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  1. 56 minutes ago, 450 said:

    Are horns very brittle? Do I need to take special care if/when moving?

    Not at all.  Gravity and weight can be killers to both the woofers and horns if dropped on a hard surface with no real cushion to break that fall.


    Luckily, my RB-75s survived a diagonal cross country trip from Tacoma, WA to Kissimmee, FL via Fed Ex.  Daryl packed them wonderfully with original boxes double boxed and tons of bubble wrap and foam rubber.  Not a scratch.



  2. 5 hours ago, 450 said:

    Regarding the RB35 vs RB75, is the main difference the tweeter and crossover components? The woofer seems the same on both.

    The main differences are 1.75 " vs 1" compression driver, real wood vs vinyl veneer, and an 8 lbs weight difference.  Yes the woofers are the same and the horn sizes are different, 8" vs 6".  The crossover frequency is also different, 2000Hz vs 2350Hz which allows the RB-75s 1.75" drivers to handle a bit more of the midrange allowing a smoother hand off.

    I have owned 3 pairs of RB35s and currently own one pair of RB-75s.  I do think RB-35s are great performers but the RB-75s are on another plane.




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  3. On 9/23/2020 at 11:32 AM, paulgyro said:

    Very interesting read about such technical details of the RF7.   I was considering picking up a used pair of these but now I find myself disappointed that a flagship speaker has so many issues. 


    Am I wrong to think that? 

    First welcome to the forum.


    Yes, I also think you are wrong on this.  The RF-7s are beasts that have high output and high energy.  With the wrong gear in the wrong room they can be a bit "biting" to some but some acoustic treatments and better gear can tame that bite some.  The mods that are available address that sharpness allowing "consumer" grade gear to mate well enough with them in the not so acoustically perfect room.



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  4. 23 hours ago, 450 said:

    Curious about what you all think is the best Klipsch bookshelf speaker? I'm thinking it's likely the RB-75, but those haven't been sold for quite some time.

    I would agree that the RB-75 is the best bookshelf speaker Klipsch has ever produced, except for the P-17B which new was not "available" for the "common" man to purchase at $4000.00/pair msrp.  Though, "if" you can find a pair on the used market, they are more affordable.  Some in Klipsch land consider the Heresy a "bookshelf" speaker, me included, just on the huge side of the spectrum.



  5. Okay, first first things first. 


    @ZenAgain, welcome to the forum.


    You have a stellar rig that is hard to improve on but I will try.


    What is your budget for that new(to you) modern AVR?

    Where are you located?


    If you like your flagship Denon, then get a newer flagship or near flagship Denon AVR.  My true suggestion would be to get an upper tier AVR of your brand choice and a minimum 3 channel outboard amp with upwards of 120w/channel.  Many bargains on the used market and some new amps as well.








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  6. 1 hour ago, Shakeydeal said:

    Well there are some of us that don’t give two sh$&s about car crashes, explosions, and Dino stomps.

    I like that stuff also but a musical larger sealed sub/s can hold it's own with most action movie soundtracks while still providing that lower spectrum of the music we so love.  I do like the versatility that HSU, SVS, and some other sub companies provide with the port plugging options.


    1 hour ago, Shakeydeal said:

    But I think I am going to send it back and get a pair of smaller ULS-15s.

    Considering you are more/mostly a music guy, then those should be an excellent choice.



  7. 9 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

    really ? -  you got a letter to that effect - post it -

    No letter here but I was a second owner of a 6.5 year old(1.5 years after warranty expired) SVS SB13 Plus that had a Sledge amp failure and they replaced at no cost to me.  Less than a 2 week turnaround.



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  8. On 9/7/2020 at 3:21 PM, Panelhead said:

    The amplifier section had a measured S/N ratio of 70 dB! Bandwidth limited and A-weighted this improved to 82 dB. The published spec for all three models is 110 dB. 

      Do not know if there is a reason. But 28 dB higher noise than spec at these prices is noteworthy.


    Yamaha A-S3200 spec'd below.


     S/N ratio: single-ended, 110dB; balanced, 114dB. 



    Though I am not electrical/electronics engineer, this sparked my curiosity because my older lower tier A-S1000 is dead quiet even at max volume(no source playing) with my Klipsch RB-75s.


    I pulled up another review from Stereophile, the Anthem STR D/A integrated amp.  Anthem is known for building some of the quietest amps you can buy so I thought that would be an appropriate review to compare. 


    Here below are measured SNR vs spec'd of the Anthem STR.


    the wideband, unweighted signal/noise ratio (ref. 2.83V into 8 ohms) measured 76.8dB. Restricting the measurement bandwidth to 22kHz increased the ratio to 83.7dB, and an A-weighting filter increased it further, to 86.4dB. (All ratios are the average of the two channels.) 




    Signal/noise (1kHz, IEC-A, 2V RMS out): digital in, 44.1kHz, 112dB; analog in, DSP mode, 110dB; analog in, direct mode, 120dB. 


    Stereophile must use some really tight tolerances in their measurements because of the similar differences from measured to spec'd of both the Yamaha and the Anthem.



  9. On 9/17/2020 at 8:23 PM, RandyH000 said:

    klipsch makes quite a few subs that can beat a SVS pb 13 Hands down

    Just curious with no sarcasm intended, what does "beat Hands down" actually mean?  I see those exact/factual statements thrown around a bunch when it comes to subwoofer A verses subwoofer B.


    Also, IMO, Klipsch has not built a "consumer" subwoofer in the last decade or so that can compete with an SVS PB-13 Ultra for impact, extension, musicality, and build quality.  The last Klipsch serious consumer subs that can check all or most of the boxes are the RSW line which is over a decade removed and none came close to the PB13U's extension.



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  10. On 9/9/2020 at 12:17 PM, Astroniz said:

    Are 260f/280f much different from 6000/8000?

    From my understanding, the 260F/280F speakers are the first generation Reference Premiere and are basically the same engineering design as the new version 6000F/8000F speakers but without the newer cosmetic updating.

    Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F Ebony (pictured with included grille removed)Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F Angled view with grille removed


    1 hour ago, Astroniz said:

    Well so far this hasnt been helpful at all.

    I hope the above answer helps.



  11. On 9/17/2020 at 6:37 PM, kcurtis600 said:

    Had seller send some pictures to me, they look a little rough.00g0g_gXmdFGhsYXv_0CI0t2_300x300.jpg00J0J_2bBoaPJo1Bu_0CI0t2_300x300.jpg00o0o_8gJS7LKhaJ4_0CI0t2_300x300.jpg00X0X_5qcrFeHOzJh_0CI0t2_300x300.jpg01515_7oOroIxyyIQ_0CI0t2_300x300.jpg


    I never get why so many sellers don't spend a little time dusting/cleaning their gear before taking photos.:unsure:  I usually take one photo after "cleaning" and if I see any dust/blemish I immediately address it before more photos.


    @kcurtis600, enjoy your new speakers and welcome to the forum.



  12. 8 hours ago, Sanman5272 said:

    Thanks!  Would that be RC-62 or RC 62 II?  And any advice on a receiver that works with that setup?

    Either would be just fine.


    8 hours ago, Sanman5272 said:

    And any advice on a receiver that works with that setup?

    What's your budget?  I would get at minimum an upper midlevel AVR that also has stereo preouts or even better multichannel preouts.



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