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  1. Solen also makes a poly film and foil that is reasonably priced. John, I believe Solen caps are manufactured in Ontario, Canada, and distributed out of St. Hubert (just outside of Montreal). They have a french language option on their website, so that might explain the misunderstanding. Sonic Craft has good prices on AudioCap Theta film and foil caps, and I believe they ship internationally: http://www.soniccraft.com/index.php/film-capacitors-audiocap-theta-c-301_33
  2. My suggestion would be to spend the money on music or elsewhere in your system. Your speaker cable is fine, IMO.
  3. Fixed that for you 😅
  4. No, I've never tried the reflex riser. I currently have a Fastlane Tractrix horn with one of Dave's aluminum CD motorboards, with the nice CNC'd transitions (don't think he offered these for long?). I've had the CT-125s installed for many years now, but they are too laid back for my old frequency-challenged ears, so I'm going to swap the old k-77s back in. maybe I'll try the DE120s at some point. I've had a few different crossovers in these; The original AA, I've built type A & Als Universals. I'm in the process of building an AP-500/Universal so I can throw the JBL 2470 mid back in. I had used it in the past with a slightly modified type A, and preferred the sound over the k-55.
  5. You forgot my favorite, PCB Board.
  6. My 4pis are not finshed, but will be soon. If you haven't made a decision yet, I'll offer my opinion. I've owned Cornwalls, and still have a pair of modified La Scalas (which I'm holding on to).
  7. I'm guessing your Heresy's don't have a k-77 tweeter? If so, you could just do a swap.
  8. Heh, just how I feel about Bourbon. I enjoy Rye (WhistlePig's our local version), but Scotch is my choice. Lagavulin's my go to.
  9. They'll cover from 2-9kHz: https://www.av-iq.com/avcat/ctl1642/index.cfm?manufacturer=meyer-sound-laboratories&product=sb-3f
  10. P333, I believe you have to post a price. Try going to to the one of the other groups (2-channel might be your best bet), and ask for opinions/advice on value. Maybe start on the high end of the recommendations and work your way down, if it doesn't sell.
  11. Keep the back black 🤣 Naw, it looks sharp!
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