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  1. 18 minutes ago, Peter P. said:

    While everyone seems to think the difference between the two suspected Heresy's is the riser or the cane grill, it looks to me from the photo like the speaker on the right is slightly wider than the speaker on the left. That's why I thought is was a different speaker.

    I think that is an illusion due to the orientation of said speakers.



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  2. 4 hours ago, nitrofan said:

    I disagree with the myth that a smaller speaker is "quicker"  a larger speaker doesn't have to move as much as a smaller one. There is no such thing as fast or slow bass. Only accurate or inaccurate. 

    Though I do believe this theory/fact, it sure seems like my RSW-10d(before it crapped out) is "faster" than both my SB13 Plus and B15.  Then, after my RSW took a dump, I moved the Revel B15 in with the Yamaha/RB-75 rig and that shot any notion that the 10" was faster than the 15" right out of the sky.  Room acoustics and integration was the key.



  3. 8 hours ago, Pondoro said:

    Heresy speakers on eBay seem affordable, I have never heard them. Thinking of buying a pair. What size amplifier would I need? My family room is 16x24. I mostly listen to music, I rarely watch movies. 

    I have driven my Heresys and Heresy IIs with many different stereo receivers, integrated amps, AVRs and preamp/amp combos.  I personally feel that they are not amplifier picky and can be driven with power ratings as low as a few watts to 200+ watts/channel.  My suggestion though is to look for a quality integrated amp with stereo preouts or a subwoofer preout with say maybe 75w/ch or more.



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  4. @JoeJoeThe3rd,


    I am sure someone who has the time and is near would be glad to assist you.


    Maybe change the name of this thread's title to "Forum Member Needs In-Home HT Setup/Guidance", to promote more exposure to your post.


    No reason to feel silly asking for help.



  5. 1 hour ago, Chris A said:

    Must have been in a small listening room...probably a lot smaller than 28 feet in any direction.

    Actually, I think it was close to 22ft wide and maybe 11 feet deep.  Truthfully not certain of the dimensions but it did define all logic.





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  6. 28 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    Just seems to me if you are wanting a sub that will keep up with the pressurization of a room like a Khorn can....and want it done at Sub levels....  it's simply going to have to be very large.

    While I totally agree here, any of you folks who has ever visited Groomlakearea51's(Marshall) "Wall of Voodoo" room may know what I am talking about.  The last time I visited him which was at least 9+ years ago, he had added a tiny 8" XW-300D subwoofer to the crazy mix of Khorns, Heresys, and a Belle, and I was astonished how that little sub filled in the gap(-3dB@28Hz) below the Khorns.  Of course I am not talking 120dB at 20Hz here.  Sounds crazy but I could not believe how seamless it was.


    Best Buy: Klipsch Icon 8" 480W Powered Subwoofer XW-300D



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  7. Okay, how about a sub that cosmetically matches Heritage designs that would visually look nice in a room with retro/vintage Heritage speakers.


    Talking about splitting hairs.:unsure:


    4 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    Perhaps not exactly what you meant... but is what you described!  (little LaScalas aren't mine, I don't recall who made them)

    Now wouldn't a larger(Heresy size) version of those look cool on the side walls with La Scala triplets up front?



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  8. I am selling a 40.75 lbs Pioneer Elite SC-05 for my longtime friend, neighbor, and recently retired boss of 30 years.  He just sold his house and moved to Hobe Sound, Florida to start his retirement.  He has no need for this receiver and asked me to sell it for him.  He said everything functioned as intended and never had any issues.  Comes with remote, printed manual, but no setup microphone.


    If it does not sell I may just get it for my 16 year old son.


    Local pick up for $350.00 cash.


    Sound and Vision Bench Tests




    Pioneer Elite SC-05 front.jpg

    Pioneer Elite SC-05 rear.jpg

    Pioneer Elite SC-05 top and remote.jpg

    Pioneer Elite SC-05 left side.jpg

    Pioneer Elite SC-05 right side.jpg

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  9. 1 hour ago, Chris A said:

    If you want to call it a Cornwall- or Heresy-compatible subwoofer, that's your prerogative.  Just don't try to call it "Heritage"...or even "hi-fi".  It's not.

    How about "Heritage inspired" with matching veneers and mesh grills.  Similar to this SW-12II on the left.


    Klipsch SW-12 II Subwoofer Walnut - $200 *SOLD* - Garage Sale - The Klipsch  Audio Community  Tweed Heresy grills - Technical/Modifications - The Klipsch Audio Community


    Even the outboard amp could be "retro" in appearance.


    Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier headphone amp/DAC | Hi-Fi News



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  10. 15 hours ago, Peter P. said:

    I thought the OP was more interested in a sub that matched the Heritage Series appearance-wise; wood veneered cabinets, matching grill cloth, etc.

    That is my thought and I totally agree.  Even "matching" surrounds would be cool, mini La Scalas, Cornwalls, etc.



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  11. Anthem MRX720



    Maximum Output (<0.1% THD) 4.2 Vrms



    Parasound A31


    Input sensitivity:

    1 V for 28.28 V(THX Reference)


    As mentioned, you will have to set it to your liking.



  12. 2 hours ago, JoeJoeThe3rd said:

    Yeah read the manual but that doesn’t say what it is which had to do with voltage between the two. I wonder what the optimal position for the gain with my rf7iii and rc64iii and anthem mrx720.

    Trial and error.  You may have to experiment a bit.



  13. 6 hours ago, JoeJoeThe3rd said:

    So I have a quick question. If someone has a power amp say on the front sound stage. Your powering your left, right, and center With said power amp. Since that power amp is powering those speakers on the receiver the left, right, and center spots are open with no speakers wire going into them. Is it possible to plug in another left right and center to those open spots and basically have two sets of LCR and let the receiver power the second pair? Would this work, could it damage my receiver or would it even work and if so are there any reasons one wouldn’t want to do this? 🙏 

    I think when you are using the LCR preouts to connect to an outboard amp, it disables the AVR's LCR speaker terminals.



  14. 8 hours ago, JoeJoeThe3rd said:

    What is the ideal position for the gain knob on the back of my power amp for my speaker? Which I run a parasound a31 and a pair of rf7iii and the rc64iii for my center.

    From my understanding, amp gain controls are used to better match the output voltage of your preamp.  Determine the preamps output voltage and adjust the amps gain accordingly.


    From the Parasound A31 Manual


    When to Set the Gain Control Knobs Above or Below Normal You can increase loudness by turning the Gain control knobs clockwise if your system will not play loud enough with the Gain control knobs set at Normal. This could be the case if your A 31 is driven from the pre-out jacks of an AV receiver (as opposed to an AV processor). We recommend advancing the gain as little as possible past Normal. As you increase gain settings you increase the chance of hearing a “hiss” sound from your speakers. You also run the risk of damaging your speakers (not to mention your hearing) if the volume level is too high. The primary reason to reduce the gain below Normal would be if your speakers’ efficiency is extremely high and your listening position is close to your speakers. Reducing the gain would reduce audible “hiss” from your speakers. Don’t worry about setting the A 31 Gain control to exactly the same levels for all channels because you can always balance the channel volume using the speaker level calibration in your home theater AV receiver or AV processor’s setup menu. Note: We recommend re-calibrating your AV receiver or processor’s speaker levels after adjusting the A 31 gain controls.



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