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  1. Thanks for the response Bob. I purchased the RF-82's last week and now I'm completely overwhelmed with the task of purchasing an appropriate receiver. I already own an HDMI cable and I've been encouraged to buy a receiver iwth an HDMI input so I can have digital sound. Would you agree with that advice? Also, should i set on a $400 receiver with 2 amps rather than a $450 receiver with 7 amps/surround sound? i've read good things about the Onkyo TX SR605 - AV receiver - 7.1 channel . Any thoughts? what exactly do you mean with regard to not skimping on the amps? my budget is rather tight so any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm a professional classical musician and I need help in purchasing speakers. My budget is $1,000, and I heard and loved the RF-82 today at a store in the DC area. Any suggestions? What is the most affordable receiver that would be sufficient to power these speakers? Finally, should I have any worries about blowing hte speakers out? I tend to listen to music at a very high volume and I was wondering if I should be careful with the RF-82's. Thanks for your help.
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