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  1. The main thing that caught my eye was the weight difference, 31 pounds vs 48.75 pounds. Bill
  2. @RyanKlipschSpeakers, Welcome to the forum. The obvious differences below is enough to make up my mind. R-120SW 200-watt RMS amplifier (400 watts peak power) frequency response: 29-120 Hz weight: 31 lbs. VS R-112SW 300-watt RMS amplifier (600 watts peak power) frequency response: 24-125 Hz weight: 48.75 lbs.
  3. @Raj, Welcome to the forum. Subwoofer output on the Yamaha to L/LFE(white) on the subwoofer. Use a long enough RCA cable. Bill
  4. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/yamas801bl/yamaha-a-s801-2-ch-x-100-watts-integrated-amplifier-w/built-in-dac-black/1.html Bill
  5. @ttforum, Welcome to the forum. IMO, just wait and save up some $$$ for a while and just get a matching set of RP speakers. When I started my Klipsch HT journey, it was a gradual thing over a few years. 1)Klipsch Quintet III 5 speaker set to 2)Klipsch RVX-42 LCR/RSX-4 surrounds to 3)Klipsch RB-35/RC-62/RSX-4 surrounds to 4)Klipsch RF-63/RC-62/RSX-s surrounds to 5)Klipsch RF-63/RC-64/RSX-4 surrounds to 6)Klipsch RF-63/RC-64/RS-35 surrounds Each time I either sold the unused speakers to help fund or I repurposed them to another room. Also added and subtracted a few subwoofers, amplifiers, AVRs, pre/pros, DVD players, BD players, CD players, along the way. I have been very content with my final speaker line up(6) for close to a decade. Bill
  6. @CRA1, Welcome to the forum. It will work but I personally like having same size drivers for my LCR speakers. Bill
  7. @robert 2112, Welcome to the forum. Too much power is better than not enough. Just don't go nuts with the volume knob. In all seriousness, your RF-7IIIs will never see anything near what that amp has on tap. With the RF-7III spec'd at 100dB sensitivity, I bet 150w/ch 75w/ch continuous will blow you out of the room. https://myhometheater.homestead.com/splcalculator.html Bill
  8. Unless you absolutely have to visually match gear, you could do better than either amplifiers for the same or less $$$ with maybe an amp from Outlaw Audio or Monoprice, IMO. https://outlawaudio.com/shop/index.php?id_product=25&rewrite=model-7000x&controller=product https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=18682 As far as preamp/processors, either will do a fine job. Bill
  9. Can't say enough good things about these special speakers. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  10. This is a good deal. If the bride wouldn't shut me down, I would pull the trigger. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  11. It "works" but would be better with a pair of RP6000Fs. Bill
  12. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/ele/d/surrey-south-klipsch-71-surround/7235572204.html Not a bad deal here. Bill
  13. Very nice. Wish I lived a bit closer. Bill
  14. Not really true IMO. I have owned more than 25 outboard amps(Acurus, B&K, Sunfire, Anthem, Adcom, Denon) from monoblocks to 7 channels, and never paid more than $500.00 for any of them. Never had failure that was not cheap to fix. As a matter of fact, only one channel failure and I bought it knowing about it. If I am not mistaken, it was a $100.00 output transistor repair. Bill
  15. Better yet, get this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RCX-4-Black-Home-Theater-Center-Channel-Speaker-Display-Used/254686581963?hash=item3b4c80d4cb:g:KgYAAOSwO5xfNVWO @mhughes, Welcome to the forum. Bill
  16. @mhweb, Welcome to the forum. I have been using the first AVR I ever bought in 2002, an Onkyo HT-R500 to drive a pair of Celestion MP1's for my PC rig and have thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I have considered adding a small subwoofer to the game but since I use my over the ear headphones most of the time, I really have seen no need. Maybe look for a slim line AVR with digital inputs and a subwoofer preout and a pair of small passive Klipsch speakers like the RSX-4's and RW-8 subwoofer. Bill
  17. @OneTinyIrken, Welcome to the forum. I would not get too caught up in the power specs thing, they can be very confusing to the average consumer. If the Denon 4700 specs at 125w/ch@8ohms(20Hz to 20kHz) at 0.05% THD, then it will have plenty of juice to drive your whole system in the average size room at "normal" levels. If you still feel it somewhat inadequate, then just add a stereo amp for your mains or 3 channel amp to drive your LCR. Amp power is cheap on the used market. Bill
  18. I agree. I often stream Spotify with my Chromecast Audio with my Cambridge Audio 840C's built-in DAC and the sound quality(based on recording) is very acceptable. With that said, my understanding is that Chromecast Audio is better geared for music than HDMI equipped Chromecast Ultra. Don't hold me to that but that is what I have read more than once. Bill
  19. @Sailer1, Welcome to the forum. If this is for a stereo or stereo + subwoofer rig only, then maybe look for better amplification like a stereo integrated amp or multifunctional stereo receiver. IMO, a pair of Heresys and a well integrated subwoofer "can" rival or even better a pair of Cornwalls. Bill
  20. @jordanvo, Welcome to the forum. Where in Canada do you reside? I think you should seriously look on the used market for a pair of Klipsch towers near you. Bill
  21. I did not think it was price bashing either. Besides, the OP's original post was a question about worth/price. Bill
  22. I say think twice because $2450 is a good price for new Cornwall III speakers even though they are floor models. On the other hand $1300.00 is an average price for the Cornwall I but if you did decide to move up the chain, you could probably get that $1300.00 back if you were to sell them, if still in good condition. Welcome to the forum. Bill
  23. I was specifically saying go for the RP6000F's and another subwoofer over the RP8000F's and a single subwoofer. Of course if budget($$$) allows. Yes the RP502s would be better but have the least amount of immediate impact on your overall sound. Bill
  24. Totally agree with all of this. To save a tad of money, get the setup you stated above but, get a second subwoofer now or in the future. I personally think a second SPL-15 with have more impact than going a little bigger with the RP8000F's. Welcome to the forum. Bill
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