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  1. What I am really asking is $499.00 an acceptable price for the Forte's that seem to be in great condition. I know I like the KG4's especially for $150.00. Between the two, what really makes one pair shine over the other? Bill
  2. I am going Thursaday morning to demo a pair of 1987 oak oil Forte's. Based on photos and description they are in excellant shape. I own a pair of walnut oil KG4's that are also in excellant shape that I bought two months ago for $150.00. The Forte's are for sale for $499.00. With condition and sonics in the equation, should I buy the Forte's and sell the KG4's? I am taking along a few of my most revealing cd's(Rush,Seal,Tori Amos) and also a cd of classical Irish guitar. Please give any feedback. Bill
  3. Yes they are fine amps. No your TX-SR504 does not have pre-outs to hook up to an outboard amp. With Onkyo you would have to step up to at least the 700 series(705,706,etc.). to get pre-outs. Bill
  4. Rent or buy the "Band of Brothers" series. Full day of watching. Well produced, great battle sequences, true story. Great in hi-def or dvd. Bill
  5. My only personal experience is with a B&K Ref. 4430(200w). I am very pleased with it's sound and build quality. Others(affordable) to consider are Adcom,Parasound, Emotiva. Here is a Rotel for sale on Audiogon: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampsmult&1242694797&/Rotel-RB993-200W-x-3 Also Emotiva has great "bang for the buck" amps. Highly recommended on this forum and others. http://emotiva.com/xpa3.shtm No affiliation. Bill
  6. What I meant was that in your profile with your main system you do not mention any surround speakers. Maybe add a pair of RS-42's or RS-52's and/or an outboard 3 channel amp using your Denon as a pre-amp. You would be pleasantly surprised how great those 82's will sound with a good quality(clean) 175+w amp. Bill
  7. I have only AB'd them once in a Sound Advice store. While impressed with 82's with HT and 2 channel, the 63's take the sound to a higher dimension. With a little cleaner bass and much crisper highs. To me the midrange was very similar but I would give the edge to the 63's. As far as cosmetics go, the cherry vinyl veneer is of good quality on the 82's but the real natural cherry wood veneer on the 63's adds a nice touch of eligance. Look for a deal on the 63's new or used if the bug has bitten you. As far as I am concerned, if you are happy with the 82's, use your hard earned $$$ and add some other quality components to your system. By the way, the RF-82's are a front runner in the "best bang for the buck" tower speakers around. Here is a very good price on a used pair of RF-63's: http://cgi.ebay.com/2-Klipsch-RF-63-Speakers-Pair-Set-Speaker-Cherry_W0QQitemZ330315825446QQcmdZViewItemQQptZSpeakers_Subwoofers?hash=item330315825446&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1730%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50 I don't know if the cherry wood suits you. Bill
  8. Any opinions on the sound matching and forwardness? Better than the RC-62? Bill
  9. Thanks Youthman. I was thinking the exact same thing. Buy the RC-7, sell the RC-62, and wait for a good deal on the RC-64 in the future. If I can get the RC-7 for $400, I should have no problem reselling it for at least that or more. Bill
  10. Found an RC-7 in cherry to go with my RF-63's. I currently am using an RC-62. For the right price should I switch? Sell RC-62 for $250 to $300 and buy RC-7 for $400. What do you think? Bill
  11. willland

