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  1. Speakers are now sold. Thanks for your interest!
  2. Another BUMP on these. @Artinaz, I'll send you a PM.
  3. I discovered that VTI BL304-series AV shelves with rubber dots on the posts make a perfect speaker stand for the SH50. Imaging has _drastically_ improved. Toeing the SH50s in about 15 degrees turns into about six feet of couch width where the imaging is still holographic.
  4. Hehe, that's part of the secret plan. Also offered to let SO paint the cabinets to her liking...
  5. They sound pretty awesome. The really impressive piece is the dynamic range and frequency extension. It’s really only the bottom octave that is missing, and I don’t miss it much. They’re also just loafing about with a watt or two of class D amplification. I had to set the software upper limit on my amp to -20dB to avoid launching myself over the neighbor’s fence if the streaming app resets to full volume. Imaging obviously suffers when I have them angled up like stage monitors, but if you’re willing to sit on the floor you get the sense of how well they would image when setup properly. If I kept these in the long run I’d be looking for a stand manufacturer building something beefy and audiophile-like for these.
  6. Replied to PMs. They're still available as of now.
  7. I should also mention that I'm still in search of a pair of high-efficiency horns with _slightly_ higher WAF than these, and preferably a shorter depth. I'd be particularly interested in something from the JBL K2 or 43xx series, or potentially something with a TAD 4001/4002/4003 horn. Happy to trade up or down. I also have a Genelec 7073 that I was going to use with these that I may end up selling.
  8. So, after hearing all the hype about Danley SH50s, I found a second-hand pair last month and bought them sight unseen. I presume the previous owner bought them from a church, because I found an expired classified ad indicating as much. He got as far as sanding off most of the old white paint and had planned to re-spray the outside black, but I purchased them as-is with a patchy white paint job with newly-installed black grilles. They arrived earlier this month, and they look WAY bigger than the dimensions led me to believe. Day 3 in our living room and I received the veto from my wife. I'm into these for $3800, and that's what I'd like to get back out of them. I'm in the SF Bay Area, about 30 minutes South from SFO airport. These are currently connected to an NAD M10 integrated and prospective buyers are welcome to audition.
  9. Gents (and ladies), I have a piece of gear I'd like to buy in FL (I live in Boston). Anyone willing to bring a heavy sub from FL to MA? Or at least to somewhere close? Remuneration and beverages supplied! Thanks! OTF
  10. Unfortunately this is now on hold. My new SVS amp died after 3 days of service. Keeping this in case SVS wants it back for inspection. Once this issue is resolved I will respond to those interested. Thanks for your patience!
  11. I am in the Boston area. Local pickup/meetup is of course welcome.
  12. Mike, I've got an HK 930 (big brother to the 730) that I would let go for $175. It's been stored for a couple of years now, but I can give it a quick test before sending it out.
  13. Guys, I had the unfortunate experience of blowing an amp out of warranty on my SVS PC13 Ultra. SVS offered me a good price on a refurb'ed Sledge amp so I am up and running again. The old BASH amp appears to be quite salvageable. There is a small burned trace on the power supply board, and nowhere else. The failure happened when a guest kicked the power cord accidentally, not from overdriving. I'd guess this unit is an easy fix, and I'd rather it get used than go to the dump. 750W and plenty of adjustability would be a great start for a cheap project subwoofer setup. I'd just ask that the buyer pay for a box and shipping, which probably wouldn't be more than $15-20 in the Continental US. Stephen
  14. I'm much more likely to listen to music loud for a few songs in a row than for a movie. Frankly I think the dynamic range on most movies is relatively poor-- the dialogue can be all but inaudible if the effects are at a reasonable volume. Sometimes I end up using dynamic compression specifically for this reason..
  15. I Second psg's comment here that a 10-inch sub will probably be working pretty hard to fill that space. I don't have personal experience with either of these two models, but while the driver and amplifier specs seems to be similar, the SW-450 is in a larger cabinet and thus gives slightly higher max output. Proper placement will be key here--corner is probably best to load the room and get a few more dB, but of course each space is different. You might also want to check out several of the SVS models in this price range and scan Audiogon for some used models. There are lots of choices in the $500 range. Good luck and happy listening!
  16. Current draw? Yes, current draw, from the line-level sub out at the receiver. While far-fetched (hence my comment about receiver quality), it's possible that the reduced impedance the receiver would see from a parallel output connection could be beyond design specs. In worst-case, this would likely yield only poor signal transfer, not any equipment damage.
  17. I had a conversation with Curt from Velodyne on this topic when attempting to resolve a related subwoofer issue. By using a Y-adapter, essentially you're feeding a higher-level input signal into the subwoofer so that the gain on the subwoofer amplifier doesn't need to be increased as much. If I understand the issue correctly, there's absolutely no risk to the sub in doing so; you'll just want to confirm that the additional current draw from the receiver isn't a problem. If your receiver is of any quality at all, it shouldn't be an issue.
  18. I was always a big fan of this subwoofer design if you're in need of more inspiration: http://www.royaldevice.com/custom.htm OTF
  19. I saw this page a while back, but something reminded me of it and I thought I'd post it. These guys went truly nuts on the bass horns, but I'd love to build one like this eventually... http://www.royaldevice.com/custom.htm
  20. My experimenting nearly got me thrown out of my apartment this week... The RF-7s are seriously powerful. I threw a clean 300 WPC from a McIntosh amp at them and they didn't flinch. As a matter of fact, the Mac flinched and started blinking the clipping lamps. That's when the neighbors started calling. Heavy gauge cable with jumpers seems to be OK for now, but I have a solid soldering iron and lots of bulk cable. Maybe I'll make up a set of nice bi-wire cables on a rainy day. I'm impressed by the bass performance, but listening until now has mostly been music. Still very impressive at this price point....
  21. I just snagged a nice set of RF-7s on CL - they're in beautiful shape, and more importantly, sound GREAT! I'm currently running them with wire jumpers - anyone running these have a strong preference for true bi-wiring? Also, these will see 50/50 duty for music/HT - what's the need for a subwoofer? The bass seems generous, but what about the bottom octave? I'm a little concerned that anything short of a HUGE sub will be overpowered. Any input appreciated!
  22. http://newyork.craigslist.org/brx/ele/393875640.html Go get 'em (no affiliation, etc). I would but for the moment have settled on monitors.
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