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  1. 4 Klipsch MCM-1900 Stacks - VT - Up For Grabs!

    Chuck, you're a very generous person, considering all the work it takes to transport, organize, etc. A killer deal!
  2. 4 Klipsch MCM-1900 Stacks - VT - Up For Grabs!

    Glad you were able to pick those up, Chuck. Did you deal with Scott (Perron)? I don't know Scott personally, but went to school with his older sister, Tammy. Funny, the ad says, "From the old Skateland in Essex." The old Skateland was in Williston, started in the 1974. We had a lot of fun skating back then. I had never seen or heard of Klipsch speakers before then, but after that first listen, knew I would have a pair one day. A cool piece of local history.
  3. Forte III

    That grill looks great with the black.
  4. CornScala 500/5000 Super X

    I like the the way you mounted and connected those foil inductors. They're awkward to solder, that's a nice solution.
  5. Sign in required?

    My login issue has cleared up.
  6. Tree removal?

    We're lucky up here. I had five large trees and stumps removed for $1900: A maple, three Oaks, and a Pine. They came up with a large crane, a cherry picker, and a chipper rig. Mind you, my property is only 0.15 acres. Started in the morning and were finished by lunch, AND they also removed my next door neighbor's oak. Cleaned up every bit. The guys are pros, and just about everyone uses them. I definitely got a discount because of the oak. That was some usable lumber - straight and true.
  7. RSW 15 - Nice woodwork

    Looks a bit damp and drafty
  8. Sign in required?

    Default is selected here, as well.
  9. Sign in required?

    I'm having the same issue with both my macbook pro and ipad at home, and my windows 10 laptop at work. Safari and Chrome. Never had the problem before, no settings have been changed.
  10. WTB: La Scalas

  11. Developing a network for the Forte

    Since this thread was created, Al has since locked down his designs, and stopped selling kits. However, some of the schematics can be tracked down with a little creative searching. Were you able to come up with something?
  12. Developing a network for the Forte

    Yes, Al has a crossover which works with both the Forte & Forte II. The cost is $340/pair, and if you send in the stock networks, Al will issue a $48 credit. Go to alk engineering and select Overview to see a pic, and Price List for cost.
  13. Forte III

    I hope those are blank
  14. LaScala mid horn

    I tried a 511 with my La Scalas, 3-way, with a Great Plains 902. I did not care for it. i'm currently using Dave's FasTrac which beats the 400 and the 511, at least to my ears.
  15. Choosing a Preamp by tube..

    Yup, had the 3.5s as well. I needed the cash for some foolish reason. I do like my Don Allen cakepans (6bq5 monos), but am still looking for a nice tube pre. I'm currently using a PS Audio 4.5 that I got for free (not working). I swapped out all of the electrolytics, polys, switches, and pot (was NOT east finding the switches, sourced in England). It actually sounds really nice in straight-wire mode.