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    Welcome to the forum. In short, not a good use of your money. The RC-64 and the RS-62's were designed to be grouped with either the RF-63's or the RF-83's. They are at the top of the line in the Reference series. The RVX-54's were designed to be in a system with an RVX-42 as the mated center channel. Not only do they not match visually, they are tonally mismatched(different tweeters,horns, and woofers). In the configuration you are suggesting, your center and surrounds will completely overpower the fronts. I would suggest if room and asthetics and cash are not an issue, opt for the 63's or 83's. My intention here wasn't to steer you away from the RVX-54's, I just wanted you to have a matched system. If the 54's are high on your list, here is the suggested setup: http://www.klipsch.com/products/details/rvx-54-home-theater-system.aspx Bill
  2. First up, congratulations. With a new home, we are all commanded to be hospitible. And I'm sure you will be that and probably more. Now the real work and fun begins. GPS your nearest HD,Lowes, and Ace Hardware, you will need to know the most efficient route to them. Be careful, they may drain you of all your funds. Tip for a family with kids, erasable markers, clear beverages only, and a handy dustbuster. Enjoy your new home. Bill
  3. Went Blu-ray when I found an open box Panasonic DMP-BD30 at BB for $269.99. Hard to pass up. Bill
  4. Load times are less than my HD-A30. Have not timed it but I know that it is shorter. Yes it does have decoding for DTS-HD MA which is one step up from DTS-HD. About the difference as Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True-HD. I use my Onkyo remote for basic operation but use the Panny for setup options. You can order a remote from the Panasonic website for around forty $$. Bill
  5. Take a look at these clearance items at Sound Advice(Tampa and Orlando): http://www.tweeter.com/clearance/default.asp?storeselection=FL&selState=FL&selStore=Tampa2&selCategory=DVD+Players&image.x=9&image.y=4 I have the Panny and it performs flawlessly. Bill
  6. Being an owner of the RVX-42 system, I would strongly disagree with that statement. Yes it is true that the RVX system is a downgrade from a good tower system like the F-3's, but comparing it to a HTIB system is not saying a lot for the Klipsch name. With the exclusive Reference components that these speakers possess, I think they do a wonderful job at both music and movies. Comparing them to my RF-63's would like watermelons and apples. As a more compact/flat panel unobtrusive speaker system, they do the job that is asked of them. If you want a good compromise between a full tower system and a compact system, look into the RVX-54's as yor mains. Bill
  7. I have a pair of RF-63's. Do they also dip down below 4 ohms? Bill
  8. I wouldn't drywall this area in. Maybe uninstall the sliders and install french doors and add dark curtain to dampen sound and light. Here is a suggestion: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=156109-44176-SBHBBGTRIS&lpage=none Bill
  9. I currently own a pair of RF-63's and an RC-62. I would really like to have the RC-64 but weight and size restraints(and $$$) are preventing that in my setup. Is it possible to have the tweeter from the 64 installed in a 62 and any other mods that would help the 62 better tonally match the 63's? Any replies are welcomed. Thanks, Bill
  10. I have a crazy idea. I currently own a pair of RF-63's and an RC-62. I would really like to have the RC-64 but weight and size restraints(and $$$) are preventing that in my setup. Is it possible to have the tweeter from the 64 installed in a 62 and any other mods that would help the 62 better tonally match the 63's? Any replies are welcomed. Thanks, Bill
  11. I had the RVX-42 system in my family room until I found a great deal on a pair of cherry RF-63's. Bought an RC-62(RC-64 too large for shelf) to go with them and moved the RVX-42's front and center in my bedroom. I personally love the sound of them, very potent and dynamic for their size. Paired with a good sub and surrounds for a small to medium sized room you can't go wrong. Definitely a better setup for HT than music, but still can hold it's own. Good deals out there since they are being discontinued. I will be moving my pair of RSX-4's to join them in the bedroom as soon as I buy the RS-52's for the family room. Read this review: http://www.hometheatermag.com/floorloudspeakers/605klipsch/ Bill
  12. Not sure what your budget is but if you are thinking about the RVX-42's, the RVX-54's might be a good compromise. Once you have tower speakers, it might be difficult to drop way down to a smallish bookshelf(RSX-5) or a flat panel wall hanger like the 42's. Personally, I ike my 42 's, but now they are front and center in my bedroom after being replaced by a pair of RF-63's and an RC-62 in the family room. The 54's maintain a good bit of bass extension while not having a large horizontal profile. Look at Vanns.com for good prices on all mentioned. Bill
  13. Going with the 663(95w) would be fine also. The 63's are very efficient and sound very good powered by my Onkyo 705(100w). I bought the amp because the price was too low to pass up. A good used amp can be found from 250 to 600 dollars on Audiogon.com. Here are some reliable names I hear tossed around often: Adcom, B&K, Parasound, Rotel, etc. Determine your budget and ask the forum to suggest an amp in your price range. Bill
