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  1. That is one big plate of Steak and Potato's. I bet someone orders them up over the festival.
  2. I have seen them once and agree, its well worth the effort in going. For the real band to give them the nod in performing the tribute speaks loudly.
  3. Red Devil black satin paint will match the tops where the wood is showing
  4. I ran mine free air with about 6 inches to the corner due to a low angled walls for a while. I then enclosed them and gained a lot of low end with he ability to toe them out. It made them very listenable. I then moved homes, got good corners and a dedicated room. Stuck them in the corners and toed them out a bit and its another step up. Just the ability to toe is worth a lot more than a sheet of birch and 8 screws. I think it also helps having them wrapped in wood instead of sheetrock.
  5. The C 2's IMO are the most well rounded and capable speaker short of a K-horn. No, this doesn't mean I would trade my beat up LaScalas for a pair, but the C 2's are becoming a rare find these days. I wouldn't give a pair away either. Good luck with the sale OP
  6. Slip the wires off the HF side of the speaker terminal plate that you have pictured, then you will just have power going to the low end.....I think anyway
  7. That is a quality amp with a very good noise floor. I would bet a steak that your problem is anywhere but that unit.
  8. Good luck with your speaker search. Stick with Klipsch and go as big as you can. Im taken back by your choice of forum name. Hope this thread crap reaches you well and other members that don't have a clue who Kyuss is. The list of great stuff is deep with them.
  9. That is going to be a very sweet setup.
  10. The little KEF's must be pretty worthy
  11. How is the Genesis box set mixed? Its seems its hit or miss on some of these multi channel offerings anymore. How does "A Night at the Opera" rank with you are far as the mixing goes?
  12. The little tributaries or veins may be cold shuts in the forging process. Then again, it could have happened in the twist. Forged input and output shafts usually don't break smooth like that, so I would guess air voids or cold shuts from those void lines. Either way, it was still strong to last this long, just finally let go. Taking a second look, there are a few wear lines from the shaft riding on the housing. It may have scored it enough, that it snapped right on the edge of one, which would explain that complete straight break.
  13. Max2


    The only thing that concerns me is if the Govt. takes over the new green industry. But for now, none of it matters as I am just concerned with big market mouths praising the company and watching my hold grow. The problem is knowing when to jump. I left an aggravating amount on the table with ROKU and AMD, but as they say, you don't go broke making money. Unless you're shorting indexes or individual equities, "I think" you have to ride the street perception on individual companies or at least that is my strategy. Anyone can read a balance sheet, but few entities or individuals can create a buying frenzy on perception. I personally see the obstacles for Crypto much higher than US states wanting and pushing for the taxes from green sales.
  14. Max2


    Amen to the green stocks. I have been riding good news, bad news on ACB. Buy on the dips and sell where you like.
  15. Max2

    Deal of the century

    I want that old block of cheese sitting on top of that LS.
  16. Its difficult to explain to a 5 year old why they're having to go to bed and the sun is still out. Of course, its difficult to get him to go to bed anyway. I like DST and wouldn't have a problem keeping it forwarded. That extra hour of light keeps me busy and possibly 10 lbs lighter in the long run.
  17. Max2

    What I Got Today!

    Now all you need is a glass, a putter, a golf ball and a glass of Bourbon
  18. That veneer is not very close between the two speakers, but it is a very pretty pattern.
  19. Looks at larger mid horns, just a driver swap wont add up to much according to my ears.
  20. Dang that's a big Jupiter cap. I was looking for a fuse coming out of the end of it.
  21. Hellz yes. Gonna be a Congressional hearing over this mess and were going many, many years back with his builds too.
  22. Duh. Im just going to go home and see Paper wrapped Caps will stick to wood with Super glue.
  23. Dean and his Chinese Magnetic zip ties. I guess the bases are infused with some ferrous metal as well.
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