    B&K 507

    I don't have one but I looked at one for sale at a pawn shop the other day. Way too expensive for a pawn shop($1600.00). I own a 200w 3 channel B&K amp and am very happy with the sound. If the 507 has a similar amp section then I think you will be pleased. Take a look at this review. http://www.avguide.com/review/bk-avr-507-series-2-low-key-and-high-octane Bill
  12. I found an HK 7300(true 110w+++) receiver on C-list for less than $500.00. Any thoughts on 2 channel performance with KG4's, Forte's, or Chorus'? I want something with quality sound without adding outboard amp. Please advise. Thanks, Bill
  13. DrWho, Thanks for your reply. I was really bored last night and let my intermittant technical mind wonder a bit. Bill
  14. I don't know if this question has ever been asked but would this technology work in say an RF-63 or RF-82 for example? Three woofers(RF-63) operating to say 1000hz and then releasing to one or two woofers and then crossing over to the tweeter at maybe 1700hz? A two and a half way speaker like the Ref. center channels. Maybe a way for Klipsch to upgrade the Reference series without having any major new design change while keeping the R&D cost down. Any techie responses welcomed. Bill
  15. Get the RSW-10d. By far a better sub than the RW-10d and the Sub12. Here is one for sale cheap. No affiliation. http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?homesubw&1241572799&/Klipsch-rsw10-d-cherry Bill
  16. Welcome to the forum. No the SVS will work just fine. I had the QIII's with a Klipsch Sub 10 and took it back and got an RW-10d. Those little speakers pack quite a wollup for such a small profile and will blend nicely with the SVS. Bill
  17. I am considering a pair of Chorus speakers. What are the +'s an -'s between the Chorus and the Chorus II's? Bill
  18. Yes both speakers horns are 90x60 degrees but may not have the same dimensions. The outer horn in my RF-63's is 6 1/8 inches while the RC-62's outer horn is 5 7/8 inches. That would make them seem impossible to exchange out. Bill
  19. willland


    Hold back on buying the sub. Hook up the Velo with your new Klipsch speakers and listen. Then decide if to change subs. Remember Velodyne only manufactures subs. Even though the RW-12d is a nice mid priced sub, I don't think it is much of an upgrade if any at all even though it has more wattage. Just my opinion. Bill
  20. willland


    Welcome to the forum. That system choice with the Denon will sound great. Should you step up to the 63's or 83's? If you can afford to spend twice as much to step up, then go for it. In today's economy and it's uncertainty, I would buy the best you can afford with some emergency $$$'s tucked away for hard times. With all that said, the RF-62 system will rock a room of that size. Enjoy. Bill
  21. Try the settings at 60hz for the 83's and 70hz for the 64's. A sub is not designed to reach to such high frequencies(200hz). Let the 83's stretch their beefy legs a bit and set the sub to handle the low lows. Play around a bit but don't stress the sub by asking it to handle the upper bass(120hz--200hz). Bill
  22. Take a look at this review. You can't go wrong with the RF-52 system. Great bang for the buck. http://www.avguide.com/review/klipsch-rf-52-51-channel-speaker-system Bill
  23. First, welcome to the forum. The answer is no. I have the RC-62 with a pair of RF-63's and it keeps up okay but there is a slight tonal difference. I know the RC-64 would be perfect but for now the 62 will suffice for me. The RC-52 might be a disaster. Build a shelf above the TV and buy the 64. Tilted down you will avoid any coffee table interference. The 62 will work if you have an untrained ear but the 52 doesn't stand a chance. I hope your buddy gave you a good deal on the 63's so you have enough $$$ to buy the 64. Do it right the first time. Bill
  24. Finally got home and thoroughly dusted off the KG4's and cleaned the finish with some Formby's Lemon oil cleaner. Wow, what a difference. Brought that walnut oil finish right back to life. Then I hooked them up to my Onkyo and B&K amp and switched the setting to direct without the sub and put on a cd of classical guitar called "Celtic Moods" by Brad Prevedoros. Wow again. Plenty of bass and really precise acoustic guitar sound. I use this cd as a reference for all new configurations. I really believe I scored a great pair of speakers for $150.00. No cracks or dents on woofers or surrounds. Only minor knicks(tiny splintering)on the edges that I took care of with a furniture touch up marker. I'll post pictures soon. Bill
  25. I think what Wuzzer was referring to was like I suggested the 905 for less than $900.00. Refirbished doesn't mean bad, it means usually that a certified technition has checked it out thouroughly and repaired if needed and given it an all go for consumer purchase. Most of the time it will be equipped with the most recent firmware update.Bill
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