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  1. I have the same exact ones. Feed wire through the bottom right image and bend back the strands and feather over the tip about 1/8 inch and screw the remaining parts together. That's it. Bill
  2. The add says $850.00/pair. Someone should jump on this. Bill
  3. Here is an interesting RSW-10d ad. Looks like maybe someone wants to pass on some savings from the recent Vann's sale on the cherry model. http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?homesubw&1235857236&/Klipsch-rsw10-d-cherry Bill
  4. Maybe Klipsch is offering some sellers rebates to help liquidate the cherry ref series to make room to bring in more of the WF Icon series. Just a guess. Bill
  5. I was fortunate to buy my cherry RSW-10d at Vanns for $499.79. They no longer carry the cherry RSW-10d anymore. Here is an even better deal than I got: http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/item/features/549591117/klipsch-rt10d-cherry Bill
  6. I don't think you have to buy name brand cable to get good performance. My suggestion is to buy at minimum 14 gauge good insulated wire. Here is a link that might clear some things up about speaker wire: http://www.roger-russell.com/wire.htm Bill
  7. Welcome. Being that you do not have the center,sub and surrounds yet, I would set the RF-63's to large. You would want the full band to be reproduced. I have the RSW-10d with my Rf-63s and have the fronts set to small and at 60hz and the LFE set at 80hz. I have tinkered with the settings for some time and feel now I have them set best to my ears. Let me tell you the little RSW-10d works great with the 63's. I love the combination. I can't speak from personal experience with a pair of 83's, but I think the 63's with the right setup(sub,center,surrounds,amp,pre-amp), would run a close second to the 83's. If it were me, I would use the money saved to use the 2809 as a pre-amp and purchase a 3-channel or 5-channel amp to power your speakers. Here's a link to the best amp buy on the net: http://emotiva.com/xpa3.shtm Bill
  8. Sorry Youthman. Wrong info on the color wood. I knew it was black but inadvertantly typed cherry. Sorry about the peer pressure. Aren't we trying to instill in our kids not to succumb to peer pressure? You probably didn't know it was so hard to resist even ant your age and my age. I personally want to jump on one of the cherry 64 deals before it is too late. I need a commitment from someone to buy my RC-62(and the blessing from my wife) before I take the plunge. In case you are interested, here is an authorized dealer selling the cherry RC-64 for $599.99. http://www.wwstereo.com/betaDev/#/ecommerce/store/Speakers/33/144482/9_1_11_8__0_0_0_-1/ Bill
  9. I have an idea. Buy Youthman's cherry RC-7. It is not officially for sale yet but many forum members are trying to persuade him to sell it so he can buy a cherry RC-64 before they are no longer available. He has a pair of cherry RF-83's and he needs the matching center. Sorry Youthman I am not making this any easier for you. Bill
  10. Welcome to the forum. Klipsch recommends grouping the RCX-4 with the RSX-5's or the RSX-4's. I would not use the C1 or C2 with either of those mains. Your setup will not be timbre-matched if you mix and match. As far as the RSX-5's over the RSX-4's, the 5's will provide a "little" more oomph and bass than the 4's. I currently have the 4's as surrounds with my main system and for now they sound fine. I will upgrade later and move them into the bedroom and complete that system properly. I would like to warn you now before it is too late, you will upgrade later. Less than two years ago I bought the Quintet III's and a Sub10. Two weeks later I returned the Sub10 and bought an RW-10d sub. Two weeks later I found a killer deal on 3 RVX-42's($150.00ea) and 2 RSX-4's($98.00ea). One week later sold the QIII's to a friend. Six months later I found a great deal at Sound Advice on a pair of RB-35's(149.99ea) and an RC-62. Then I moved the RVX-42's to the bedroom. Two weeks later bought a used(less than 1 year) pair of cherry RF-63's($1000.00 delivered) and then returned the RB-35's for a refund. Then finally two months ago I bought an RSW-10d sub($500.00) and moved the RW-10d to the bedroom. My point is to buy the best system you can afford now and then you will build some resistance to this upgrade sickness. Bill
  11. I am not sure what your budget is but take a look at this: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampsmult&1233698064&/B-K-Components-Reference-200.5 Bill
  12. I don't think the Onkyo TX-SR606 has pre-outs to add an external amp. Turn it around and look. I wouldn't want you to purchase an amp if you can't use it with your receiver. Bill
  13. No problem at all. Now the surrounds are not the ones that Klipsch recommends but with a little EQ'ing,proper crossover/LFE settings, and dB levels raised a bit they blend pretty well to me. If you are considering the Emotiva deal, you had better jump on it before they stock out. They had a similar deal on the XPA-5 and sold out quickly. Look on audiogon.com for used A/V equipment. There are great deals to be had. Bill
  14. Welcome. I have a B&K Reference 4430 (200w) 3 channel amp with the Onkyo TX-SR705 as a preamp driving a pair of RF-63's The Onkyo by itself sounded good. Adding the B&K brought these speakers to a whole new dimension. Many on the forum are praising the Emotiva amps. Emotiva has a sale on the XPA-3 (200w 3 channel, 225w 2 channel) for $499.00. Bill
  15. Welcome to the forum. One item I would consider changing is the sub. If you want to stay with Klipsch I would suggest getting the RW-12d(12" woofer) instead of the XW-300d(8" woofer). More wattage(350w RMS,825w peak),more volume(116dB) and sometimes can be found discounted at authorized dealers. And yes the Pioneer receiver will be perfectly fine. Bill
  16. willland


