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  1. I'm sorry about my reply; I didn't catch that you bought another PlusDeck. Now I want one.........
  2. Creative makes some very decent outboard USB sound cards, with RCA inputs and w/software. I got mine at Office Depot for $27.00 I can record anything that has RCA line level signals into my PC, choose the format (.wav, .mp3, etc.) and even remove hiss, smooth out the volume (excellent if you're going to listen in the car). Mine was a Soundblaster. I gave up on finding an affordable audio card for the PC that had RCA inputs. I see some PC makers are not putting them in the front of some models. I have a friend that gets good results with RCA-to-mini jack cables out of a cassette deck, straight into his PC sound card, and then uses some Sony software to convert it to mp3. You can also download NICE recorder or Cybercorder to use with your PC sound card (they're free) and they automatically convert the input to mp3.
  3. Made a deal, had her engagement ring re-done in a larger way. FII's will stay. I noticed a Klipsch forum post yesterday looking for Oiled FII's, which showed up on eBay today for $280. I think shipping was $100. My "bargaining" chip (besides the new rock) is that I will NOT be using the FII's for HT, which I'd never intended, anyway. When I get my business going, I'll shoot you the web site. I'll be "recovering" and preserving old LP's, 8-tracks, cassettes, and even dbx-encoded stuff, either pure from the source, or enhanced with black gear, or enhanced with software, or any combination thereof. I prefer the pure approach, listening to old LP's or 8-tracks in the car, including the needle drop, track change, etc. The FII's are so I can hear what I've done. Some music, like a 1972 George Benson LP, shouldn't be heard any other way. Thanks.
  4. I made a deal. Had her engagement diamond re-mounted, this time as an accessory side stone. It worked. FII's staying put.
  5. I've seen the Quintet, and heard it. It's hard to imagine Grover Washington, Jr or Dianne Warren on anything but a big Forte II, but I have to make a change. I don't even want to think about John Hiatt on small speakers. Space for a sub is limited and the other speakers have to be aesthetically invisible, which makes proper placement of satellites, etc difficult. I'm considering in-walls, but local installers here are not audio people, just electricians, and all they want to push is Bose, which is the choice of yuppies here so they can talk about them. I'm into the Klipsch sound, and do not mix my surround sound stuff w/my music. I'll keep looking and considering my options, and I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
  6. Would cost more in the long run, and I can ignore her while wearing headphones if I have to. Now, giving her away.....
  7. I'll get some pics in the next few days. Condition is exc, no scratches. A little wear on the bottom corners has the finish looking see-thru is all. Thanks.
  8. My dbx 228 fried a channel, and no shop will touch it. In order to record my dbx-encoded cassettes onto CD before they're ruined, I need either a decoder or a dbx-capable cassette deck.
  9. I'm using a Creative Soundblaster External card w/RCA inputs, etc. I noticed a new HP PC that appears to have built-in RCA audio inputs. Is there a product like this to add to my Sony VAIO? I'm in the process of converting my LP's and dbx-encoded tapes to CD. Next are 8-tracks.
  10. I feel your pain. We need bigger caves. I may be amenable to the CD changer, depending on location, and will drop you a note.
  11. FII's. Black, w #19 Grille. One pair. exc condition. I'm looking for fair pricing opinions. I sold my Polk Audio RT-12C's about 10-12 years ago, missed the big sound, picked up these. I'll miss them more. They were way more efficient. Marriage and aesthetics now rules my enviornment. (Bigger cave not an option) Wife thinks Bose is a real speaker name. Help me.
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