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  1. 26 minutes ago, Robert Olson said:

    should of been more clear any specific upgrades i can do to the rs-7

    Listen to them first and get used to them before any surgery performed.



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  2. 3 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

    Willland and Wuzzer are both good guys and always helpful, they know their stuff.

    That is a very kind thing to say.  Thirteen years ago you would not have been able to say that about me with a straight face.:lol:


    3 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

    I'm glad you stayed around, it's actually a terrific place.

    Could not agree more.



  3. 3 hours ago, Robert Olson said:

    Guy didn’t budge got em for $325



    I thought you said he wanted $400.00?   Either way, good score.


    3 hours ago, Robert Olson said:

    I’m currently using my Rs-3ii as rear surround and rp-51 as surrounds do I put my rs-7 as rear surrounds or surrounds?

    Side surrounds of course.  You want the better speakers in place where the most surround information is mixed and that is in the surround channels.



  4. 6 hours ago, David y said:

    I’m confused. When I listen to say Sarah McLachlan angel on my rf-7III the sound is impeccable and so beautiful it could bring me to tears. But then I go to David grey sail away on tidal and it just seems to all fall apart, I mean it’s not horrible but from angel to sail away I just don’t know how there’s such a drastic change in overall quality and depth and Fidelity and clarity And both are so called hifi quality. I don’t understand how it can be both “hifi”  music and I’m sure both well recorded but yet the sound quality on my end is so different. And this happens with many songs sometimes. Why does this happen?

    All recordings are not created equal.  Different sound engineers, philosophies, compression, etc. can contribute to the quality, good or bad, of the final product.  The more revealing the system the more revealing sound that hits your ears.  If the master recording is not good quality, nothing can be done to make it "better".


    One example of great sound engineering is the group Steely Dan.  Their worst most compressed least dynamic copies are better than 75% of what you can find out there.  

     Google "Loudness Wars" and you will see.



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  5. While I understand your reasoning to pass on this, the RS-7 if one fine surround speaker.  Huge size and huge sound.  If I wanted them bad enough, then I would go $400.00.  Otherwise $350.00 would be my ceiling.


    Hope it works out for you.



  6. 1 minute ago, Robert Olson said:

    What’s a good set of surrounds for this set up I own a pair of rs3ii will these suffice

    Yes they will work just fine.


    2 minutes ago, Robert Olson said:

    shall I look for some rs7

    Can't hurt to look for a good deal.  The RS-7s are beasts.



  7. 5 minutes ago, Robert Olson said:

    I own the rp450c have a chance to get a rc-7c for my center channel. I have the power I also have a pair of RF7 first gen I use can’t decided help me decide 

    IMO, easy decision, RC-7.



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  8. 9 hours ago, baron167 said:

    it looks like your '80's setup is poorly setup compared to the new stuff.


    9 hours ago, salbake said:

    That’s fair.

    Placement alone could contribute to that conclusion.  Old system has a suck out on the right as well as IMO speakers way too close together for proper imaging and soundstage.  Your Yamaha CR-1020 is a very nice piece and could rival many modern moderately priced integrated amps of today.  With that said, it does appear that your beastly McIntosh amp is on another level.





  9. 31 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

     black paint - these are  B stock --great for someone looking for a plain pair of Forte 3 -  

    Isn't Ebony more of a super dark brown than it is black?  Not sure but that is my understanding.  Ebony left black right.


    Klipsch Capitol Heresy III Special Edition Floorstanding Speaker (Ebony)Klipsch Heresy III Special Edition Floorstanding Speaker (Matte Black)





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  10. If you are going strictly 2 channel, then a stereo preamp/amp combo is the "best" way to go.  All things being equal, a stereo integrated amp would be a close second.  If your system is a combo rig, HT and stereo, then your Anthem 720/Parasound A31 combo is a great choice.  Be happy and content with your system because it's a good one.



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