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  1. 7 hours ago, scythe944 said:

    I believe you only get 165W if you were to only drive one channel.


    Power Output (6 ohm, 1 kHz, 10% 1ch Drive)

    165 W


    At 6 ohm at 1 kHz at 10%THD with 1 channel driven


    2 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

    Kind of misleading the way some spec sheets are shown. 

    I'd say so.



  2. @Johnny777,


    Welcome to the forum.


    IMO, as far as dedicated horizontally oriented center speakers go, the RC-7 would be "best, RC-3 next and so on.


    17 hours ago, Johnny777 said:

    I’m also interested in replacing the R-15Ms with RS-7s. Are RS-7s the best choice or is there something better to match the RF-5s?

    Yes, RS-7's best, then RS-3's.  RB-5 bookshelf speakers would match almost perfectly but with rear ports you would have to get creative with mounting on wall.



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  3. @Borlanges,


    Welcome to the forum.


    Without being too critical, you have some really nice floorstanders with the RP-8000F's and they deserve better power.  Spring-clip connectors on A/V equipment usually denotes cheaper inferior gear.  Until you get your system all planned out I am sure your AVR will do okay but if you expand bigger/better, get better quality power.


    Shop at A4Less and get yourself at minimum an upper midlevel AVR.  I set the filter at $647 to $948.  You can expand that filter if you want.



    IMO, make sure it has at minimum stereo preouts if want to add an outboard amp later on.







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  4. On 12/11/2020 at 9:14 PM, Kraken said:

    I can buy a NIB Harman Kardon HK3380 80 wpc stereo receiver that is probably 12 years old,




    I can buy a used 28 year old Denon PMA 1060 105 wpc integrated amplifier with a matching Denon TU 660 Tuner.  The Denon pair are from the original owners and have been kept in a stereo cabinet their entire life.  They appear to be very clean and are fully operational.


    Which is the better buy?

    Due to my experience with the Denon PMA-1060's cousin the PMA-1080R and other Denon integrated amps from the 80's/90's, I say the Denon.

    Now as far as reason/reliability, the HK would make more sense because it is NiB.


    On second thought, I would get the Denon set.



  5. 1 minute ago, Speakerbox12 said:

    I'm leaning towards the RP series center.

    I would hope considering you have or going to purchase the RP-600M's.


    2 minutes ago, Speakerbox12 said:

    Would it make sense to go with the 600 size?

    Absolutely.  Matching drivers in LCR is a good thing.


    2 minutes ago, Speakerbox12 said:

    Can a centre driver be too big? 

    I suppose if they were maybe 10 to 12 inch drivers.



  6. 1 minute ago, AudioNewbie said:

     Im looking at the Anthem MCA 325 Gen 2 for driving the towers and the center speaker.

    Excellent high quality amp that is powerful and quiet as a mouse.


    2 minutes ago, AudioNewbie said:

    But it says 225 watts per channel all channels driven. So since I'm new, obviously the amp states 225 watts per channel...which is more than the 150 watts per channel for the speakers but some say it would be fine? others say its too much??

    The Anthem will feed your speakers very nicely with clean quiet power.  No worries unless you get stupid crazy with the volume knob, which would apply also if you had an amp that only had 75w/ch.



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  7. 7 hours ago, AudioNewbie said:

    .im looking at a amp but its states is 225 watts per channel driven.  Would this be too much power and would it damage the speaker or am i stating the obvious? Or should i just get a power amp thats rated at 100-150 watts per channel driven?

    What brand and model are you speaking of?



  8. I was not bashing your Sony AVR but you have this really nice setup(speakers, projector and screen) in a new HT room, don't skimp on the power.  Feed these speakers with good clean power, not a bottom of the barrel entry level AVR.  Save a bit more $$$ and then get something decent.  IMO, a mid level AVR at minimum.


    7 hours ago, wvu80 said:

    It is cheaply made.  Most good AVR's at least have banana plug connectors.  The H790 has only L/R banana plug outputs which is very odd.  The rest of the connectors are the spring loaded push type which only accepts bare wire, and small bare wire at that.  I doubt it will take 14 awg wire.

    As mentioned, spring clip terminals are usually a dead giveaway for a cheaply made audio electronics.

    Images of 7.2ch Home Theater AV Receiver | STR-DH790



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  9. @R_Andrews,


    Welcome to the forum.


    3 hours ago, R_Andrews said:

    I ordered a Sony 7.1 receiver with 145 watts per channel.

    What model did you order?

    Those  power spec's may be a bit skewed.  That 145w/ch is most likely measured with one channel driven, at one frequency, at 6ohms, and at closed to 1%THD.


    3 hours ago, R_Andrews said:

    The R-51 are only 85rms and don't want to blow then.

    You are more likely to "blow" them with not enough honest spec's power.



  10. 4 hours ago, MC39693 said:

    BTW, for anyone looking for a semi-vintage receiver, the R-117 is really very good...

    That is an understatement.  Selling my minty R-117 a few years back is my biggest A/V regret.



    I really can't remember if the remote had a mute function.


    Enjoy your new toy.



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  11. @Joe Carter,


    Welcome to the forum.


    11 hours ago, Joe Carter said:

    I have recently received a pair of Heresy IVs in Natural Cherry which I love. The cabinets have aquired a few minor scratches. I'd like to know if there is a safe furniture polish I can use on them? I'm considering Old English (Light Wood) Scratch Cover, Would that be a good idea? Thanks.

    I use it with all my natural cherry veneered speakers.  It really does work on light scratches while adding a nice sheen.



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  12. 9 hours ago, baron167 said:

    an AVR is not the way to go. They sound OK, but a “music oriented” amp is a better choice; also available from accessories4less.

    If it were me, I would step it up to at least the Yamaha 602 which does have a subwoofer pre-out.



    Or maybe even this Denon with HDMI.



    DENON DRA-800H 2 x 100 Watts Stereo Receiver w/HEOS




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