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  1. Keep the back black 🤣 Naw, it looks sharp!
  2. Unless you troubleshoot your problem in a methodical way, you may end up wasting a lot of money. Check the voice coil resistance of the old & new diaphragms using an ohmmeter and report back.
  3. I wouldn't poke fun if it wasn't relatable (we've all done it). Meant in good fun.
  4. Reading is fundamental 😄
  5. I figured as much. Do you have a DMM? You could always pull the cap and measure it. I doubt those caps were ever properly soldered. If they became hot enough to cause the joints to fail, the cans would be bulging.
  6. In this post, the electrolytics in the v.1 CF4 crossover are listed as 40uF & 57uF.
  7. Doesn't pattern control of a horn usually suffer near/at the lower cutoff? 800 Hz was probably a good choice, especially since it's Faital's recommendation.
  8. Those look like an aftermarket design put together by a DIYer. Maybe a universal.
  9. They should have sent an e-mail/canned response specifying why the review was rejected (or just outlining their review policy). It could be something minor in your text that is the issue. I've run into this before when trying to post a negative review to, I think it was Amazon. I just had to make a minor mod to my review text, which didn't change the review content much, and it posted. Or maybe they're just a terrible company when it comes to posting negative reviews.
  10. No, I read the last bit. I just dislike generalizing when it comes to people. Sorry for being so crusty about it, had a grumpy weekend - we're good. Carry on.
  11. Whatever you need to tell yourself, Claude. The issue isn't statistical truth; it's about prejudice, and painting any group with a broad brush. It's a sh*tty way to treat people. "Some people can compromise and some refuse". Pretty simple.
  12. IMO, the relevant point is that some people don't or can't accommodate large speakers, in spite of the advantages, period. I hate the term WAF. Women who like large speakers are not exceptional, I know plenty of them.
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