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  1. Yes the 576 with 90w is enough power to do the job. My suggestion if you have not purchased it yet, get the 705. It can be found for 425 to 525 dollars. Not much more than the 576 and with pre-outs if you want to add an external amp later for more power. Bill
  2. Bladerunner. Amazing computer restoration. Film looks and sounds like it was made today. Buy the collectors set, watch the original then the BR. What a difference. Bill
  3. willland

    Pet Peeve

    I know this sounds simple, but tell them. If they are really your friends they will respect your wishes. If that won't work steer them toward the kitchen where most gather anyway. Food and beverages usually has a way of distracting people from other things. Let them also know that if the kids can't eat and drink in the family room neither can they(you know setting an example). If all fails, put radioactive placards on each speaker. Bill
  4. By the way, why is anyone sitting at a computer at 5:30 pm on the 4th of July? Sun, beach, adult beverages. See ya. Bill
  5. To answer part of your post, yes the Onkyo TX-SR705 will have no problem driving your setup. Remember Klipsch speakers are very efficient. Even 75w wouldn't struggle. If you look at my setup, I have a 705(100w) driving the RC-62(150w),RF-63's(175w) and RSX-4's(50w). I wouldn't worry about the mis-matched wattage. I bought the amp(200w) for a little extra oomph, and for a cheap price($100.00). As for as bi-amping, I'm not sure. If you feel that you just need more, buy an inexpensive used amp. I also will eventually replace the surrounds with RS-52's. Bill
  6. willland

    New here.

    I know you are saving for the house(I know all about that first hand). Just wanted to point out something that is semi-local, often times sellers are willing to be very flexible on the price when the buyer is willing to pick up so they don't have to go through the trouble of packing and shipping. That is how I bought my RF-63's. He said if he didn't have to ship he would knock another $100.00 off price($1000.00 delivered in person to my house). Bill
  7. willland

    New here.

