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    Yeah, why?

    Yet the most simple statements such as that with blinding truth just seem to make others want to jump out of a window. I didnt hear dumb and stupid or any name calling, just stated facts.
  2. A lot of factors going in to it all. Not even going to get in to the supply chain of funds or currency, but that will be a really scary thought. The good thing is, I think we're over the hump for the most part. There is no shortage of wood around here and prices are continuing to come down some and hopefully back close to normal by Spring of '22. Supply chain is the big issue, no one can get caught up. Almost get your Arse run over by a 18 wheeler lately on the interstate, well that because they're hiring anyone that can pass a pee test, get a CDL and back a trailer half azz that is. Did Amazon bowl your package down your sidewalk like you just saw on your Ring monitor? Well that's because they're hiring anyone with a pulse too. Covid shut down a big part of manufacturing, especially in factories, mills and anything union affiliated. Oh, also after the Govt bribe, many people figured out uncle Sam would pay them more to sit at home and accelerate their ailments, than to go to work. Then you have the 80% of crap that we use everyday from our good friends in Asia. Yep, they just whacked, stacked and stuffed those poor people in their hovels and put a lock on the door and gate over there, so there goes our trinkets and more importantly, our chip builders. There goes little Johnny's Xbox for last years X-mas, doesn't look like it will be here this Xmas and the plethora of options GM cant pull off without chips for moms new Chevy Tahoe. We have fruit and Veggies here in the US dying on the vine. Oh, and we have, I don't know, 200k or so company coming to visit this year, with another 100k to show in the remaining months and its a good thing they're all highly educated and skilled, because we need more intelligence here. So things just stopped for a while and a certain group thought now was the best time to throw a load of bones on the porch to make sure the dogs laid around instead of hunting. Now the Dogs wont hunt, they're hoping their "master" stays around and will do whatever is necessary to make sure he keeps throwing those bones. Meanwhile the Farmer that owns the Crop house, the dogs and pays the Master is going to go broke and the Dogs and Master have no clue they're going to be eating out of a creek shortly.
  3. I think it would be difficult for me to just sit down with my system and distinguish two (new to me) SS amps that are very comparable build and spec. wise. However, I do think once you get some hours under your belt, its easier to pick out the differences in a fully treated listening area. Most people don't have any treatments, they have poor walls, bad corners, strange room shape and opening floor plans, bad speaker placement, etc. Getting the most from what you have is cheaper and brings more to the table than a quick and expensive component change. Treatment is everything and it took me 20 years to finally be convinced by it. Now, I can tell you its everything to my ears. I ran a Fischer 100X2 SS amp and a old Onkyp pre that was all I knew back in the late 80's, hooked up to a pair of CW II's. I wish I still had those two components, just to let me know where I am today. I ran a first gen EMO XP5 or something like that through my modded K's from a fellow friend and the noise floor was so bad from the elevated input sensitivity it was literal insanity at idle and low level listening, but it sounded great on his Maggies. I also tried an Outlaw 5 or 7 channel amp many years ago, and it was an impressive and clean amp. I actually went to buy it after the audition and the owner fried it before I got there. I heard a pair of mono MC 30's back in the mid 90's hooked up to a pair of Heresy's at a friend of a friends house in Memphis. Let me say, this was one of the finest sounding setups I have ever listened to and I have never heard anything so lush. It wasn't analytical or even accurate, but it just oozed dreamy brass, vocals and just electrified the room. From Blues to Jazz, which was all he listened to, I was just floored by it. When my ticket comes in, I will own two sets of 30's. Right now, I am running a MC7205 feeding K's up front and LS's in the rear. I set this up when the lossless multi channel audio was the big thing, and it still is in my book whether two channel or multi is involved. This amp is a bit cold and analytical, but extremely accurate and unforgiving. Is specs are off the chart in cleanliness, but you pay for this with the compromise of thinner SS sound. Its dead silent at idle and layers the content incredibly. I have called it good on this one, teamed up with a Marantz 8802a Pre. I know there are many, better multi channel amps out there, but I have slacked off from the hunt with my aging ears. I have heard many amps here and there, but you just cant give anything a fair shake until its sitting in your mix for a while. They all pretty much do the same thing, but the topography and components do change things up. Diminishing returns were mentioned earlier in the thread and that is a nail hit on the head after you reach a certain level of quality IMO. Rounding back to the initial thread question. I think there is no doubt the majority here could listen to a intricate and/or delicate passage from one of their favorite artists they have heard for decades that they were familiar with, spending maybe 3-5 nights listening to actually hear differences to very similar built amps. However, if your room isnt treated or at least a halfway, you just might not. From the amount of Reverb and Echo I have previously had, I know I likely couldnt.
  4. Max2

    Congratulations dtel!

