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  1. Best Buy/Magnolia last time I was there sold Klipsch.
  2. I can confirm Rosner Custom Sound, I worked there in 1977/1978 and that's where I first heard Klipsch Heritage. Rosner did nightclub sound system installation also, we used bass horns based on the Klipschorn bass bin which were scaled up and sealed (sounded great). Rosner Custom Sound is located in Long Island City, which is part of the borough of Queens, NY. A chain called Stereo Exchange was a Klipsch Dealer, 2 stores I remember in the mid 80's were located in Manhattan and Northern New Jersey.
  3. Thats great, Fortes are awesome and should fit the bill. Small world, I have family living near Washington Ave and Carroll Street across from the Botanical Gardens. Can definitely make Klipschorn listening session happen. Joe T
  4. Fellow Brooklynite, If you'd like to listen too some Heritage, let me know. I have Klipschorns, Cornwalls and Heresys some RF series also. Also have Fortes in Bay Ridge. Yup running Mc amplification tubes and solid state. I'm in Bath Beach, what section of Brooklyn are you from? I personally would recommend Cornwalls for your space, might have to move things around a bit, but you won't look back. Joe
  5. Sounds interesting, would love to make a contribution, looking forward to further details. Would you like to see a resume', get an idea of what skill-sets we have to offer?
  6. Coincidentally, just finished watching "Making A Murderer" couple of days ago, this is good news. Shocking that this actually happened, there is still an unsolved murder.
  7. Maybe the reason Audio Classics is more expensive, has to do with their turn time. Wasn't in a rush so I had my C32 restored by Terry, did a great job...took some time though. Joe
  8. Terry DeWick or if you want it close to the factory and less of a turn time, Audio Classics in Binghamton, NY. Both are excellent. What model preamp, Totalcomfort? That might be a factor. Joe
  9. Fortes sighting, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Tennessee.
  10. Nathans Famous (the original) Coney Island Brooklyn, NY.
  11. JJT

    IMG 0806

    From the album: Sightings

    Forte sighting, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Tennessee.
  12. JJT


    Sightings of Klipsch products
  13. JJT

    IMG 0809

    From the album: Sightings

    Forte sighting, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Tennessee.
  14. From the album: Sightings

    Sighted at Nathans Famous (the original) Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.
  15. From the album: Sightings

    Sighted at Nathans Famous (the original) Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.
  16. If he doesn't take you up on the offer, and it's open, I'd gladly come by. I've been wanting to preview both the Corn's and K's for awhile. I'm right over the Outerbridge. Sounds good, we'll set up something after the holidays?
  17. If you're still interested in getting any idea how Heresy's sound. I'll have Heresy 1's back from loan to a family member in about 2 weeks. I have other goodies too (Cornwalls and Klipschorns). My zip is 11214, right off the Belt Pkwy, Bay Parkway exit.
  18. Hi Jim, I'm not too far away, Brooklyn NY, a couple of miles east of the Verrazzano Bridge. Back in the day, I went to Devry Tech in Woodbridge. I have 2 systems running Heritage, Klipschorns and Cornwalls in Bath Beach and another system running Heresy's in Bay Ridge. Your welcome to check them out. Joe
  19. Live in Brooklyn, NY and have Heresy 2's. Let me know. Joe
  20. Is analog dead? I don't think so. A few of tidbits I picked up after attending seminars regarding vinyl and digital media at the NY Audio Show this weekend: According to Michael Fremer in 2013, "33 million plus records were pressed worldwide" and some of those was digitally sourced. VPI can't make enough turntables to keep up with demand. I've heard really great digital and vinyl and on the flip side really bad renderings of each also. Joe
  21. I'll do 25,000 Druggats, not a Druggat more!
  22. Boy, missed that! That's exactly what I was talking about. Joe
  23. Back in the Summer of 1978 (18 years old), I had a Summer job working for Rosner Custom Sound out of Long Island City, N.Y. One of our clients was Harry Helmsley, a real estate mogul. Went to his Penthouse Apartment overlooking Central Park at the Park Lane Hotel. Believe it or not there was a large pool on the roof which had Bozak speakers installed IN it.The speakers were flush mounted along the inner walls of the pool and yes they were underwater. Joe
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