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  1. Fast or slow-blow?
  2. Glass. It might be best to just be patient and measure once they've arrived. Tolerance stack ups can cause slight variations within the same model group of any product.
  3. I can vouch for this, as well. I've reamed out many a vintage cymbal mounting hole from the old 7/16" to the new 1/2". This demurring tool works well to break the sharps.
  4. I will, too, if I can ever get the remaining cables built out. $5.00 is a bargain.
  5. I have several interconnects using this. Good stuff, studio standard.
  6. If the old gear hasn't been serviced, be prepared to spend some money getting it up to snuff, if not right away, then at least eventually. Electrolytics dry up, switches and pots get worn/dirty. I've repaired a few pieces, and while it's rewarding, it's a commitment of time. 100% worth it to get it back to spec, though, if it's something you want to use/keep for the long term.
  7. Years ago, when I worked on the bench repairing electronics, I was soldering together two wires that didn't have a good mechanical connection (my fault) and one of the wires popped off and splashed flux in my eye (wasn't wearing my glasses). Luckily, I had contact lenses in. Ruined the lens, but saved my eye. Always wear your safety glasses when soldering.
  8. The pic is unclear. The Vinyl cap could be just a slip-on cover, or have a central threaded post that screws into the insert. Since they call it a cap, I'm guessing the former.
  9. Pdow, McMaster-Carr may have what you're looking for, if you can figure out the thread size/pitch. The threaded posts that remain could have been the threaded post molded into the rubber foot of the speaker. What does the receiver look like? You may be able to remove the post by just unscrewing it, and using a new foot with an integrated threaded post. If the post doesn't want to budge, look for a foot with the correct receiver that will screw onto the post.
  10. Blvdre

    First Watt

    Mike's right. It's SOP for manufacturers to keep a stock of repair parts for post-production products, usually with a policy of support for X number of years. Our company does it for a service period of 10 years (laboratory test equipment), but it could be more or less, depending on the technology and period of relevancy.
  11. Another price drop. These are $300 shipped from Parts Express, and mine are as close to brand new as you can get. Plus I've saved you the parts expense and labor to add the extra gaskets for installation into a La Scala. $180 plus shipping.
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