    Hey Youthman, Here is a link for a used Carver 3 channel amp in Palm City,Fl. Just responding to you mentioning that you would like to ad an amp. Don't know how much you want to spend but the price seems reasonable. The reviews on Audioreview seem favorable. http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampsmult&1219769209 Bill
  8. Klipsch website says that Heresy II's came in black lacquer. Bill
  9. Found this add in Orlando Craigslist. I think it is a pair of Heresy's. Help me out, I want to jump on it. http://orlando.craigslist.org/ele/734656508.html By the way, I found it first. Thanks, Bill
  10. If your dealer is well-informed, he would steer you away from the Synergy/Reference combo. Maybe there is a higher profit margin with the Synergy series? Bill
  11. Buy the RF-82's and RW-12d sub but not the synergy series with reference series. If short cash flow prevents you from voice matching the whole setup, buy the RC-62($375.00-$450.00) center and wait on the rear surrounds until your budget allows. You should be able to find the RS-42's for about $400.00/pair. The left-center-right is most important in home theater(seamless flow from left to right). The synergy series C2 and (4) S2's would still cost you about $950.00. Ditch the extra surrounds for now and have an all 5.1 reference setup. Then when your budget allows and you still want 7.1, buy the rears. Bill
  12. If you go with Thought #1, I suggest the Onkyo TX-SR805. Burr-Brown DACS and most of current a/v features available. 130w/channel and dual PUSH-PULL design amp. All for $550.00 to $650.00. Big and heavy receiver @ 49 pounds. I have the TX-SR705 and am very pleased with performance. Bill
  13. Yes to the first part of question. No to the second part unless you need more bells and whistles than the 705 provides. Everything is relative. Spend more money on a receiver you get better amps,power supply,more b's & w's. The 705 provides a lot of bang for the buck. I personally came to the same crossroad and decided to buy a used B&K reference 4430 3 channel amp(200w). All I wanted and needed was more "clean" power to run my RF-63's and RC-62 and I got it for only $195.00. If you are happy with the 705(I love mine) then look on www.audiogon.com to find many quality amps for a fraction of what you would pay for a better quality receiver. Remember with an additional amp you will need more shelf space. Bill
  14. I will have to agree with Youthman in his suggestion of you getting the RC-62. If you are shopping at BB/Mag*****, they now carry the 62(saw on website). For that matter they also carry the RS-52. I don't know your budget but just a suggestion. Bill
  15. Being that you have the RS-52's on the side, why not try the RB-52's in the back. If too obtrusive on your back wall, the RSX-5's might suffice. Bill
  16. The RC-64 is a very efficient(99dB) speaker. The Onkyo TX-SR805 has very high quality amps and power source usually only found on receivers at a much higher price point. On this and other forums many members with similar setups have chimed in and touted the capabilities of the 805. Get the RC-64, take it home, hook it up and listen. If not satisfied, buy an external amp to power the 64 or take it back and get the 62. Keep in mind, you might get the "bug" and may want to upgrade to the RF-63's or 83's, then you would already have the RC-64. Bill
  17. As long as the jumpers are in place, you can either connect to top +/- or bottom +/- but not + from top and - from bottom. http://www.klipsch.com/media/products/owners-manuals/Ref%20IV%20man.pdf Roll to near of bottom of file and in figure 5 there is a diagram of a standard speaker connection and in figure 6 a bi-wire connection. Bill
  18. RB-81's are great. Big size, big sound. Bass extension and large soundstage. Here is a link to help you: http://hometheatermag.com/compactspeakers/1006klipsch81/ Bill
  19. I borrowed a B&K reference 4430 amp from a friend to demo. After plugging in all conections, turning on receiver then amp and sampling a cd, I expected it to knock my socks off. Instead there was distortion(low) and a sense of low output. Any possible reasons this could be happening? Owner's manual suggests a blown rail fuse. Anyone experienced this with B&K or any amp for that matter? Thanks, Bill
  20. Longdrive03, Thanks for the alternative method of veneering. I haven't tried any method yet, but will soon take the plunge. If successful, I will post with pictures. Thanks, Bill
  21. I have demoed the 82's at a friends home with a 140wt Pioneer Elite receiver and came away wanting(needing) more for myself. I was about to purchase the 82's for $800.00 from a local A/V store until I found a used pair of cherry 63's for a grand. I have not heard the 83's but am completely blown away by the 63's. Between the 82's and the 83's, buying the 63's is a compromise. But a "d**n good" compromise. If there is no $$$ issue, get the 83's, put it all to rest and enjoy. Bill
  22. Groomlakearea51, Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the direct and informative reply. I think I will try your suggestion. If I decide to sell the 62 in the future(purchase the cherry 64), is there a way to cleanly remove the veneers and adhesive without ruining the vinyl surface? Just asking if I was to have a hard time selling with the custom addition. Bill
  23. I am not sure this is the right thread to ask this question but here it goes. I just bought a pair of RF-63's in cherry and want to add a real cherry veneer to my RC-62. I have some real natural cherry veneer left over from my cabinet install and I want to attach it to the top and sides of the 62. First, is that a wise thing to do and second any suggestions how to do it? I love the way the real cherry looks and I can't afford nor will my shelf be strong enough to support an RC-64. I would guess an adhesive is the only way to go. Any wood workers out there? Bill
  24. IMO I would say get the Onkyo TX-SR805. Same Burr-Brown DACs and dual push-pull amp as 2k dollar TX-NR905. This thing is a beast(50.9 lbs). Make sure your shelf is large enough and strong enough to accomodate. THX Ultra2 doesn't mean everything but it does mean something. It also has what is accepted as one of the best room-correcting systems(Audyssey MultEQ XT). When it comes to the THD comparison, yes .05% is better than .09% but it probably will not be audible to the human ear. As far as video processing goes, let your(BR,HD-DVD,DVD) player do the upscaling. Don't get me wrong Pioneer Elites are great but most of my experience is with Onkyos. You can find the 805 many places under $700.00. All of the remaining requests are possible with the Onkyo. Bill
  25. Wow. Just had the 1.5 year old cherry RF-63's($1000.00/pair) delivered to my house by the previous owner. Did I say wow? As far as I am concerned, the RC-62 sounds great with the 63's. I have only listened to some Irish acoustic guitar music so far but I can say that it seems the performance is taking place in my family room. Crisp and precise. Can't wait to put in King Kong(HD-DVD) and Saving Private Ryan(DVD) to test the setup with HT. Thanks for all the advice you "well informers" gave to me. By the way I would have bought them anyway even if the consensus was no. Now I have to take back the RB-35's before my 30 days are up(only way the wife would let me buy the 63's). Hey, wouldn't the 35's be great as rear surrounds? I had better quit while I am ahead. Thanks, Bill
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