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  1. Head-scratching 😆
  2. Blvdre

    Loudspeakers wreaked in Huricain

    A snapshot of recently sold kg4s on ebay:
  3. Blvdre

    Posting review on Monoprice

    They should have sent an e-mail/canned response specifying why the review was rejected (or just outlining their review policy). It could be something minor in your text that is the issue. I've run into this before when trying to post a negative review to, I think it was Amazon. I just had to make a minor mod to my review text, which didn't change the review content much, and it posted. Or maybe they're just a terrible company when it comes to posting negative reviews.
  4. Blvdre

    Wider acceptance of the 402/510??

    No, I read the last bit. I just dislike generalizing when it comes to people. Sorry for being so crusty about it, had a grumpy weekend - we're good. Carry on.
  5. Blvdre

    Wider acceptance of the 402/510??

    Whatever you need to tell yourself, Claude. The issue isn't statistical truth; it's about prejudice, and painting any group with a broad brush. It's a sh*tty way to treat people. "Some people can compromise and some refuse". Pretty simple.
  6. Blvdre

    Wider acceptance of the 402/510??

    IMO, the relevant point is that some people don't or can't accommodate large speakers, in spite of the advantages, period. I hate the term WAF. Women who like large speakers are not exceptional, I know plenty of them.
  7. Blvdre

    Line Level Outputs On An Integrated Amp

    Peter, I looked at the a-520 manual, and I don't see a pre-amp out. It shows 3 line level inputs, a phono input, two tape loops, and an accessory send and receive (for eq). Maybe Yamaha had an initial run of amps that were mislabeled. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/779909/Yamaha-A-520.html?page=5#manual
  8. Blvdre

    Klipsch crossovers

    Lol, math basics 😁 Thanks, glens
  9. If it was me, I'd use the type A. Drop the tap on the autoformer from 4 to 3, change the squawker cap from 13 to 6uF, and keep the tweeter cap at 2uF. Use some nice AudioCap Thetas, and you're done, for ~ $140 total, shipped.
  10. Blvdre

    Klipsch crossovers

    VAC or VDC is fine. To calculate voltage equivalency, you would divide the VAC rating by 1.4 to calculate an equivalent VDC, or multiply the VDC rating by .7 for an equivalent VAC. Crossover caps typically have lots of headroom where voltages are concerned, and if you go to from, say a 250 VAC cap to a 250 VDC cap, you've increased your voltage headroom.
  11. Blvdre

    R-115SW stops working after 10 minutes

    This. I bought an either refurbished or open box RSB-11 a couple of years ago from an authorized dealer. When it arrived, I found that the woofer voice coil was knocked out of alignment during shipping. I contacted customer service and was directed to send the faulty sub back for repair or exchange (can't remember which). Klipsch paid for all shipping and repair costs, updated me via e-mail as service progressed, and the new (or repaired) unit has been working without trouble for a couple of years now. Pretty good customer service in my experience.
  12. This one? https://gizmodo.com/5025867/horn-subwoofer-takes-up-crazy-mans-entire-basement
  13. Blvdre

    Factory quality control?

    That's what happens when I skim. I blame my eyes; they dart around like they're late for an appt.
  14. Blvdre

    Factory quality control?

    I think Schu was implying that the driver might be wired out of phase for a reason. Not saying that's the case, but it's not uncommon, depending on the crossover design.