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  1. I have the 16 ohm version. Chris tested the 16 ohm version and found that they tested very very similarly to the TAD 4003 (?) unobtanium models for $5000 a pair. 2 for the price of 1 new is a steal. Someone should jump on these. Mine are in my K402 horns.
  2. Thank you Chris. I made the changes. So much better! I will quote you “it’s an amazing upgrade in sound quality IMHO”. I’m not changing back.
  3. If I calculated it correctly, it would add 0.000692 seconds to the delay already in the dx38. I hope someone can check me on this.
  4. Ok Chris, once again you have piqued my interest. You seem to do that fairly often. Question: As I do not have the mic or software to measure the delay, then about how much change is required to fine tune the delay value on the K402 driver when the 10 inch length is achieved? Presently using the dx38. Thanks. Mike
  5. This company sounds sooo familiar I thought I would ask the group if Klipsch items (mugs, caps, etc) were ever sold through them. Over 22,000,000 identities were stolen. I got some hats, license plate, mugs, probably other stuff from some company within the past 10 years. Anyone remember?
  6. Laptops with screens that can separate and function independently with the computer must have a maximum distance that it cannot exceed without losing the communication link to the laptop base. Is there an average distance? I do not have WIFI or internet. I play my Digital music from an older fan noisy laptop using windows xp and a wireless remote selecting the songs from a large screen tv. I need to replace the old laptop and was wanting to utilize the 2-1 computer screen similarly to an Apple Ipad. Hence the distance question. Any ideas as to the distance? Thank You.
  7. Thanks for this topic. I have enjoyed the insights and opinions from the more knowledgeable people here. I may not be able to classify the jazz styles I listen to, I just enjoy them and some of my kids do to.
  8. May 3, 4 and 5, 2019 Dallas, Texas http://lonestaraudiofest.com/ Chrck our website for the particulars.
  9. Search diy ultrasonic record cleaner select the Diyaudio forum search return Find “My Version of an ultrasonic record cleaner” category there are over 200 pages in the category go to page 174 response # 1735 filter and housing plus much more is listed in the article and you can see the version I built as well Wrinklestex is my moniker somewhere in this category are some of my pictures some of the record support rails are not shown in this picture
  10. If you build it, he will come. Field of Dreams The book Shoeless Joe is even better.
  11. You can get a free credit report yearly from the 3 major credit report companies to check your credit history, identify credit card accounts you thought you closed and loans you did not open (happened to me). They are free and you can space them out, one every 4 months if you like. Times have changed and you need to be ever vigilant, unfortunately.
  12. Great headphones. I have 2 pair of SR60 phones for my kids and SR125i for myself. Love both models. Great family backing them up. If they fail in any way then for $25 + shipping one way, they will fix the problem. Hard to beat that these days. I do not know Rivernuggets yada yada ...
  13. These are still available under a different Dallas Craigslist listing. I know him. He is a straight shooter. And have successfully bought from him before with no regrets. Search Dallas craigslist for them. I would post the link, but it may change before you look at them.
  14. I used Bottlehead 2A3SET. It was marvelous.
  15. I enjoy it when I go. The number of rooms with audio has varied over the years. I have not seen who is exhibiting this year. Turnout usually depends on advertising. I know of 2 first time visitors that will be going that I work with. Bring your music, evaluate components, enjoy meeting fellow audio nuts.
  16. April 29th, 30th and May 1st Dallas, Texas http://lonestaraudiofest.com/info.html
  17. You will not regret it. This picture was of my LaScalas. I thought I was in heaven until...I went Jubilee.
  18. Marcia Ball "The Tatooed Lady and the Alligator Man" 2014 I'm gonna have to look up some of her earlier recordings. Born in Texas, raised on Lousianna. Good Stuff.
  19. Both are so great. I am a big fan of the Animusic videos. Still waiting for Animusic 3 DVD. If you have not seen Animusic 1 or 2 DVD you are on for a treat.
  20. I liked his Allison One speakers. RIP.
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