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  1. After actually getting inside of these,I can't get over how well they are made....of course..3/4 plywood..SOLID. The sanding starts in a few days, but considering how long they have been sitting and dusty they are in remarkable condition....in build. Ive been torn on doing the original theatre grey finish,which allways looks great with the two black speakers showing,.. or ready them for some outdoor work comming up this summer,which will be first big test for thme since the refurb. A buddie of mine has his annual backyard party in June,.and well..when i say backyard party.. its the size of a golf course...nearly... so i have to throw the sound a fair bit! road ready..meaning handles, dolly wheels proper jack field and that type of covering like u see on bass guitar amps with the metal edge bumpers and covering,..etc But i want a real professional look....nothing cheap I will still sit the cells on the top...they are BIG and will not fit the port area like the 511. Anyways,...this ALtec stuff is new to me,.as being Klipsch boy allways,.but have to admit its interesting. Bet these sound sweet with tubes hmmm maybe a citation tube amp next.....hehehehe
  2. Hi EVeryone ITs been a while..happy New yr to all !! I just inherited a pair of ALtec Voice of the Theatre A5X Lord help me.....these things are huge my wife just shakes her head Now i know why Paul developed the CORNER horn.. Life aint dull .thats for sure,.just gotta figure out what to do with em , after i refinish em ROb
  3. ---------------- On 12/29/2003 5:25:45 PM kenratboy wrote: I am looking to replace my dead Parts Express plate amp with a new EQ (ART 351 looks cool) and amp. I know Crown and QSC are both good companies and both make $300 amps I like (600-800 watts 8 ohms bridged) - however, do you think one brand is better overall? I am partial to Crown, as they are part of Harman International, and all the dealings I have had with them (JBL, JBL Pro, Harman Kardon, and AKG) have been EXCELLENT (customer service was AWESOME.) Would a new (I want new, but I will be hitting the pawn shops soon...) Crown amp be good? I am looking at the XLS 402 for $300 from Musicians Friend. It is no frills, and thats what I want. $100 for the ART 351 EQ (has a good high pass on it) $330 for the Crown XLS 402 (800 watts) Sound good? As it is, I have no subwoofer right now ---------------- Hi Ken its been a while...happy New year The QSC or the Crown are excellent choices Sonically they are very close..QSC is faster..i think. I can vouch for the crown because ive used many of the them over the yrs,. and can speak for their Cement truck reliablity. Especially earlier on ,with racks of DC-300a and D150A BUT... ANother good amp for a sub is a Bryston 4b Cheers Rob
  4. When i worked at the Audio store, my boss had Klipschorns at the house ,in Zebrawood! It compares with the finest furniture out there,in terms of care and finish. I agree with JOsh too, the JBL speakers had a beautiful American Black walnut finish that looked awesome. We carried their pro line of studio monitors and even the little 4301 had that finish. Rob
  5. hi Bobd The nicest SS reciever i have heard."at any price is the Mcintosh MAC4200,@75wpc. Audio classics usually have em ,you might want to see the website re:price it varies. www.audioclassics.com a little more expensive off the top, but i guarantee its one of the last 2ch units you'll ever need to buy(if u do sell,MC retains value My 2ND choice would be any of the H/K 430-730
  6. LoLo hey I have heard Bryston with many different Klipsch products, and i can tell you , its a nice neutral almost "round" sound,(as how my musician friends like to describe") I have a bryston 2BLP powering my Klipsch in walls in our new home cinema. ITs a REAL 60w/ch, split all the way back to the line cord. I once tried a bryston 3B when i had my Heritage Klipsch COrnwalls, and the bryston was one of my favorite 3 ,amps ive ever heard on the system Build wise,.they are cement truck tough, but musically nothing gets left out, or added. MY tube friends in here will get on me for this but the brystons do not carry that typical "SS sound" that many ,especially the lower end Mass market amps have. YOu can install it turn it on and forget about it... Bryston is BIG in recording studios,but also in PRO sound..where they make a "mirror" line just for the road. But the sound remains the same Its Money very well spent man. Hope this helps. Rob
  7. wow, wonder how impressed his sales manager is with him?! HA! Gee would like to try this test on my KTP 484 subs... IM my case,.i worry more about structural dammage to the house....lol cause so far..i havn't been able to tax the 484's with anything i throw at them. Don't sound stores just luv customers like us! "I am a Canadian too"
