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  1. Sony STR-K750P (2003 - 2005) -- my first 5.1 Digital Receiver -- (Oddly i still have it in storage, but last i checked, it still works) very Entry level receiver, but did the job Pioneer VSX-515 (2005 - 2006) -- first 6.1 receiver (DTS-ES and Dolby Digital EX) sold it to a friend..to this day, still running without issues) Denon 2307CI (2006 - 2012) -- first with HDMI and 7.1 output. Used PS3 to decode the high res audio via LPCM -- (It's new home is at the family business being used daily to drive 7 speakers -- still working like a champ) Onkyo TX-NR818 (2012-2018) -- first receiver with DTS Neo:X 9.2 (failed DTS product unfortunately; not to be confused with the new DTS:X ) -- The HDMI board recently died (apparently a common issue with Onkyo older receivers?), instead of seeking to repair, i decided to go Atmos route and 4k HDMI compatible Denon X4400h (2018-Current) -- Just purchased it, so no long term here, but first to have Dolby Atmos and 4k support I was nearly set to purchase the new Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 (9.2) as it had the pre-outs, enabling to decode 11 channels with an external amp (which i already have). At MSRP $1000 , it is the best current budget receiver i think. (Pioneer is now owned by Onkyo by the way) However, due to the upcoming Denon X4500h, I noticed 2017-2018 Denon X4400h was on sale for $900 almost everywhere locally and on the net (from its $1600 MSRP price). It was a no brainer for me to order it, especially since my old Denon is still living and was wonderful in my theater room. Per personal experience: 1. Denon 2. Pioneer Elite series (mostly because best bang for your buck) 3. Onkyo (their sound and material quality is very good. But the HDMI board failing with very light use of the stereo in 5-6 years was a turn off for me) I've owned a Yamaha motorcycle and instruments, but never a receiver. I hear nothing but good things about them though. They just never happen to be on sale whenever i am in need of a receiver.
  2. I believe they're JBL SP120II. They are fantastic subs (they are now in my living room), and were definitely under-rated at its prime time. I remember getting them dirt cheap too. Thy were very loud and filled my HT with bass, but anything under 25Hz it would distort at high volumes. I too have owned them since 2004 so roughly 10 years. The only issue i had with them is the rear port became loose so i had to use wood glue to get it to stop moving and making "chatter" noises. I have never heard the SVSs in person, but i purchased dual PSA (The owner of PSA use to work for SVS and was apparently a main contributor to SVS) and my gosh was i missing out on the low frequencies. I had to re-watch some movies just for the bass. I'd imagine with the new Ultra you have you'd be experiencing the same thing. Thanks, i'll look into those. I am trying to stay with DLP because of its output with colors that i have seen compared to LCDs, but we'll see. I am guesstimating around Summer time that i'll be upgrading.
  3. ^^ That is indeed a super clean room you have there. Those 4 subs must dominate in a room of that size! As of now my projector is an old Mitsubishi HC1500 with a 106" screen. When the Bulb goes out on this one i'll be upgrading to a 3D projector and one that can throw 120" image from 13-14 feet away. EDIT: Also to add, it looks like your room is perfect for 5.x surround sound set-up. Plus I feel you get the most rawness of sound output because nothing is being "re-processed" to other non-discrete channels. I believe in a 5.x set-up as long as you have the rear surrounds set up properly, it can create the illusion of having rear surround sound
  4. I had no idea that most people did that. I guess that would make sort of sense to have even amount of power/sound coming from the front. As far as why i chose the fronts, it was just random, i guess i wanted to hear how the Onkyo performed in stereo mode haha. In the end all sounds blend in nicely. Thanks, i would say it has taken roughly 7 or 8 years to get to where i am now. It started as this back in 2006....
  5. Realistically speaking, I am not sure that i would "add" but i would like to replace my projector to a 3D one and upgrade my 106" screen to a 130". When my bulb goes out (i am estimated by Summer time), i think i'll be doing just that.
