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  1. If that little guy did take refuge in your subwoofer, a little demo of "Flight of the Phoenix" should take care of that problem. Bill
  2. Yes, here. https://www.klipsch.com/products/rc-52#product-specs Bill
  3. This Marantz pair if you want to go semi-separates. https://hifiheaven.net/shop/Marantz-PM6006-Integrated-Amplifier-with-Digital-Input https://hifiheaven.net/shop/Products/DACs-iPod-Docks-Digital-Audio-Players-USB-Converters/Network-Digital-Audio-Players/Marantz-NA6005-Network-Player-DSD-DAC?limit=100 Bill
  4. I bet that NAD is nice and am very fond of NAD gear, but I really don't think you "need" to spend anywhere close to that amount to get quality sound and feature set. This Yamaha network stereo receiver gets very high praise for sound quality, feature set, and affordability. https://www.adorama.com/ymrn803bl.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImLiP5tHk7gIVRcyzCh2-fA1aEAQYBCABEgJHE_D_BwE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImLiP5tHk7gIVRcyzCh2-fA1aEAQYBCABEgJHE_D_BwE&utm_source=adl-gbase-p Bill
  5. I have a preamp processor now but when I was using an Onkyo and then NAD AVR, no changes in the settings were required to activate the preamp section. Denon AVRs may be different. Bill
  6. @LyleS has not posted in close to 2 years so I will give it a shot. I have owned many Acurus amps(A100, A100x3, A150, A150, A200, A200, A200x3, 200x3, A250, A250, 200FIVE, 200FIVE), over the last 10 or so years and have been very pleased with their performance and reliability. Cool running, great bass drive, very detailed. I have used them for stereo playback as well as currently using an Acurus A200/A200x3/NAD T175HD combo with my RF-63/RC-64/RS-35s combo. No reason to change a thing anytime soon. That Acurus A125x5/Denon X4700 combo should bring you much joy. Bill
  7. This ATI amp below will have no problem doing what you need. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649703814-ati-1502-amplifier-2-available/ Not sure if you need a preamp also. Bill
  8. Google this, "Youtube TV not 5.1" Lots of info. Bill
  9. Is the You Tube TV app on your SMART TV, Roku, Firestick, etc? Bill
  10. @GT35, Welcome to the forum. Can you adjust the bass/treble with any of the pre-installed music apps on your phone? Also, make sure you have the volume setting on the Capitol One in perfect sync with your devices volume control. Bill
  11. @zorguz, Welcome to the forum. Not sure what size room you have but I would get at minimum an upper midlevel AVR from one of the major brands, Marantz, Yamaha, Denon, etc. Bill
  12. RB-61------$499.00 in 2009 RC-10-----$$$ RW-10-----$500.00 in 2004 If it sounds better, then go with it. If a newer RC-62 or RC-35 comes along at the right price, then get it. Bill
  13. My buddy bought a Monolith 7 channel to drive his RF-7s/RC-7/RS-7s/RB-35s combo in his 4000ft3 HT and that amp is sure impressive. Neutral, punchy, dynamic. Never close to running out of gas even at high SPLs. He uses his flagship Onkyo to drive the Atmos channels. Bill
  14. They look to be oak from the bases but not 100% sure because with the limited lighting I just can't tell for sure. Hopefully they still have labels. Bill
  15. @formanj, Welcome to the forum. With the recently released Heresy IVs now the norm, other versions creep up in price for those who want a pair but just can't see themselves going the new speaker route. I think on average $1200.00 is kind of steep with $800.00 to $1000.00 being the top out for a "mint" pair with all the fixin's. Never heard this one but do feel that Heresys(I, II, etc.) are pretty amplifier friendly and have never had any issues mating them with the likes of NAD, Anthem, Acurus, Sansui, Denon, Onkyo/Integra, Cambridge Audio, B&K, Yamaha, etc. Bill
  16. @marcus923, Welcome to the forum. Are you sure that the Nano sub is a 10", all I could find was the 8"? I say yes and at minimum a powerful 12" subwoofer. What are your room dimensions? Bill
  17. willland


    @MRych, Welcome to the forum. Quality clean amplification is always a good thing IMO. Look for a high current stereo amp, or 3 channel if you want to drive your center speaker, with maybe 125w/ch with all channels driven. Plenty of good quality affordable amplifiers on the used market. Parasound, Anthem, Adcom, Rotel, B&K, Acurus, to name a few that pop up on the local Craigslists. As suggested by @wuzzzer, maybe have mods move this thread to the technical/modifications forum. Bill
  18. I stand(sit) corrected. Thanks for clarifying that. The old "assuming" thing. Bill
  19. @Smarsh, Welcome to the forum. A little odd because all veneer should be cut from the same sheet and book matched to the other speakers with consecutive serial numbers. Are they B Stock which might explain things? Also, if it bothers you and triggers some OCD, you could always set the speakers outside and give the lighter veneer a little suntan to catch up with the rear veneer. It does work. That is what I did to match my new natural cherry speaker stands to my 10+ years old RB-75s. Bill
  20. Agree that it is a wonderful all around player in every format and the best universal player I have ever owned but for stereo SACD's, the Yamaha CD-S1000 that I own edges ahead. I think you will be very pleased. Bill
  21. Would love this to match my cherry RB-75s but still have not had my cherry RSW-10d repaired so can't pull the trigger. Good luck with your sale/sales. Bill
  22. Worth a look at. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/ele/d/quincy-sony-dvp-s9000es-dvd-cd-player/7269957649.html Bill
  23. And the 3910 and 5910. All rock solid universal(non BD) players. Bill
  24. How much can/will you spend? Used, new, refurbished? I am super happy with my Yamaha CD-S1000. Bill
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