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  1. Thoughts on Lascala and PWK's philosophy

    HDBR, did you mean 12-inch on-center in the 40s?
  2. KSP-400 Cap Replacement Question

    Couldn't resist: http://moshimonsters.wikia.com/wiki/Glooble
  3. Bias of SET amps

    I had that setup also, Seti; I still miss them. George repaired my preamp and sent along a nice note detailing the repairs (not just an itemized invoice). Enjoy the 3.5s, rplace. You picked a gem.
  4. LaScala Crossover?

    Not an AA. Maybe the infamous AL?
  5. $30,000 for a mold is not uncommon. In fact, we have many molded items in our equipment (medical laboratory test equipment) with molds that cost into the $40K+ range. I believe cost is partly based on the required precision of the molded part. CNC is a completely different process, and can be a more cost effective solution, if only producing smaller volumes of parts. Once you hit a certain threshold, though, it's cheaper to get the part molded, if possible.
  6. Something for me ...

    Research funded! Doesn't get better than that.
  7. Klipsch crossovers

    Yeah, you have a spade lug hanging in the breeze. If it was me, I'd want to verify that all parts are wired correctly and making good connection.
  8. Permanent wanted: CF-4 rev. 1 or other CF

    Sure it exists, but someone has to track it down for you, and that's a cost. Are you guys worth it?
  9. Jimbo, you have the capacity for bad humor.
  10. Good to know. Throwing away $15 to save $5 is bad economics.
  11. Madisound offers a 15 AWG 2.5 mH for ~$16, equivalent DCR. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/steel-laminate-15-awg/steel-laminate-2.5-mh-15-awg-inductors/
  12. Good deals or no?

    The Chorus IIs have the newer (nicer) mid-horn.
  13. This woofer is used in Wayne Parham's 4pi two-way, crossed at ~ 1kHz to a B&C DE250 on his h290 horn. As I understand, it's performance is very well regarded, and not inexpensive on the used market.