft and 8ft ceilings. I listen to about 60 percent movies and 40 percent music. I was looking at an HSU but I haven't made my mind up. If I get the HSU I will have to move some equipment. Here is a page for the SVS Sub http://www.svsound.com/products-sub-box-10nsd.cfm
  12. The RC 52 is too big for the speaker opening I have. That leaves me 2 options either the RC 10 or the RB 61. Which route would you go? That's why I was leaning toward the 5th RB 61.
  13. Well I will double check but I do think I have enough room for the 61 as a center. Thanks!
  14. Ok I have the upgrade itch. I have never heard Klipsch speakers but they seem to get a lot of respect on forums. I want to listen to the RB 61's but I can not find a dealer in my area (Zip Code 25601). Anyway the nearest dealer is about an hour and a half away but doesn't have the RB or RF in his store. Opps here are my questions/ 1) Would it be a good idea to use the RB 61's as surrounds and center channel? That means I would have to place the RB 61 on it's side as a center channel. Would this mess up the sound by placing it on it's side? On another forum they said it would. 2) Would these be overkill as surround sound speakers? If these were used as Surround speakers would they sound more "detailed"?
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