  6. .. I own a pair of PSA XV15 and those subs rock my entire 3 story home!!!! I can't imagine what this Triax mammoth will damage. I know Sealed subs don't output as much for lower frequencies, but with 3 subs and a powerful amp and in this shape'd enclosure, I wonder how it sounds like compared to a traditional single sealed typical box enclosure.
  7. Well i'm single, so as long as my wallet allows for it, it's happening ..... Anyways, I don't see Dolby Atmos in homes anytime soon. I may have to go for in-ceiling speakers in the event that it does just because i would think any other way would look out of place. I saw the latest Star Trek in Dolby Atmos while visiting L.A., and it did indeed sound amazing! From my home, the closest Dolby Atmos cinema is 5 hours away in the DC area .
  8. Thank you, I have a bunch of equipment/flat screen TV boxes, my server, and my Audio rack behind the curtain (it's a mess behind there haha). As far my acoustic treatment, the side treatments need to be lowered and/or rearranged as i use to have the side surround much higher, therefor my the upper acoustics aren't really doing much anymore. Looks like i have a christmas vacation project on my list haha. That being said, as it stands right now, i don't notice improper sound reflection nor any sort of echo's. Nothing but pure clean sound at reference level volumes
  9. I actually fine tune it with my SPL meter after Audyssey set up is complete, so far, Audyssey has been fairly accurate. Also what 9+ channel listening mode do you set yours as? I feel DTS Neo X has given me the best results compared to Audussey and THX 9.x+ mode. (It seems that Dolby Pro Logic IIz is meant for heights and not wide)
  10. I received my new Onkyo TX-NR818 (NewEgg $639.99)! I am coming from a 7 year old Denon 2307, which has been a fantastic receiver to date. I needed a new receiver with HDMI for my living room, so i opted to purchase a new receiver for the Dedicated HT and move the Denon to my living room. I had an old pair of Polk R40 speakers in the garage, so i joined it with my Klipsch Reference speakers to test out this new 9.2 set up people have been talking about. I placed the Polk speakers as front wide because i figure my theater would benefit from that more than heights. (Receiver has 7 channel out but expandable to 9 channel processing with external amp. I am using a Sherwood Newcastle A-965 7 channel amp for all surround, center, and front wide speakers and the Onkyo for my Front Mains. To add, i am using two PSA XV15 After Audyssey XT32 set up, i popped in Tron: Legacy (7.1 DTS MA), and tuned into the "Games" scene. My gosh, i didn't think i'd hear a difference, but those Wide's most definitely make the front stage sound larger that it really is. The rear surrounds aren't sacrificed by the front wide output either. After watching the train crash scene in the movie Super 8 (DTS HDMA 7.1); I honestly don't think i can go back under 9.x now haha Heck, if my receiver allowed for 11.x for heights i'd give that a go, but then i'd probably think too much "rawness" of the original soundtrack is taken from its "dedicated" channels. However, I did watched The Matrix, which was recorded in TrueHD 5.1, and the 9.x sounded a tad "artificial" that of 5.1 (or with 7.1 processing). My original thought was if the front wide's made a difference i was to purchase either Klipsch RF 42s or RB 51 (or the RB 15s used). But the Polk "To my ears" seems blends in with the Klipsch (despite it being worlds apart in difference) for movies. Now i'd imagine with a trained ear and when listening to songs, there would be a difference in sound, but i always listen to music in Stereo mode anyhow. Anyway i thought i would share my thoughts in 9.x. If you have any suggestion in my front wide speaker placement feel free to chime in. My Speaker angles: SBL 145 SL 108 WL 60 FL 35 C 0 FR 33 WR 60 SR 105 SBR 145 BEFORE 9.x with Klipsch Grills Off
  11. It looks more "Natural" if you will. It really makes the Picture stand out a lot more, even there is no difference in the size of the picture when the mask is on or off. The fact that the curtains are black makes a HUGE difference. This will not work if the wall behind you is a light color. I actually found some old pics here..please note this is when Blu-ray first came out..so this is a Regular DVD 480p i think its Star Wars..and only had a point and shoot camera at the time.