    Well deserved!
  5. I am doubting very, very few here and possibly any could pick out the difference in the base poly Daytons as compared to a filmed Soni's. You got a solid set of Networks there for $300. Save your coins and pick up some Theta's, Jupiters or Mundorfs for the high pass later on.
  6. Max2

    Death Clock

    Skinny bunch here
  7. I think they look fabulous and if they're going down in the upper teen cycles, well thats remarkable. Unfortunately, its safe to say a pair will never make it to my Castle....
  8. Stock drivers with the Volti mid horns and adapters are probably 60% to 70% of the upgrade alone in performance, at least to my ears. I ran them with stock drivers for about 6 months. Then upped to the BMS Md mids, the CP 25's and custom X-overs. Its a great kit and I couldnt go back to fully stock, but honestly, if you can find a set of used Jub's, handle the looks and footprint, its a better move investment oriented.
  9. All dedicated centers are lackluster IMO. If space is an issue, I would look for a used C7. Sensitivity is up there (99db) and it has a very decent horn for dialogue. Having said that, match your fronts if you can get away with it.
  10. Heresy. Walnut, raw finish ? 1988 or 1985? Someone will confirm
  11. Max2

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Nah. How to properly fillet a fish. The knives will come out then
  12. Max2

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Use flaxseed or grapeseed. Bring just up to the smoke point or it wont create a good layer. You have to get the oil hot, but no big smoke show.
  13. Without doubt. The Belles were like Mini K's. Tell you what though, I would take a pair of these over them both. Unicorns here and may be my favorite of all as far as looks go.
  14. Owned Belles about 20 years ago and still own LS's. Liked the looks of the Belles better, but the Belles had the smaller cast mid and they were really short which put the output really low at furniture level at my old house back then. They were a bit beamy, but wish I still had them given they were Ribbon Mahogany, perfect condition and only $800 at the time.
  15. Everyone keeps talking Scientists know best. Follow Science, yah, yah. Im behind that, but not blindly. Science didnt stop Sweet & Low. Didnt stop Zantac, Baby Powder, Asbestos and a litany of other items that all seemed perfectly safe at the time. I know a Brain surgeon and I always use to help him find his car keys during Med school, oh and he already had a masters degree in Chemical Engineering. Very smart guy. BTW, this wasn't one of the times when we were eating mushrooms either..... jk, No true story
  16. Anyone doing any fermenting with their peppers? I did a big batch last year of the ghosts that I fermented for 30 days. I am trying to like this new "layered" flavor, so to speak of the sauce, but I am just not digging it. Its really earthy and a bit bitter.
  17. Reverse flow, built Texas style for $800? tough find. Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker – TheOuterDoors
  18. When you coming to AR Old timer? You need to come clean out my freezer.
  19. Peppers can be strange. I can chop up a ghost and put rings on a sandwich and it no doubt has some big heat. At the same time, I can chew up a tiny Tabasco pepper and it will bring me to my knees and reaching for milk. I don't pick my Jalapeños until they start to what is called corking. Its basically when lines start to develop down them and this is supposedly when they have reached their max potency. It can happen when they're green, red or brown, you just never know.
  20. Ghost's just seem to grow easy for me. Not doing any this year as I have gallons and gallons of base stored and about 10 gallons of peppers frozen. If any central AR locals want a frozen bag, let me know.
  21. They're all just throwing spaghetti against the wall with the numbers.
  22. I have been running them for a few years. Low level listening, I like them wide open. If Im going to run it at 30-50 watts or so peak, I like them cut to -3db as they can get a bit spitty on some hot recordings on the top end. I think they're very revealing, but then again, Im a fan of the buzzy old K77's too.
  23. Mom got both of hers and she is 71. Wife has had her first, Im holding out as long as I can. I dont want that 5G miker chip in me just yet.
  24. Max2


    One thing I wish is that we lived closer to the coast somewhere. I have a soft spot for Snapper and Cobia and just about everything else swimming in Salt.
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