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  1. Alea's surgery to remove her colon went very well. At the age of 22. About 6 months after giving birth to beautiful baby boy, our 1st grandson, Yosef. Ulcerative Colitis brought on and exacerbated by a series of very bad medical decisions and indecision. ;;;;&;&&&!:::::::::!&:::::'vvv,,,,,,zvccvzv,gccgcccc,,zvv,vv,zv,zvccccvvvzvzvzvzzvvv''vvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvv vvvvvvb b vv. gxzfzffgczhxgggc Sorry for the slow response ...lost internet connection last week and did not get internet available again until last night
  2. Agreed. Underrated songwriter and composer too IMVHO
  3. Sell your stuff Keep the dog Move to an island a popular t shirt phrase in Key West ... attributable to Howard Livingston? Or maybe Glenn Himmaugh? Or Forest Gump? or unknown ?
  4. Mods were the gang like group in England portrayed in Quadrophenia. Pete Townsend might have considered himself a mod? I forget and I've read his autobiography 2 or 3 times. Pete said it was ok!
  5. Yes. The federal guberment thinks not, however, most real Texans IMVMHO think they are still The Republic of Texas.... Don'y mess with Texas.
  6. I may be wrong, but I think assaulting a mailbox is a federal offense. In any case, any lawsuit should be considered frivolous and dropped. In Indiana I think such an assault on one's property is criminal mischievous ... Another thing to consider. Without good sturdy mailbox, the vehicularassault weapon may end up in one' home....
  7. Nutz. I've apparently broken that unknown rule on occasion.
  8. RIP Rob (Old Buckshter) Boxx and other Forum family. . Your memory lingers on. Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  9. This is all about fun isn't it. And well getting the music to sound better. I can enjoy music on a small Admiral off white AM radio I had years ago. Was our Horny Corner Loaded Puny Acoustical Reproduction Apparatus when I roomed with a still good friend a few weekends for Indiana State 4-H Band. He was amazing. I could mostly hold my own. But compared to Tom? psssst. Yeah I can enjoy music on that. But for a few hundred dollars one can get sound that well, sounds like music. MUSIC=LIFE So more colors than green? So what happens if stripe like a Rainbow? It would look kind of cool if it made a cheap CD player go up in smoke.... maybe the benefits of all colors?
  10. No idea. I'll try to check it out. The PS Audios are ?, $2,500 and $5,000 the lower one only pure 60 hz. The more expensive more power output and exaggerated sine wave, more in the $5000 unit. Well the SurgeX has more current capability and built in UPS. A lot higher capacity too. Seems to be a much better value. And if something like the PS does a better job would I be able to hear a difference? Maybe I suppose in the roided up 60 hz size wave. Probably not with my old ears. So a bit less expensive at TEquipment than Full Cmopass. I've purchased a couple of things from Full Compass. Just up the road in Fort Wayne. Arrived the next day or day after. Bought an Tascam 24/96 digital audio recorder from Sweetwater (musicians and pro audio nirvana) also in Ft Wayne and it arrived the next day. Thanks for the info. I'm an IT guy with over 25 years experience (ibm z/os mainframe - real computers - not server toys lol) and well I wanted to upgrade UPS and better power is well always a good idea. Without much research, I would think the SurgeX keep a nice constant 120 volt or a tighter range than 127 I get now. my 0.2 dB YMMV the rack mount option is what I'd go for.... a local radio station where a very good friend has worked upgraded their broadcast system ... not really. Does not work together. New system ... 1944 era audio board and smelly stinky EMF generator. AC that does not work. No emergency lights when power goes out... uh, shouldn't a radio station have a UPS? Newish owners must be CLUELESS. She's fed up and may be going to internet radio soon using crowd funding. And maybe with another friend. And I'm going to be their tech guy. Something like the SurgeX would be one of the first things to guy. She also has CD collection from Indy station that gave it to her as part of her severance a few years ago. Only problem, she's been forced to disability to get her medical conditions taken care of (totally BS workmans comp and more) so can't earn crap. OY! the 1000 VA seems a bit small.... the 2000 VA may be enough for what I have now at home and more but the 3000 VA would be the way to go. Now to conjure up some $
  11. I try to. And surprisingly they seem to work pretty well. So green marker for CDs. Or is it more like green paint. If nothing else it can't hurt anything and might be a good way especially with used CDs I buy to identify those I"ve polished and/or cleaned up. And if you can hear a difference. Maybe I can too. If ti improves error correction or get less data loss it would be real easy to hear. Probably more subtle than that? My wife and our youngest daughter have serious hearing issues but work around it. Especially Alea. I can hear female voices at least crazy good, and the water percolating in our back yard after a heavy rain at least in the area of our septic's finger system. My mom lost the hearing in one of her ears at about 51 so I'm been paranoid but so far so good. Over the years your posts seem to be sensible and believable. I think STEREOPHILE made fun of the green markers? In any case they are back to publishing pretty serious measurements. my 0.2 dB YMMV
  12. But one can put in better electrical wiring. I think dedicated circuit(s) are recommended with hospital / medical grade outlets, or audiophile grade if you've got the budget.
