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  1. Excellent seller, thank you sir!
  2. I sold them as I bought them, stock. The Crites AA's are now instslled in my new Khorns, replacing the AK-2's which were in there. I'm a happy man!
  3. Never give up the hunt and they will come your way! I've been wanting Klipschorns for years and finally got so lucky!
  4. For sale in New Orleans: A pair of Klipsch La Scalas. I bought these last year from a forum member on the Gulf Coast. No labels. Probably were raw birch, someone refinished them at some point and they look quite pleasing. Photos attached. I have the AL networks they came with but I also purchased Bob Crites AA networks and installed them. $1,500 with Crites AA networks, $1,200 stock.
  5. Hello all, My friend is shipping me a powered sub (12" woofer; 80 lbs boxed) from Michigan to Louisiana. Sub will be double boxed in original packaging. Was given advice that UPS freight is the only safe bet. I called UPS for a quote and wow that's pricey. Is this the best/only way to go? Thanks, Seth
  6. My plan is to try a different repair shop locally and see if I can get it fully operational again. It sounds great when it's working correctly. I may send it to Craig in the future for a full restoration. It seems better to hold on to it than sell it when it's down and out!
  7. Thanks for all the input, those who chimed in. It helped me think more about what I want to do with this piece.
  8. Edited with pic of right side and tube compliment. I hope that helps.
  9. Tubes: Ei 12AX7E (2), Electro-harmonix 12AX7EH (2), RCA 6GH8A (1), GE EL188-5 (1), Sylvania 7189 (3), GE 7189 (1), GE JT 188-5 (1)
  10. Thank you for your response. There are no parts missing from the face plate. Hard to see maybe, but there are brown caps in each of the metal knobs. The problem has been intermittent signal from the left channel and noise from the phono stage. Craig gave me an estimate of $475 maximum for a full restoration, not including shipping or any tubes. Considering the tubes were recently tested I doubt new tubes would be needed.
  11. Let's talk: I've owned this Scott 222C for a few years, purchased from a forum member. I started having some performance issues with it this past year and took it to a local audio shop for repairs. After two lengthy repair attempts, the last including replacement of one of the tubes, the problems persist. I had a nice conversation with Craig NOSvalves yesterday about what he can do to restore it, but I have another receiver I am happy with and don't really have the budget now for a restoration. I am interested in selling but not quite sure what to ask since this is a project. Interested in hearing offers from potential buyers and certainly advice too. Thanks!
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