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  1. Another price drop. These are $300 shipped from Parts Express, and mine are as close to brand new as you can get. Plus I've saved you the parts expense and labor to add the extra gaskets for installation into a La Scala. $180 plus shipping.
  2. *Bump. Someone out there needs these for a project or upgrade.
  3. Unfortunately, shipping is sky-high across the border
  4. Bump for a lowered price. $200 plus shipping.
  5. I have a pair of Eminence Kappa 15Cs for sale. I bought these several months ago intending to install them in my LaScalas, but ended up going with a non Klipsch crossover, so cleaned up and kept my K-33s. I added the suggested additional gaskets to these (for excursion clearance), so saved you the trouble. These are in new/unused condition, except for a quick functional test with music. Send me a PM for a quote. Edit: The drivers are in their original boxes, packed in blow foam. I've packed both of those boxes into an 18x18x18 with bubble wrap. Asking $180 plus shipping.
  6. Blvdre


    A nice loaf of brioche, egg, cream, tiny bit of cinnamon, and VT maple syrup, because ours is the best. I'll fight you, Canada.
  7. It looks like the cap lead had broken in the past, dues to stress, and someone tried to solder onto the remaining nub. They also damaged the cap with excess heat. You're doing the right thing by replacing the lot. A few other sources for caps: HiFi Collective Sonicraft Parts Connexion
  8. His mistake is that reflected sound in music reproduction space is not equal to the reflected sound captured in a music performance space.
  9. Not a bad deal (highest cost is fragile packed). Dependent on box size:
  10. IDK, I don't own K-horns, lol. Seriously, Al K Engineering has a solution using Dave Harris' Eliptrac 400 (contact Dave directly). You'd have to build the frame (plans on Al's website). Volti Audio has an expensive options. Maybe others will chime in with solutions.
  11. If you're interested in upgrades, focus on those that are reversible, in case you want to return the speakers to original form. For instance, instead of replacing caps in your original AAs, swap in new networks, using the original mounting holes. Replace the k400 with a drop-in tractrix replacement, replacement tweeters, etc.
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