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  1. I have been doing a lot of reading about the Fastrac horns, and i would like to do this with my La Scalas. I need to sell my k-400 horns, and maybe some other things so i can scape up the cash. I have checked the completed listings on Ebay, but there's not really to much to go on. Does anyone have any idea what i could get for the horns. Thanks Bill.
  2. Well, if your close to Arizona this Tuba sub is for sale.
  3. Billy joe


    Buckle my shoe.
  4. I heard the 30's a long time ago, and i wanted a pair so bad. I still do!!
  5. I just love the looks of the industrials.
  6. If it was me i would hang on to that sub. Put it in storage, someday you will wish you had it. I've sold stuff that i'm still kicking myself for selling.
  7. Fleetwood Mac The Dance cd was sounding pretty darn good today.
  8. I thought about building the Table Tuba to run with my La Scalas, but Bill told me i had better build the THT. I built it, and i am glad i did. It doesn't have any trouble keeping up with the La Scalas.
  9. I can't really give any advice on how the Tuba does with movies, cause i don't do home theater anymore, but i'm sure there are other Tuba owners on here that could. I built my Tuba HT to use for music to help out the La Scalas on the bottom end. I am sure you will be happy with it if you build one. All of the reviews that i have read have been positive.
  10. When my wife saw my Tuba fully assembled. She said "is that thing really going in the house". She finally got used to it though.
  11. Cool, I love horn subs. My Tuba never runs out of steam. I never have to run the gain higher than 10 on the amp. Sometimes thats to much.
  12. Wow, That's beautiful. Wish i would have done that on my Tuba. I am just wondering how an 8" driver would keep up with with the La Scala.
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