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  1. Thankful that I never have to read another ishwash rant again 👍
  2. Blvdre

    Klipsch K-402

    Not a 510 horn (EAW), but a nice paint job nonetheless.
  3. You can't beat that kind of customer service.
  4. Blvdre

    Rocky Mtn Audio Fest La Scala AK5's

    No updated mid-horn, Just a new tweeter & tweeter horn (tractrix). I know, right?
  5. Blvdre

    H700 Bought

    Sure, but you could use a rubber friction tape around the top edge of the risers. Something that won't mark up the veneer.
  6. Blvdre

    H700 Bought

    Bob Crites has the correct slant risers: https://critesspeakers.com/heresy-slant-risers.html
  7. Blvdre

    K402 Mold Slag

    A deburring tool might get rid of that flash. Do you have a pic?
  8. I disagree with the generalization that tubes smear. I've owned a Wright-Audio 2A3, and still run a pair of Don Allen SEPs. I would describe these amps as tonally natural with very good transient response. I understand, though, that low power doesn't suit your needs. The only MOSFET amp I've owned was a CJ MF-80, and definitely not over-etched; smooth and natural, a very nice amp.
  9. Blvdre

    I've loved Klipsch all my life but.....

    ....but they should last for a reasonable amount of time. I'm still doing OK with my sound bar (fingers crossed), and my La Scalas are happy with my very reliable Don Allen tube amp.
  10. Blvdre

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    Sorry about that, Jimbo; I missed it. You have to admit, it was a pretty terrible joke, so I should get a pass. And yes, a lot of the time I'm super-boring.
  11. Blvdre

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    I think it's interesting and informative. You've added nothing to the discussion, so are in fact boring.
  12. Commonsense Audio drivers (Audio Nirvana) have a good rep. A pair of the Classic 6.5s is $200:
  13. Blvdre

    New caps and break in

    Those connections are under stress. Redo!
  14. Blvdre

    PS3 Fat Boy CECHA01

    I have a Fat Boy w/latest updates, and it still plays all of my old PS2 games just fine.