  12. I was actually going to get 3 Theater Leather Recliners, but then i saw a hotel closing near by, and walked in and told them if they were selling things....I got all 6 for $100 haha. No but i can take a picture when i have time. I don't have any special lens..its just a poor mans way in getting an "illusion" of a cine-scope screen/projector. The screen is naturally 16:9. All the top masking does is cover the black bars when the film is in widescreen and i roll up the projector screen to where the bottom black bar is off the screen and hitting the black curtain in the rear. When there is a full screen (or 16:9 movie) playing, i just manually take off the Top mask off the screen and pull down the projector screen all the way. Sure it it requires manual labor haha...but hey it works and about 99% of my movies are in cine-scope mode anyways.
  13. I tried to post my pics on here but apparently they are to big, i dont feel like re-sizing them so here's a link of my theater from the blu-ray forums http://www.blu-ray.com/community/gallery.php?member=elninoloco7
  14. It's been a while since i logged on here, but glad i remembered my password and username YOUTUBE LINK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE! PLEASE READ CHANGES IN VERSIONS! So here is my home theater from summer 2006 until summer 2009. Version 1 Theater Feature- 6 Row Seating 7.2 System 480P Resolution 106" Screen Dolby Digital (EX) DTS (ES/Discrete) Equipment- Sony Up-convert DVD Player KLH 9250L Tower Main Front Speaker (2) KLH C180B Surround Sound (4) JBL S120II Subwoofer (2) Walton Speaker Craft Center Speaker Pioneer VSX-516 7.1 Receiver Infocus IN72 EDTV Projector Video Connect Via Component Cable Audio Connect Via Coaxial/Optical Cable **NOTES- Surround Sound unbalanced to all seats/Hard to hear Bass uneven throughout room Echo in room Version 2 Theater Feature- Seats Re-Arranged for Optimal Viewing and Space Subwoofers Re-Placed Next To Each Other** HD DirecTV Curtain Added Side Speakers Moved Back 2 Feet** Equipment- Denon Receiver 2307CI (Replaces Pioneer VSX-516) Panomax Surge Protector **Note- Bass is deeper and louder, but uneven (Left Rear gets TOO MUCH bass, Right Rear gets little Bass) Side surround side slightly better but still unbalanced Notice Speaker Moved back some more/chair layout different Version 3 Theater Features- Blu-Ray Dolby TruHD 5.1 DTS-HD 5.1 PCM 7.1 Front Speakers are raised from floor** Equipment- Sony Playstation 3 **Notes- Front Sound Stage slightly Better but Uneven Surround Sound/Bass still uneven PS3 ADDED! Version 4 Theater Features- Acoustic Treatment is Installed** New Upgraded Speakers Side Surrounds speakers Slightly Lowered** Signs Hanged (DTS-ES/Dolby Digital EX/HDTV/Klipsch/THX/DLP/DirecTV) Equipment- Klipsch RF-82 (Front Main)(2) Klipsch RC-52 (Center) Klipsch RS-42 (Rear Surround)(2) Klipsch RB-51 (Side Surround)(2) **Notes- New Speakers Improves in surround and front stage but still uneven. Echo is Stopped Version 4.1 Theater Feature- Stadium Seating** Running Lights Across Ceiling Subwoofers are separated by 6 inches (Improves Bass)** Signs Hanged ADDED (JBL Subwoofers/Jiron Theater) REMOVED (HDTV/THX) Equipment- N/A **Notes- Stadium Seating Perfects Viewing BASS STILL UNEVEN Bass is HEAVY at the rear seats (ESPICIALLY RIGHT REAR SEAT) Min. Bass in front row seats (ESPICIALLY FRONT LEFT SEAT) Surround Sound still Uneven to Rear Seats http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv5/intro.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv5/S4010014.