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  1. Had an RC-62 v1 for a while and it was a very nice speaker. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  2. Is this what you bought? If so, someone will figure it out. Maybe the HD Theater 600 system? Bill
  3. Listen to them first and get used to them before any surgery performed. Bill
  4. Bigger woofer at 8", bigger horn at 8", compression driver. Bill
  5. I am pretty sure msrp was $900.00/pair. Bill
  6. Pretty huge wouldn't you say? Bill
  7. That is a very kind thing to say. Thirteen years ago you would not have been able to say that about me with a straight face. Could not agree more. Bill
  8. Huh? I thought you said he wanted $400.00? Either way, good score. Side surrounds of course. You want the better speakers in place where the most surround information is mixed and that is in the surround channels. Bill
  9. All recordings are not created equal. Different sound engineers, philosophies, compression, etc. can contribute to the quality, good or bad, of the final product. The more revealing the system the more revealing sound that hits your ears. If the master recording is not good quality, nothing can be done to make it "better". One example of great sound engineering is the group Steely Dan. Their worst most compressed least dynamic copies are better than 75% of what you can find out there. Google "Loudness Wars" and you will see. Bill
  10. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa4geg-klipsch-heritage-heresy-iii-full-range If for a pair, I wish was local to me. Bill
  11. While I understand your reasoning to pass on this, the RS-7 if one fine surround speaker. Huge size and huge sound. If I wanted them bad enough, then I would go $400.00. Otherwise $350.00 would be my ceiling. Hope it works out for you. Bill
  12. willland


    Won't be pretty. Prayers for all to stay safe. Bill
  13. The ad says $325.00. Did seller raise price? Bill
  14. Maybe these are still available. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/ele/d/saint-paul-klipsch-rs-7-surround/7180645821.html Bill
  15. That will work also. Bill
  16. Yes they will work just fine. Can't hurt to look for a good deal. The RS-7s are beasts. Bill
  17. IMO, easy decision, RC-7. Bill
  18. If they meet the $400.00 requirements then I got first dibs. Bill
  19. If bookshelf speakers, RB-5's, RP-160M's, RB-81/81IIs, all should come in below or near $400.00. Might get a $400.00 deal on a pair of RP600Ms if you hunt in the right places. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-GrAtdw0vBqP/p_714RP160ME/Klipsch-Reference-Premiere-RP-160M-Ebony.html Bill
  20. willland

    Favorite SACDs?

    Yes I do. Bill
  21. Placement alone could contribute to that conclusion. Old system has a suck out on the right as well as IMO speakers way too close together for proper imaging and soundstage. Your Yamaha CR-1020 is a very nice piece and could rival many modern moderately priced integrated amps of today. With that said, it does appear that your beastly McIntosh amp is on another level. Enjoy, Bill
  22. Isn't Ebony more of a super dark brown than it is black? Not sure but that is my understanding. Ebony left black right. Bill
  23. I have owned three pairs of these over the years. Very nice indeed. Not the RB-75s you mentioned but a pretty close second. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  24. Very nice. Don't see the cherry version of these come up too often. Good luck with your sale. Bill
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