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  1. That definitely can contribute to the emphasized metallic sound. Bill
  2. True across the board with Heritage but Greg can sure build some very nice "La Scalas" with his Vittoras. Bill
  3. @DSK, Welcome to the forum. The RF-35 is most likely a better and bigger sounding speaker than the R-26F but finding the rest of the matching setup(RC-35, RS-35s) may be a chore. The matching center and surrounds for the R-26F should be no problem finding. Bill
  4. I would not agree here. Both can do a wonderful job with music and movies. I don't think you can go wrong at all with either speaker for both genres. Bill
  5. Though I have never heard the A-S1200, except for YouTube videos which does not count, I have heard and own the "entry level" of the Yamaha analog integrated amps, the A-S1000, and it is one fine piece. It plays very nice with my RB-75s as well as my RF-63s and Heresy IIs. Very neutral, Yamaha calls it natural, sound signature and very well balanced from top to bottom. The A-S1200 is a step up with mosfet output transistors(slightly warmer tone), toroidal transformer, and more discreet parts. With all that said, my guess would be that the A-S1200 will mate very nicely with a pair of Forte IVs. Bill
  6. I have owned 3 pairs of RB-35s, 3 pairs of RB-5s, and one pair of RB-75s. The 75s are the keepers. With that said, all sound really good. If I had to rank them from worst(still great) to best, it would look like this. 1st RB-75s 2nd RB-5s 3rd RB-35s The 75s are noticeably superior but the RB-5s and RB-35s are really close, from my experience. RB-5s get the edge over the RB-35s because of the real wood veneer over vinyl veneer. Bill
  7. Describe your room a bit. How far is listening position from main speakers? Are your speakers toed in/out? Sometimes a little change here and a little change there makes a huge difference. Bill
  8. I will assure you that the Yamaha A-S1000's "90w/ch@8ohms,140w/ch@4ohms" is plenty of power. Demoed it with my RF-63s in my 5000 cu ft room and was blown away with the dynamics and punch. Also, not any spec'd power difference between the 1000, 1100, 1200, at 8ohms, but at 4ohms, the 1100 and 1200 squeeze out another 10w at 150w/ch. With all that said, I second that any of the 1000 series Yamaha A-S integrated amps would be great choices. Bill
  9. That is all that matters. Enjoy. Bill
  10. Bump for the weekend. $200.00 shipped plus bonus gift or two. Bill
  11. @AFan75, Welcome to the forum. The 75s are fantastic "bookshelf" speakers. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  12. Bump for a fantastic sounding integrated amp. Bill
  13. @Musical Dan, Welcome to the forum. I think the PM6007 would be a fine match to your RP-600m speakers. Bill
  14. Price lowered to $60.00 shipped. Bill
  15. I have for sale a very nice pair of custom cables 10' 4" long with locking banana plugs. Selling these because they were used with my 640A v2/840C rig and those pieces are both sold. $75.00 $60.00 shipped. Bill
  16. I feel your pain. Definitely surprised no takers here as well as with my CA 640A v2 integrated amp. Brother, I guess we have to just learn to be patient. Michael, hope all is well with you. Bill
  17. @Sunny12, Welcome to the forum. Can you be a little more specific. What models speakers, subwoofer? What size is your room? TV, movies, sports, music? Bill
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