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv5/S4010020.jpg Version 5 Theater Feature- Cinescope Mask Added Side Speakers Swapped with Rear Speakers (turns this was in error later on)** Signs Hanged ADDED (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray) REMOVED (DirecTV) 720P/1080P Projector Equipment- Toshiba HD-DVD A3 Player Mitsubishi HC 1500 Projector (Replaces InFocus IN72) Video Connect Via HDMI (Component is no longer used unless for Receiver Set-up) Audio Connect Via HDMI/Optical (Coaxial is no longer used) Monster Wall Surge for Projector Added **Note- Surround sound Improved In rear seats by swapping Speakers..BUT..Side speakers could not be heard First Row Seats has terrible surround sound effects http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv6/Singss.jpg HD DVD Added http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv6/S4010125.jpg New projector/Also notice speaker swap..this was an error as i later find out http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv6/Back.jpg 16:9 http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv6/PLanetEarth.jpg 2:35.1 Without Mask http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv6/Widescreen.jpg With Mask http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv6/Cinascope.jpg Version 6 Theater Feature- Dolby TruHD 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio 5.1/7.1 SURROUND SOUND IS NOW BALANCED TO ALL SEATS-** *Speakers Swapped Again to original Placement** *Rear Speakers Placed in Tilt Mounting (better surround coverage)** *Side Speakers Lowered** Subwoofer Re-Places in opposite corners in the Front** Posters Added Signs Hanged ADDED (DTS HD Master Audio/Dolby TruHD) REMOVED (Dolbe EX/DTS ES) Security Keypad Added System Recalibrated IR/RF Transporter Equipment- Jensen IR/RF Extender (Modification needed to be done to work perfectly) Rotel RMB-1075 Amp. (Replaces Denon 2307CI, however it's used as a audio/video processor and for rear speakers) Panasonic DMP-BD35K Blu-Ray Player (Replaces Sony Playstation 3 AND Sony Upconvert DVD Player) Sony Turntable **Note- Surround Sound is Finally Perfected To All Seats(BALANCED!) Subwoofers Re-Aranged..More balanced to the rear seats..BUT first row decreases in bass. http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv7/IMG_0185.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv7/IMG_0243.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv7/IMG_0227.jpg Notice Subwoofers are now in corners/Notice Posters http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv7/IMG_0220.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv7/IMG_0215.jpg Notice Speakers now in correct place/rear speakers have brackets and angles down http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv7/IMG_0195.jpg New Rotel Amp/Panasonic Bluray/Turntable http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv7/IMG_0251.jpg Version 6.1 (Current Version, also the best) Theater Feature- Matching Carpet added to Stadium Riser 12 Portable Seats added (18 Total Seating) BASS FINALLY BALANCED TO ALL SEATS** *Subwoofer Re-Placed to opposite corners (Front Corner and Back Corner)** FRONT SOUND STAGE FINALLY BALANCED TO ALL SEATS** *Front speakers are moved closer to the center** Equipment- N/A **Notes- AUDIO FINALLY BALANCED FROM ALL SPEAKERS TO ALL SEATS----- BASS FINALLY PERFECTED (even to ALL seats) Front Stage Drastically Improves..well balanced. Notice subwoofers now relocated for best sound effects http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv8/FRONT.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv8/IMG_1132.jpg http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp339/elninoloco7/HTv8/THEATER.jpg
  15. My System includes Klipsch Speakers (RF-82 Fronts/RB-51 Back Surround/RS-42 Side Surround/RC-52 Center) Denon 2307CI 7.1 Receiver Rotel 1075 5 Channel amp. Option A (current set-up)- Rotel Amp. – Front, Side Surround, Center Denon Receiver – Back Surround Option B- Rotel Amp. – Back Surround, Side Surround, Center Denon Receiver – Fronts (Bi-Amp) Option C- Rotel Amp.­ – Front (Bi-Amp, Using Y-RCA Split from Denon to Rotel), Center Denon Receiver – Side Surround, Back Surround Option D- DOESN’T MATTER..ALL WILL BE THE SAME Which option would be best, and why?
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