  14. First, welcome to the forum. A few months ago I just about pulled the trigger on a pair of RVX-54's. Found them used on Audiogon for $600.00/pair in black. At the same time on the same page I noticed an ad for a pair of 1 1/2 year old cherry RF-63's. I e-mailed the seller and we agreed on $1000.00 if I would pick up(he lives 10 miles down the road). He ended up boxing them up and delivering to my house on Memorial Day weekend. Great guy. To make a long story even longer, if the 63's or 82's are a serious consideration if you can cut a deal, then do it. I do not think the Yamaha 863 lacks much compared to the 1800, besides that the Klipsch towers will still sing with much less power. If later on you think the amp in the 863 is lacking, buy a used 2 channel or multichannel exterior amp, hook to the receivers pre-outs and sit back and listen. I bought my B&K 200w for $100.00. There are great deals to be had on the used market for amps. Bill
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    My bad. I forgot about the top. Sorry no intention to mislead, just uninformed. Bill
  16. willland


    As far as running speaker wires, you have a few options: Run under carpet flooring, run behind baseboards, run conduit either inside or outside your block walls, or run behind chair rail molding or crown molding. Even with concrete block walls you can still drop down inside providing you are aware which cells are poured and which are hollow. Bill
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    You know the cliche', the only dumb question is the one not asked. Absolutely ask the super anything you like. The worst answer he will give you is no. He or the builder may be willing to to do something for you without a work order change providing you pay cash. I am not suggesting anything unethical. Go to HD or Lowes and buy what you need and ask for him to install. It can't hurt to try. He may tell you the builder will not warranty the additional work. Bill
  18. I too own a pair of RF-63's powered by an Onkyo TX-SR705. My room is 16x30 with my seating position @ 12 feet from the TV wall. I have them in the corners toed-in about 30 degrees and 10 inches from the corners. Being a large volume room(appr. 5000 cubic feet), I have them close to the wall to offer more bass during 2 channel playback. I feel the Onkyo/Klipsch combo are far from lifeless. With that said, my Adcom/B&K setup really does bring out the lion in the 63's. Experiment with placement and your EQ settings before you render your verdict. Bill
  19. I think the odds are better that you will transplant the Quintet III's into your bedroom and buy a better and larger setup for your HT. My first intro to Klipsch was 1 1/2 years ago. I too bought the QIII's and fell in love with Klipsch. Not 2 months later found (3) RVX-42's and bought online 2 RSX-4's and went to BB again and picked up an RW-10d. Sold the QIII's(wish I had kept) to a friend. In March 2008 Tweeter/Sound Advice had the RB-35's buy 1 get 1 free($299.99 total). Bought them and an RC-62. Two weeks later found an add on Audiogon for a pair of cherry RF-63's for $1100.00. Negotiated the price to $1000.00 delivered in person to my house. Took back the RB-35's(wanted to keep also, limited funds). Moved the (3) RVX-42's to bedroom. Eventually the RW-10d and RSX-4's will join them when I buy a pair of RS-52's and a RSW-10d for the family room. My point is, you will upgrade someday. Bill
  20. I personally have not really listened to any of the Icon series. For that price, you would definitely be getting more bang for the buck in buying the 83's and the 64. I have a pair of RF-63's and an RC-62 and they sound great for HT and music. Even if you changed your mind later and wanted to get the Icon's, you should be able to recoupe most if not all of your money spent if you were to sell on the used market. Bill
  21. I personally have not really listened to the Icon series. In my opinion, for that price, you are definitely getting the most bang for the buck with the 83's and the 64. I have a pair of RF-63's and an RC-62 and it sounds great for HT and music. Even if you changed your mind later and wanted to get the Icon's, you should be able to recoupe most if not all you spent on Ref series selling in the used market. Bill
  22. Not yet, waiting for the wife to give the go. Hurricane shudders and a generator might be money better spent the way this season is going. Bill
  23. I don't know your budget, but here is link for seating: http://www.everyrecliner.com/Coaster-7560-CST1039.html Bill
  24. Brother, let me tell you from experience, building a home(as the GC) is the most stressfull thing I haver ever gone through. Pray for wisdom and patience alot. We started off as the GC's and after it took 7 weeks to frame the house we decided to hire a close friend(builder) to complete the project. You could say he helped put our marriage and house back on track. On another note, great idea for the closet to be the HT hub. If I ever do it again, I would build a false wall and closet behind the screen/TV to house the electronics. I will pray for you to make the right decision. Good luck. Bill
  25. Can't answer about sound quality. Found very little in the form of reviews. http://www.audioreview.com/mfr/denon/a-v-receivers/avr-5600/PRD_118560_2718crx.aspx Bill
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