  8. Justin,.wow sounds like things are comming along well.!Congrats man! p.s your post has almost as many replies as the one for the Khorns signed by PWK.remember? Its all good,..ENjoy! Rob
  9. hi mmiles I did all my home theater with seperate power 2 channel power amplifiers, stealing a page from my sound reinforcement days. My recomendation to someone earlier in here was BRYSTON. Built like a cement truck,but nothing musical left unturned. I purchased a 2BLP 60/wch for my surrounds. Everytihing is split,.right back to the line cord,and if you go for the 2BLP-pro, you get ballanced XLR ins and level matching controls. sonically the home and pro are identical. 1150 is my last check on a home 2B, but you might be able to get a broken in "pro" at a lesser price. Hope this helps
  10. Justin,it all sounds very nice man! And you are doing what Judith and I are doing here, except ours is a complete basement refit,..for real HT (room within a room) Which meant moving of two walls and building one more with the alcove that holds the speakers, amp rack and of course the screen. I went with black lascalla's for L-C-R. KNowing that the Lascalla drops off somwhere around 50hz, i wanted something potent to keep up with the folded horns,so after alot of looking around at home" subs, i was lucky enough to come across the pro KTP 484 18" sub. well..i have yet to find a sub that can "move the furniture" like these can!!! And it seems to be a seamless extension from the lascalla . Every cabinet gets its own amp channel, which keeps things nice and tight. Power was supplied by two 20A AC lines that i had wired to the inside of the rack cabinet. One is dedicated specifically for the sub's amplifier,..a big Dynaco 416..one sub per ch. The other AC line feeds the other 3 power amps in the system I chose the recent Bryston surround processor It seems real easy to use. My surrounds i went klipsch in walls. For the screen, i admit i don't know too much about, but its a stewart and its perforated so the highs from the K-77's won't be muted. And the holes are smaller, because you sit alot closer to a home screen that in a commercial movie theatre screen. Were almost finished, but the back wall was a pain to install,..thats what hung us up The theater room is horseshoe shapped..neat eh We will come in shortly under $51,000 wich is 2,000 less than i though because i was able to do alot of the prewiring myself. this is what we wound up with.. After alot of hard work and "dust" System: Klipsch Lascalla L-C-R Klipsch KTP-484 18" subs (X2) Klipsch In walls- surrounds 20A AC X2 for amp rack-Hammond fan cooled Bryston Surround Processor Harman Kardon cit 16/A x2(L-C-R) Dynaco stereo 416 (subs) Bryston 2bLP (surrounds) Stewart centre channel ready screen Panasonic DVD player *all front speakers and amp rack are behind the screen,Only surround inwalls are visible
  11. I see the Bryston 2BlP lists new for $1150.00 BUT..you might be able to get one "broken in" for around 850. US check out some pro sound people for 2BlP-Pro same amp with XLR in's and variable gains. "yum" here is a good website listing all the Bryston http://www.aaudio.com/bryston_2blp.html Also check out http://www.mcintoshaudio.com/ They handle other used GOOD audio,besides Mac Tom can usually find a good used unit for you. He's been a good help with my system. check out the pic of the Bryston hope this helps! Rob
  12. The guys have lots of great suggestions here Mine is..:BRYSTON I picked up my 2BLP 50w/CH, for my surrounds Its a very honest,real 50w/ch rating. Think Clean Think BRYSTON BRYSTON BRYSTON BRYSTON BRYSTON
  13. Shoe~ Re nice system Thanx man,.. yours too eh.. mine? a long time coming! lots of late nights wiring and "dust" (cough ..sneeze) Ugh! drywall!!
  14. shoe~ oh yeah i forgot...lol ..System.. Klipsch Lascalla L-C-R Klipsch KTP 484 18" subs (x2) Klipsch in walls surrounds Hammond fan cooled rack cabinet Bryston HT processor Harman kardon citation 16/A (x2) Dynaco stereo 416 Bryston 2BLP Stewart Center Channel ready screen double 20A AC for amp rack Panasonic DVD player
  15. Shoe~ yeah,.i see where u are comming from. if i were sitting in your chair now i would most likely keep what i have,..for the sake of having it. Im a guy who hates setbacks, and if i had to do mineagain and buy something else besides heritage for the H.T , i dunno where i would start. JBL pro? maybe,old VOT? most likely not. Changing to something else will change the whole personality of your system. And,its just a pain in the *** to start again! ROb
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