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  1. Either would be just fine. What's your budget? I would get at minimum an upper midlevel AVR that also has stereo preouts or even better multichannel preouts. Bill
  2. @Sanman5272, Welcome to the forum. Ideally I say go find a pair of RS-35 surrounds and an RC-35 center speaker. Even though the RC-35 is the "matching" center speaker, I would look for an RC-62 instead. Bill
  3. @Phecabooth, Welcome to the forum. I would not worry too much. Though the 7055 is not the most robust amp in audio land, it definitely is equal to or better than most upper level AVR's built in amp sections. Bill
  4. Some nice bikes guys. Rode quite a bit in the mid to late 90's. Surprisingly many great trails here in FL. Have an old Gary Fisher Joshua F4. Known for their tendency to "end-over". Happened once to me and I performed a perfect tuck and roll with no scratches. Bill
  5. Not really sure but others might know. This should explain some. https://www.audioholics.com/audio-amplifier/amplifier-voltage-gain DC offset could explain the low volume levels and shutdown. Bill
  6. I wanted to specify that I quickly sold the KG4s and not the Fortes. The Fortes hung around much longer than the KG4s and were not sold until a few years later after I acquired a minty pair of oak oil Quartets. The Fortes were very balanced with great punch and attack. Bill
  7. Maybe a voltage sensitivity matching issue between the integrated amp's preouts and the subwoofer's input. Bill
  8. I have Heresy 1s and 2s and laid back bass is not a way I would describe them. Also never heard 3s or 4s described that way either. Low bass extension lacking, yes but midbass punch is there in spades, IMO. I owned KG4s quite a while back and was somewhat impressed until I got a pair of Fortes. Quickly sold the KG4s to fund more gear and other speakers. Acquired RF-63s before the Fortes and they now stand in my house as the most balanced pair of speakers I have ever owned. Fast punchy bass, sweet accurate mids, and crispy detailed highs. My guess is that the RP8000Fs just might be described in the same way as my 63s. Many great reviews in web land. Bill
  9. @Msuwendy, Welcome to the forum. Have you compared all these speakers, including your dad's Heritage, in the same listening environment? Same amplification, same placement? Bill
  10. Most of the time, when someone copies and pastes ads they find on another outlet, it helps contribute more interest and puts more eyes on the product for sale, good deal or not. What is the saying, "bad publicity is still publicity". Still hope you do stick around. Bill
  11. Very true advice here. There are always some bad apples in the bunch. Also true but the "network" this forum provides is wide reaching and well connected. Just sift through all advice when given and make your decisions sound. Bill
  12. Probably a "mother hen" thing. We get a bit testy and protective when our children are involved. @Brian East, Welcome to the forum. Bill
  13. I don't think that is necessary. Not really a warning to the public, more like an opinion ad. Sellers can ask what they want. A potential buyer can agree to the price, make an offer, or move on. No harm no foul.
  14. Yes, condolences for the loss of your husband. All above advice is solid and we will help you determine a fair market value for your husband's cherished speakers. Maybe a respected and unbiased with nothing but good intentions forum member who is local to you will humbly assist you with this endeavor. There are many folks in this community that are capable of helping with no ill intent or personal gain and do abide by the scripture' "to look after orphans and widows in their distress". I personally would put Ebay and craigslist at he bottom of the list for liquidating. This forum's "Garage Sale" should yield you the best results. Bill
  15. I think you covered it pretty well. Bill
  16. I can't, sorry. I think I still have it in a file but it is corrupted. I tried to open it many times to no avail. Bill
  17. I did not think you were saying that. No issues there. I guess $200.00 here, $200.00 there adds up to the flipper in question. Though, it will be tough for him to get $900.00 unless the right(crazy) buyer comes along. Bill
  18. From your diagram it looks like they are in the corners. Bill
  19. Surrounds on side slightly behind ears in seating position. Bill
  20. @Federico, Welcome to the forum. I am 99% sure those are Heresy 1s. Enjoy. Bill
  21. I know McIntosh is great with Klipsch Heritage but can't say that it is the "best" combo in Audioland. Only the ears of the beholder can make that judgement if he has heard all other amplifiers with Klipsch Heritage. There are too many "exacts"(opinions) in this hobby that can't be substantiated. Like what you like and roll with it. Bill
  22. Especially if he paid $700.00. I have no problem with flippers, I have done it and most likely will again. But IMO, to be successful in a timely manner is to buy low and sell fair. Bill
  23. @MajinChibi, Welcome to the forum. One question I have. Would it be possible to use the wall to the right as your anchor wall and "float" the couch facing that wall? I am sure your English is better than my(name any other language). Bill
  24. If I needed to, I would buy them at $1000.00 again. Enjoying excellent speakers for 12 years and counting. Worth every penny at your price. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  25. @Reflection, Welcome to the forum. Very doable, no need to spend more than that for a nice modern AVR. A couple of suggestions below. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/avreceiver/home-audio/receivers-amps/home-theater-receivers/1.html?store_price[]=536-783 https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx2600h/denon-avr-x2600h-7.2-ch-x-95-watts-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html That is correct. Your AVR's Front L and R speaker terminals will connect to your Front L and Right speaker's main speaker terminals and you will configure your AVR to also connect the front Atmos channels to the upper modules on your front tower speakers. <<<<<<<<<<< Atmos terminals Bill
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