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  1. Get a pair of any one of the Heresy incarnations. If you don't like(you will), they can be easily resold. Not lack of bass, lack of low bass. Bill
  2. @Tucahay, Welcome to the forum. How do they sound with the Kenwoods? My buddy once had a vintage Kenwood integrated amp(45w/ch) driving his Chorus 1s and the combo was wonderful. Probably pretty darn well. I never owned the A7070 but did have a 90's A-9711(80w/ch) integrated amp driving my Heresy 1s, Heresy 2s, and Quartets and all combos sounded great. Bill
  3. Keep in mind that it is a vinyl "walnut" veneer but a well done job. Bill
  4. @Inkman82, Welcome to the forum. Definitely sounds like the R-51Ms are defective or maybe connected wrong. Can you show a photo of how they are connected? Bill
  5. Yes I do understand but what if it turns out that the wife likes the looks of the Klipsch better? Very subjective matter. Bill
  6. Not sure what you mean. Every speaker I own has passed the WAF. She likes the warmth of real wood so never been an issue. Bill
  7. I could not agree more. Big regrets selling both my R-117 and R-115. Bill
  8. @MarkS3, Welcome to the forum. Of what you have listed, I would go with the RP-6000Fs all day long. They are fine well balanced speakers that can hold their own in stereo, with or without a subwoofer. I can't completely decide that for you but from how you describe your room, I say no not too deep. Bill
  9. @PhxKlipsch, Welcome to the forum. Wow, something seems wrong. I personally feel that mid bass is what Heresys(I, II, III, IV) does best. No not deep bass but very punchy and clean mid bass. My first thought also. Bill
  10. Thanks for the "encouragement". I'll check with owner to see if he had any issues. Bill
  11. @Barb, Welcome to the forum. Condition and location will factor in so I will suggest a "researched" range. Forte II------$600.00 to $1000.00 +/- KG-1.2------$125.00 to $200.00 +/- RC-35-------$100.00 to $175.00 +/- Bill
  12. Yes it is. I thought about buying it myself but figured if what I have ain’t broke why make a change. Bill
  13. Nice piece. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  14. Very nice. I was just looking at used prices about an hour ago in case I was to liquidate my black 105. Looks like your price is spot on and in my opinion, worth every penny. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  15. @Gannet, Welcome to the forum. Looks to be a nice plan you have there. Don't be surprised if this Denon handles the duties pretty well on it's own. Don't see why not. Really only way to know is to try. I think so, but a couple of factors to consider here. How far is your listening position? How loud is quite loud? Let's assume the actual sensitivity of the RP-6000F's is 92dB instead of the spec'd 98dB and no boundary/corner gain in play. 20 watts at a 10ft listening position will measure about 95.3dB. Seems quite loud to me. Bill
  16. Owner approved price change. $250.00 local pickup Kissimmee, Florida. Bill
  17. I agree totally. Something went wrong with the duller sheet of veneer. The more I look at the photo, the grayer veneer is the distressed oak and the browner veneer is the "standard" version of stained oak. Must have been low lighting in the factory the day these were veneered. Bill
  18. No flame from me. It's an opinion piece and you call it as you see(hear) it. Rock on. Bill
  19. IMO, send it back. You paid good money for showroom quality speakers and that is not what you have. Things do happen but a good dealer will make it right. Maybe they will let you keep them until the replacement pair arrives. Bill
  20. @creed2, Welcome to the forum. I own the Heresy 1 and Heresy 2 and both in their own way sound wonderful. Both are a great way to get your feet wet for not a whole bunch of $$$. Deals on NOS Heresy 3's might be found if you search long and hard enough. What I found most appealing about the Heresy is that it is not rally amplifier picky and can sound great with just about any amp, IMO. Bill
  21. Have you heard them? If so, how do they sound? Bill
  22. It looks like some kind of hybrid La Scala bass reflex version. Bill
  23. Okay, how much does he want to get off his hands? Bill
  24. @Sancho Panza, This is very sad news. So sorry for your loss. Kendall was a big part of this community/family and sure will be missed. Prayers for you and his family. Bill
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