  13. Are they the same thing? My UPS units are just inexpensive APC so I'm sure they aren't that sophisticated. Anyway the one big enough for our stereo is full of dust and overheats and may need a new battery so may be time to buy a new one. 1250 VA bought at Sam's a few years back. And currently, a 90's Technics receiver is used inside and Proton D1200 outside..... I think I need to switch that back or get my Carver A-705X back in service but some mice got in it or under and/or over it. Cleaned out everything. Need to swap sides on the (double pole?) power switch as the side in use is worn out. Our AC is normally about 127 volts (Furman PL Plus DMC with voltmeter and ammeter). It's power cable is attached so that's would be the limit. I currently use an older Furman model PL Plus for extra outlets primarily and to use as power switch when the Carver was in use with flaky switch. So maybe I should wait for trial sale from MLO for trying better power cables? . But given the above I'd think any power cable improvement over the Furman's would be lost? And I probably need green paint as opposed to maker ink for the CD edges? Willing to try. But got to get system back to it's best configuration. my 0.2 dB YMMV and Indiana's electric I've been told by the contractors Duke energy hires to put the control boxes on our AC is some of the dirtiest in the country but in North Carolina they said it does kind of look like a 60hz sine wave. Guess I need to get down to the electronics surplus and buy an oscilloscope and learn how to use it.
  14. Well a lot of people diss the green marker pen. There is some sense to it as green would probably neutralize stray reflections. I have other things to worry about before that will help. Like getting some low level hum out of my system. What's a good brand of green marker. I steam my used LPs and does seem to clean them up and haven't noticed much in the way of warp except possible edge warp on a very thin Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits album. Might have been there to begin with. Might have added it. Look clean. Still doesn't dig out stuff like the wood glue does but I've yet to get things organized enough to do that. I really hope I can't hear a difference between decent thick copper speaker wires and expensive speaker wires. My budget says it's thick enough, it's not green, you're good to go. I do have a couple of copies of the Dire Straits CD that to me sounds good. So now I'll have to try the green marker. I'm happy I have decent CD and DVD players. Cheap one's sound fine to me.... except of course all the mechanical noise. Especially when they shut off listening to late ... waking me up. And gasp. I even listen to mp3. Most at Creative Lab's 60% or 100% compression. I can tell a difference I think. But a better headphone amp is a bigger difference to my ears - especially when out on our crazy LOUD Cub Cadet 2185 lawn tractor. > 100 db with the mower running by stock RS meter and phone's I've used. Closer to 110. That's with a new muffler but I do need to reattach the side panels. Should silence things by a few dB but need to replace the battery that's about shot so have to jump start. And as far as power cables... the Pangea cables look to be at least much better constructed than standard. p.s. all my comments just my 0.2 dB opinions YMMV I'm happy I can hear a difference between my Heresy 1 Extremes (GMLA rebuilt) and Tannoy SRM 12Bs.
  15. Good answer. Did all the links that reference page get updated accordingly? I suspect so.
  16. That would be fun...... but too much to do up here in Kokotucky. Saturday the 6th of August we've got Robby Krieger of the Doors with opening acts Shaggy Wonda and The Easthills. Free in Kokomo's Foster Park at Weber Fest (In honer of Ted Weber's musical instrument speaker company Weber VST. I thin tedweber.com will get you there) So much wanted to go to the shindig in Hope in April. Just couldn't do it. Closer now but still can't do it. Not this week anyway. Christy's and my good friend Jill wanted to go to that also but couldn't make it wither.
  17. I'd have to agree with that.... but the PS Audio power regenerators make sense to me. Protection for the system and a clean 60 HZ sine wave, or an exaggerated sine wave to better handle transient peak requirements of the music if my limited reading in STEREOPHILE (OK, they did promote green magic markers to make CDs sound better.... amongst other nonsense). lol
  18. But.... the custom plinth at first glance just isn't as stunningly beautiful as yours. Maybe it is and with my dark glasses, dirty computer screen at bad angle and well felt like crap all day. lol.
  19. New Forum Software. Luther adds another turntable to his museum of beautiful and exotic turntables. Not sure I've seen this one before. Details please. And are you building an even cooler plinth for it?
  20. Thanks for the heads up and good luck. Upgrades are always a lot of fun.... especially at end of life cycle with major changes involved. Been through many of those on the IBM z/OS mainframe computin' machines. You know. The Big Iron. PSA ... for all you pasty musty types who haven't seen sun light since the last Forum maintenance, be sure to put on plenty of sunscreen. I'll recommend the Nutrogena Wet Skin. It stays on in water, sweat, humidity for up to 80 or 90 minutes. I think it even claims can spray on sweaty clammy body and it will stay on but recommend spraying on and letting dry for 1/2 hour or so before going in your pool or the surf. Pool, you know, that cement or vinyl lined steel pond out back with the crystal clear water. Or if you've let it turn into a pond, consider throwing in a few fish and practice your fishing skilz.
  21. Great story ... Surprised nobody suggested a false corner. Must investigate this Weirdo Records
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