    Welcome to the forum. Here is my suggestion: http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKTXSR705/Onkyo/TX-SR705-THX-100w-x-7ch-Theater-Receiver-BLACK/1.html http://emotiva.com/xpa3.shtm Both of these for about $800.00. The Onkyo has pre-outs for the external amp. Use the Emotiva(3-channel @200w) to drive your left,center,and right speakers and the Onkyo amps(100w) to drive your surrounds. The Onkyo has 3 HDMI ins and 1 HDMI out and decodes all of the new audio formats. Both the Emotiva and the Onkyo come with factory warranties. Bill
  17. Here are some links I came across while I was shopping: http://www.thesimpletvstandstore.com/p-6075-bush-furniture-ad74300-03-245-wide-universal-audio-stand-audio-tower-satin-chrome.aspx http://www.thesimpletvstandstore.com/p-123-sanus-sfa29-4-shelf-tv-stand-and-audio-rack.aspx http://www.thesimpletvstandstore.com/p-654-studiotech-ps-6-bs-performance-series-6-shelf-heavy-gauge-steel-audio-rack-black-and-silver.aspx http://www.standsonline.com/Free-Shipping/VTI-Series-RGR-406-Audio-Video-Rack__VTI-RGR-406.aspx http://www.standsonline.com/Free-Shipping/VTI-Series-HGR-404-Audio-Video-Rack__VTI-HGR-404.aspx I hope these links will help. Bill
  18. Welcome to the forum. Go with the the RF-63 system. Plenty of sound for your room. With the money saved(50--60% less than the THX system) you could really buy a quality preamp/amp, projector/screen, or HT furniture or all. I have the RF-63's in my family room(16ft x 30ft with 12ft ceiling) and my system really rocks the room. Bill
  19. Good idea. Don't mix, especially with Bose. I take that back. Go ahead and mix the Klipsch and Bose and you will see what a great choice you made in going with Klipsch. As a matter of fact, the RF-63's will probably drown out the Bose completely. Couldn't hurt(except maybe your ears). Bill
  20. Unhook all Bose, run 2-channel with the RF-63's, put in favorite cd, and enjoy. Bill
  21. willland


    Beacon, It is good that you decided to reply back and get some dialogue going. In theory, I don't think you did anything wrong. What you could have done was to let Vann's give you a refund and send back the defective one to them. Then you could find another authorized retailor and purchase from them. Klipsch chooses authorized dealers carefully considering they are the ones that are representing their products on the retail level. Klipsch doesn't normally ship products directly to the customer unless it is a special circumstance like your situation. With that said, take Bill H.'s advice and contact Amy Unger @ Klipsch, she may be able to help your situation. Bill
  22. willland


    I am sorry you had a bad experience today. I hope you might reconsider your decision. Many on this forum can testify to the overwhelming positive experiences they have had both with customer service and tech support. Please don't let one negative experience tarnish your opinion of a company/product with such a long history of quality and loyalty. Talk to us and share your experience and give others a chance to help sort out the problems. Bill
  23. Great deal. I say jump on it. I am not sure what model receivers you are speaking but would say as long as you have clean wattage you should be fine. As far as the 82's for stereo without sub, they can hold their own alone but a sub would complement them very well. Bill
  24. willland


    If you can afford either setup, go with the RF-63's and the RC-64. The difference going from the RF-35's/RC-35 combo to the RF-82's/RC-35 is a suttle change. Where as the RF-35/RC-35 combo to the RF-63/RC-64 is a dramatic change. Bill
  25. willland


    I don't think you will have a problem using the RF-35's as surrounds. It is most important to have your front soundstage(63-64-63) timber matched. The 35's would be a better fit as rear surrounds with maybe the RS-62's on the sides if you are considering 7.1. If you are going 5.1, place the 35's to the sides and slightly behind the seating position. With this setup, your system will sound great. Bill
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