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  1. Blvdre

    I've loved Klipsch all my life but.....

    ....but they should last for a reasonable amount of time. I'm still doing OK with my sound bar (fingers crossed), and my La Scalas are happy with my very reliable Don Allen tube amp.
  2. Blvdre

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    Sorry about that, Jimbo; I missed it. You have to admit, it was a pretty terrible joke, so I should get a pass. And yes, a lot of the time I'm super-boring.
  3. Blvdre

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    I think it's interesting and informative. You've added nothing to the discussion, so are in fact boring.
  4. Commonsense Audio drivers (Audio Nirvana) have a good rep. A pair of the Classic 6.5s is $200:
  5. Blvdre

    New caps and break in

    Those connections are under stress. Redo!
  6. Blvdre

    PS3 Fat Boy CECHA01

    I have a Fat Boy w/latest updates, and it still plays all of my old PS2 games just fine.
  7. Blvdre

    Jubilees in DFW/Sherman area

    My guess would be frying-egg distortion.
  8. Blvdre

    Scam? or real? ebay Khorn ads

    Those are fake. Hijacked account. Whoever is doing this, they post a wide range of auctions, low starting price and same linked page.They've been doing this for quite a while now.
  9. Blvdre

    A Turntable that does everything

    Pffft. No 16 RPM.
  10. I would think you would have a hole in the response, in spite of the shallow crossover slopes. That horn and driver combination will not reach low enough.
  11. Blvdre

    Best Wood Finish For Oiled Oak

    Though I've never used it myself, I thought the Howard's stuff was popular here at one time...
  12. Blvdre

    Thoughts on Lascala and PWK's philosophy

    HDBR, did you mean 12-inch on-center in the 40s?
  13. Blvdre

    KSP-400 Cap Replacement Question

    Couldn't resist: http://moshimonsters.wikia.com/wiki/Glooble
  14. Blvdre

    Bias of SET amps

    I had that setup also, Seti; I still miss them. George repaired my preamp and sent along a nice note detailing the repairs (not just an itemized invoice). Enjoy the 3.5s, rplace. You picked a gem.